This New Gaming PC is Disgusting


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  1. Anthony Espinoza

    my stupid brother gat a alienware for his daughter πŸ˜‚ i told him for $750 tops i would build a way better pc he still gat it wtf

  2. tyler smith

    I wanted an Alienware sooo bad when i was a kid. Then i learned 2 things about computer hardware

  3. HeardofGod15

    bruhhhhh, 2000k is disgusting. Gamers and content creators alike. PLEASE BUILD YOUR OWN PC, Learn how

  4. Jhakri

    Doing repairs, the motherboards bork out on these pretty easy. Definite skip.

  5. MehrunesDagon

    Alienware is a company that relies ONLY in the looks, not the performance and they made a business plan out of it. They have a very good looking case, quality leds and rgbs, fancy buttons and shapes. But once you open it its exctremely poor in cooling, the cheapest versions of motherboards, gpus and heatsinks. Whoever with 0 PC knowledge sees the ads with this thing and think its gotta be a very solid PC…

  6. Cloxurf

    Whats the best build under 2k with a 240 hz 2k oled or ips monitor and based on just pure performance and keeping the system cool
    (I prefer AMD)

  7. JediNight235

    I am getting a PC for 1400 at Costco with an Intel i7-13700F, RTX-4060ti, 36gb of DDR5 ram, and a 2 tb hard drive with a 1tb SSD.

    For only 1400 and I'm gonna go get it on Black Friday so it will cost LESS!

    this alienware shit is nothing.

  8. Alteris

    You can get a 3060 with a rizen 5 for 1000us or 5000 ron.

  9. CG Bass

    Those cases look cool but they probably have absolutely garbage airflow, not to mention that I believe they are mostly made out of plastic which is NOT a premium material either.

  10. JDC

    Alienware stuck in 2020 🀣

  11. M.Mae.M

    But people still buy Xbox and Playstation for way more

  12. Braincell

    Looks great. You might need to get your eyes checked

  13. gamerboy

    How is alienware even still im business. Whoooo tf buys this garbage

  14. Wenard 62

    Why does the casing look like my small AC

  15. Kacper

    Where can you find the arc a770 for 250$?πŸ’€ its 400-500€ in germany (430$-540$)

  16. What I Wonder

    The look isn’t terrible, but the price is… can’t look past that

  17. Jose Pio

    Nvidia gonne learn this and charge 15k for the 6090

  18. Durden

    This is hilarious 😹😹

  19. daves the dude

    All these alienware gaming rigs are an over engineered thermal throttle nightmare… just build ur own pc

  20. damattboii

    The gpu is cheaper than the cpu sitting at about $300 or $350

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