Thoughts on iOS9 and WWDC

Some thoughts on iOS9, app thinning and other things from WWDC. Enjoy!

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  1. latca

    Apple Music is slightly more "Open" since you can use the service on Android and Windows too.

  2. Pranav Miglani

    Hey Dave! Congratulations for 22K+ subscriber, I hope you get millions of subscribers. I'm your biggest fan. I've liked and watched all your videos, I also love tech. I recently saw your video regarding to the giveaway of LG G4 and nexus 6. I want a nexus 6 desperately. I'm from a middle class family and my father doesn't earn much money that he could get me a good phone. I always try to get things by participating in Giveaways, but I never win anything. Please don't choose the winner of the giveaway randomly this time. I want a new a phone desperately. Please choose me as the winner. Keep making videos 🙂 may god bless you.

  3. gameplay boss

    I thought iOS 9 came out I was happy but its only the preview 🙁

  4. Edit name

    Have a sook guys Apple is slow there sill fucking good and some people don't give a fuck if the iPad only just got multi window bullshit, most and I say "Most" consumers will think that's fucking great and not give 2 shits who had it first….

    Great vid as always Dave.

  5. David Olguin

    I personally think iOS9 is not a big surprise as iOS7 when it came out, but I'm really excited about Siri improvements and multitasking on iPad, a big thing Apple needed to introduce. I have a 6+ and battery has really long duration so Apple introducing battery saving feature is a exciting thing! Thanks for the review, Dave! Looking forward to iOS9.

  6. Johnny Andrew

    I tried to scroll down and watch more of your videos and I thought YouTube just wasn't loading, then I realized you're brand new at this and only have a hand full of videos, which makes it all the more impressive. You're already better than a lot of people that have been doing this for a while. Keep it up man!

  7. Leonard Schuetz

    Here in Switzerland almost nobody (even people who own an iPhone) uses iMessage. Everyone actually used Whatsapp, which is kinda unnecessary when you think about it.

  8. Kokoi Dadi

    your videos are impressively well made keep it up! i can see you make it real soon on the scene!

  9. Admiral Ato

    Are you using OSX for the desktop behind you? I've always been wanting to ask.

  10. Immanuel Uy

    Serious question, that wallpaper on your desktop, where on earth is it from?

    edit: nvm you linked it! ._./

  11. Alfredo Izg

    is youtube your fulltime job? if not what do you do for a living

  12. Yodi Collins

    Fellow listmaniac here… and I appreciate your pander-free reviews of Apple's offerings.

  13. Big Lucas

    What is the name of the game you developed?

  14. Akash Biswas

    Hey Dave, its been a few days i have been watching your videos. I must say i really love your quality minimalist videos…. i have already started to recommend your channel to all of my tech friends.. Great going keep it up…. and all the best

  15. J1mb0

    Literally all of this is just taken from various Android developers. Luckily for Apple, 90% of their consumer base has never used a non-Apple product, so nobody is aware of this.

  16. Tony Chen

    Didn't the "Fly Over" feature came with IOS 6? At the time when Scott were still in charge of the IOS

  17. Zacharie Chiron

    Wow didn't realise that this video was so early in your Youtube career. Already had interesting insights, but yeah your video quality has improved massively since then!

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