Todo List Tutorial – Angular 4 and Redux

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A simple todo list application built with the Angular 4 framework and Redux! Learn how to use Redux to manage the state of your application while building this todo’s list.

Angular Webpack Starter:
– Repo:
– Video:

Redux Dev Tools:

💾 Creating a Todo Form: 2:15

💾 Initializing Redux: 7:07

💾 Redux Create Action: 20:21

💾 Redux Get Action: 39:43

💾 Redux Complete and Delete Action: 47:27

Github Repo:

Video created by Jordan Lesson.

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  1. Harshit Pant

    You are the only developer I guess that uses sans serif font.

  2. Kudos

    Is that the default theme?

  3. Awesome, I though this gonna be harder than a React-Redux application, this was helpful bro thanks for your time.

  4. Scott Berry

    I'll like to add that Facebook didn't create Redux, but was inspired by their flux state management which was designed by Facebook, Redux was designed by Dan Abramov and Andrew Clark, and very much inspired by functional programming, one of the main influences was Elm.

  5. Rock Vnme

    Thanks a lot, I hope the next project is Angular and GraphQL, 🙂

  6. D F

    Thank you! I've been trying hard to get my head around Redux for a while and how to properly implement it in an Angular app because there seem to be so many different ways one can do that. Just looking at the Redux documentation it is not immediately apparent how to use it with Angular and there is so many videos that show different approaches. Thanks to your video I finally had my heureka moment! 😀 Also thank you TypeScript and intellisense! 😀

  7. would you please mention the IDE or the toolkit for every language for future videos please in the description ? by the Way excellent Job & Good luck for everyone there. Keep it up !

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