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This Laptop Has EVERYTHING You Want For Gaming!

Dave2D review of the MSI GT75VR 7RF Titan Pro. The best laptop for gamers looking to replace their desktop.
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MSI goes big with their latest Sci-Fi inspired Titan Pro laptop. Built with gamers in mind to provide the ultimate gaming experience. A rapid mechanical RGB keyboard with 3m total key travel distance built by SteelSeries. MSI equiped the GT75VR 7RF Titan Pro with a Killer DoubleShot Pro to allow network prioritization to ensure maximum bandwidth. Rocking a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 for peak gaming performance that can be complimented with an optional 120Hz 3ms screen.

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  1. Abduljalil Abiri

    This is one of my favourite reviews from Dave man. Does anyone know how to get the background music? thanks

  2. Kiriizo

    imagine carrying that thing and u drop it on ur feet

  3. Zero 01111010

    Well that sounds like what I would want in a gaming laptop. Go big or go home. If your gonna drop enough money for a gaming laptop it should be built to last such that it could run games that come out in 5 years decently. Meaning you could own it for five years with no issues for the most part. Assuming laptops keep getting better and better without geting even more large then it should run you about 2700-3000 dollars every 5 years. Or $540 a year so like a car payment.

  4. Syn Stark

    MSI Titan GT75 (rtx 2070) vs the Acer Helios 700 (rtx 2070) ?

  5. Kevin Huynh

    I appreciate your recommendation best buy I ever made since 2018

  6. Elys

    Background screen wallpaper link please

  7. A "true desktop replacement" in the sense that by attaching four legs to it, it can serve as a desk.

  8. Pac

    had to squint to see the battery but it says 75.24 Wh

  9. SPUDS

    But my wallet doesn't want this laptop😂

  10. Justin

    If I can get this for around 1,500 should I buy

  11. blewyd

    Now in 2020 there are thin and lights that are equal to or better than this beast of 2018.

  12. Mus11

    I found this laptop for sale for 615$ but the usb ports are not working. should i buy it ?

  13. Abduljalil Abiri

    i'll be back in jan 2023 to confirm if this laptop can still play games really good.

  14. Doctor Nemmo

    Forget about thin and beautiful gaming laptops. If you want to game, you need fat and strong. I just got me one.

  15. Sora III

    Are the captions a buncha gibberish to you guys?

  16. Tony

    1h 45mins..? The fuck .-.

  17. Daniel Martínez

    Hi David, just letting you know you should check the subtitles of this video. I know your content is important to you and this must have been some bad joke. Kind regards!

  18. Raahim Hadi

    Turn on captions and you'll see "peeeenis" and other stuff

  19. Coombesy

    3 years late to the party but thats how long I had to wait to be able to afford this beast. Just come off of playing Borderlands 3 maximum settings 1080p 70 to 80fps with 7.1 headphones and honestly its the best experience I have had on any laptop or console in my 30+ years of gaming, It blew my head off. Was there fan noise? Yes quite a bit! Temps hovered around 75 cpu 80 gpu. I can only imagine what the more recent version with a RTX 2080 super and i9 processor is like! If you see this laptop for a good price grab it – it is still more than capable.

  20. Rainier Corpuz

    I couldnt imaging getting this over to my g15 zephyrus today. Way thinner ,lighter and more powerful. The transition of tech is so fast idk how much you can sell this now.

  21. ishaan singh

    I wish the guy who wrote the subtitles a very unpleasant evening

  22. catalin catalin

    5000 euros a price not exaggerated, but I would say a little insensitive

  23. namcicle

    I feel like this is just a very small desktop

  24. Grimsy Reaper

    I love the subtitles of this video…. I can totally relate to them

  25. Eht Ostäf

    I got a refurbished unit. It's an awesome laptop.

  26. Dawintch

    Dave: in 4 , 5 years, I believe this laptop can still run triple A titles very well
    Cyberpunk, FlightSim, MinecraftRTX: HOLD MY BEAR!

  27. carlos k

    It's a very nice laptop even today great build quality I love the keyboard for typing. Most laptops have mushy keyboards.. If you can find one these days they go for around 1k used… With a 1080 it's not a bad deal sure no ray tracing but performance wise it's around as fast as a 2070 or max q 2080 laptop or even low watt 3070 laptop.. Not bad at all for the money…

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