Top 10 Letdowns in Gaming for the First Half of 2024

so we’re halfway through 2024 time keeps moving and like every year we take a look back and see how things are going so far we’ve talked about the best games of 2024 in this first half but now we got to talk about some of the most disappointing so far we got 10 games so let’s get started off with number 10 it’s South Park snow day now before South Park uh the Stick of Truth came out and ended up being one of the best TV show to video game adaptations of all time there was 1998’s South Park this was like this weird little miserable first-person shooter where you throw snowballs at turkeys in really weird Bleak environments this game was notoriously terrible so now even though South Park snow day is meant to be a followup to the stick of truth it’s really more like the first-person shooter from back in the day it’s boring it’s empty and it barely is even funny even though they’re wearing the costumes and for some reason continuing the story from the last two actually good South Park games this one is not an RPG and it has pretty much nothing to do with those old games it’s like the video game equivalent of Stolen Valor [Music] I’m round two look Cartman is dressed up like a wizard this is going to be good you might say if you played stick of truth right no this is boring you’re just running through these dull levels engaging in some really lifeless forgettable combat now it’s more fun with friends but I mean you could say that about anything at this point watching paint dry is more fun with friends the game just isn’t good enough it’s like they even took a step backwards with the graphical style they figured out how to make a South Park game look like the South Park show uh and then with snow day they went back on all that and made weird fully 3D Graphics I don’t know what the idea was with this one but it was a bummer for South Park fans for sure ouch no you got me next over at number nine we have Silent Hill the short message this is a free game it was released for free how can that be disappointing well uh it is it managed to find a way it’s been 12 years since we’ve actually gotten a real game in the series I think and you know most people don’t think Silent Hill Ascension counts and now after all this this is what they gave us this is what Konami gave us you don’t want to judge it too harshly because it’s free but even going easy on this like bite-sized little Story game it’s just still not good enough Maya [Music] [Applause] [Music] sure it’s got Silent Hill elements at least it borrows from the most superficial elements of the second game like an otherw world and an unkillable stalker character but it’s all very surface level Silent Hill it doesn’t actually feel like those old games in the ways that really should count even that would be acceptable I guess if the gameplay wasn’t so basic and the writing wasn’t so abysmally bad the idea of a silent hill story which involves high schoolers isn’t a terrible idea but all this story can manage is a collection of cliches the central conflict barely boils down to anything it’s completely ridiculous and it it’s impossible to take seriously because nothing about this even feels real there’s nothing else to even focus on the gameplay is extremely basic you know you just walk around you walk forward to progress the story and occasionally run from a monster that’s it so the entire experience is riding on the quality of Storytelling and it just Falls flat on its face halfway through 2024 this Silent Hill Revival project isn’t going so hot we’re 0 for two so far so get it together Konami oh man next at number eight we have Star Wars the Battlefront classic collection this should have been a layup I mean at the time this collection came out you could buy and play these games on PC and they’d work just fine the original pandemic developed Star Wars Battlefront games are beloved and respect Ed to this day I played the hell out of these and there are a lot of other people who prefer these to the EA made follow-ups there’s just a certain charm that these old games have that the modern games kind of lack they’re far from perfect games but they’re fun and it would have been nice to get a slightly cleaned up version of those old games that fix a few technical issues on PC add matchmaking and make those playable on Modern consoles it should have been a license to print money when they released this thing but the final product at launch was so slipp shot and incomplete that the player basee bailed and the whole thing is pretty much dead now there are so many unforced errors here the massive file size from the upscale textures that still look pretty bad the introduction of new bugs and glitches the terrible performance in multiplayer and the server issues on launch day the whole thing was a mess and even though some of that has been fixed quite a bit it was really just too little too late like what was the idea here guys the Battlefront classic collection should have never come out in the state it was in and uh they probably shouldn’t have used uncredited mod assets either but that’s a whole other story next over at number seven this one’s interesting it’s home World 3 this one had it was a very long time coming home World 2 released way back in 2003 and while it’s not everyone’s favorite home World game this Series has a small but rabid fan base who will just latch on to anything even remotely home World related there’s nothing quite like these games on the surface they’re RTS games but the three-dimensional movement and like the unique atmosphere really makes them stand out now when home World 3 was announced people were cautiously optimistic but when some fans started playing the final product well the Metacritic user Score says it all now is home World 3 that bad no I will say no way it’s not going to end up on any like worst games of the year list or anything like that but it is disappointing for some and that score is more reflective of that many gameplay features that worked just fine in the original games are not working as well in this one the default unit scaling is bizarre pathf finding can apparently be pretty messy units won’t really quite do what you want them to in some aspects it just feels like a little bit of a step down from a game that came out more than 20 years ago and the story unfortunately is just not worth it it is not great uh take all the worst things about Starcraft 2’s writing and multiply them here it it’s just a storm of cheesy characters and cliched writing which is wild because we are already have a modern game that’s much closer to the style and atmosphere of the original home world games uh it’s home World deserts of carak now that game more or less nailed what people wanted out of a home World game without being set in space so what went wrong here until we get some kind of postmortem it’s impossible to say if you’re not a huge home World Fan and can look past some iffy gameplay spots and bad writing then again it is not a terrible game but for some of the really hardcore home world people who were literally still playing home World 2 right up until this point those people are disappointed now over at number six we have foam Stars this hollow attempt to mimic Splatoon actually had some promising ideas and could have been a fun alternative uh to people who were getting tired of playing as a squid who was also a kid but uh you know the lack of creativity in the game modes and frankly the absurd amount of microtransactions and stuff just kind of made this one to wash where Splatoon is unique and characterful foam Stars feels Bland it feels like corporately mandated fun with flat fortnite like characters running around these dull sparkly Arenas