Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Elite Zero (Sam Fisher) Trailer | PS4 Games

Join Third Echelon, and become the ultimate covert field agent. Inspired by the original Splinter Cell trilogy, Zero’s Elite Set is available now!

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  1. RIdah Raresh

    Hope that in the remake that the voice actor is still Michael Ironside.

  2. Vincent Clark

    Only thing I want is for them to use the assets from this for the remake and use Ironside of course


    I saw a post last year about new Splinter Cell is on its way, now they do this.. so maybe it was true or maybe it was just Sam Fisher skin they were working on, but I am hopeful

  4. J.Carter

    Please just drop the splinter cell game asap – I’m tired of playing metal gear 5 . Blacklist was the truth- we need this asap

  5. QSM k

    Its all cool and all until you realise that weapon he is using doesn't even have a suppressor lol

  6. skies

    Forget all the other games came after chaos theory and make a sequel.

  7. Rahul Barman

    they simply can't make tom clancy stop rolling in his grave.

  8. Ken Sheldon

    STOP dragging Sam Fisher through your TRASH Titles!!!!!! 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  9. Adriano Santos

    Só eu que achei que seria um remate, ou remastered do Splintercell Black list

  10. Liam S

    Its almost like we wanted this skin sense September 2020 (over 2 years ago!)

  11. Zikari SG

    Yeah, can we have an actual new Splinter Cell game please (or is it on the large pile of cancelled Ubisoft projects)…

  12. You know what I'd love, a real Rainbow 6 game (single-player campaign, maybe like Vegas) and/or a new Splinter Cell game. What I don't care about is Ubisoft shoehorning more characters into R6 Siege. Give us R6: Patriots already!

  13. fudgesticklebear

    I don't care for splinter cell, but for ffs give the people what they want!

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