and for some reason even though you’re explicitly not squids who are kind of famous for releasing ink your characters in this game have a mysterious power to generate foam like they literally can have foam generate from their bodies that is the lore look it up like why make it exactly like Splatoon when there’s no reason for it just make it like they just have foam guns that’s it like what the hell’s going on here the gameplay is very Splatoon like with a bit more surfing but like you’re covering the walls and floors in foam characters can move quickly through it your color is better you can move around more and when you’re in an enemy’s color you move around slower the only significant difference is that the foam can actually be layered so you can kind of make makeshift Hills and cover and Towers which is one of the very few interesting ideas the game has job [Music] got to R you aart but the monetization is really absurd and this isn’t a free-to-play game either there are some microtransactions that cost more than the game these types of games need a hook to really rope people in there needs to be something that stands out or at the very least they need to do something better than every other game out there or who they’re competing against foam Stars really doesn’t either it’s not as good as Splatoon it doesn’t have the character of pretty much any other popular multiplayer shooter it’s just a completely forgettable game and that’s a shame next over at number five Endless Ocean luminous now if you’re a Nintendo fan this actually had some real hype behind it it was revealed in the February Nintendo Direct partner showcase and was the premier trailer it was the last one shown which is usually reserved for something pretty big even if you don’t care about the Endless Ocean series the trailer and its placement got some people’s attention so it’s disappointing just how kind of you know mid tier mediocre the final product ended up being the concept is great sort of uh like a more exploration oriented subnotica but the execution is fatally flawed here’s the one thing that sunk this game it’s randomly generated so the environment you explore is different every time you go back to it which is supposed to make it endlessly interesting but sometimes it doesn’t work here it had the opposite effect nothing is handmade nothing really feels like it has any purpose behind it so it just feels like a jumble of assets in the middle of an empty looking ocean tassled wagon this shark is wide and flat its color and pattern blend into the sand or re tassled wagon this shark now the wildlife can look awesome but everything else is just boring there are no deep sea trenches to explore or secrets to uncover because it’s all just random stuff spread around equally subnotica knew that a carefully crafted world is so much more interesting to explore unfortunately Endless Ocean luminous was just boring and got very middling reviews and was mostly forgotten about [Music] next over at number four War hospital now you may not have heard of this one but there was actually a decent amount of excitement around War Hospital the trailers were pretty slick and the concept is a good one it’s a management game where you control a hospital during World War I come on you got limited resources and a seemingly endless line of patients who need your help there’s potential there for a bleak but rewarding experience kind of like a this war of mine or Frost Punk mixed with Theme Hospital what we got was a glorified mobile game full of bugs that’s kind of harsh okay but it’s not far off the game play is very basic and far too much time is spent on like fiddly little bits like discharging patients and rotating staff rather than the real highlevel Hospital management and like World War I stuff how did it happen was it a mistake or an oversight no sir it was just bad luck the patient was too weak to survive the operation and we could do nothing nothing more to save him maybe with better equipment we could do something but the sad reality is that we cannot save them all the hardest part of the game is the first chapter and then after that like you’re on cruise control for the rest of it it’s weirdly balanced there’s just not enough going on here to keep it interesting and it’s even lacking in thematic elements that would at least make the story engaging it’s just a misfire all around it’s just a dull buggy experience it lacks a tactical depth and decision making you probably wanted from this type of game if you want to play a bleak World War I game with a similar production value that’s actually good then check out last train home it’s more of a management game RTS hybrid but the train management stuff is still more interesting than anything in this now at number three Phantom Fury now ion Fury was and still is one of the better games to come from the Boomer shooter Revival that we’re currently KNE deepen so when the trailer popped up for a sequel to ion Fury there was a lot of hype there people wanted a follow up but not like this now on paper it sounds like the ideal sequel It’s Gone fully 3D there are tons of interactive environments and elements uh it sounded kind of like Duke Nukem Forever that like we actually wanted then the demo came out and uh it wasn’t great it was a total mess the controls are not good and the actual final game wasn’t that bad but it’s unfortunately still not our favorite at the very least it’s not as good as ion Fury the previous game it was made by different people this time around maybe that’s part of it I don’t know Phantom Fury it just isn’t good enough it’s kind of janky it’s not the most fun to play the ambition is there and you got to respect a Dev who’s trying to make a halflife two Style game that’s never going to be easy but they needed to give this one more time in the oven I mean hey it’s I know we brought Duke Nukem Forever but like respect it’s way better than Duke Nukem Forever so that’s good but I digress hostile sighted oh next down at number two Skull and Bones sure I I know we’ve been like laughing at this one for years kind of like rubbing our mitts together reving in every delay and piece of bad news coming out of the studio that was making it just like we all joked that this was never going to come out or it was like a huge like Ubisoft was just burning money but I got to say there were some people out there who were legit excited about this game they just wanted a new pirate game to play Something to scratched that Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag itch and an alternative to something like sea of Thieves personally I was still hoping for the best with this one cuz I love pirate games there aren’t enough of them but unfortunately right from the start this thing was designed to disappoint a new Ubisoft Pirate game but you’re just the boat and you only control your character in small non-interactive floaty towns and little islands where you collect the treasure and just do multiplayer live service stuff there’s no Ship boarding or groundbased combat at all also the actual ship-to ship combat is simplified it’s a live service game but you still have to pay full price for it and yes there will be a season pass and microtransactions are you excited yet that that is the pitch there’s not really anything good and I would say expectations were Rock Bottom for a lot of people but the final product was still disappointing uh it wasn’t unplayable or anything and some of the combat mechanics and weapon designs were smooth but the fun Factor just wasn’t really there there’s no sense of adventure or excitement just boring fetch quests and your usual games as a service blo it’s playable but it’s not engaging which is kind of a problem for something that is supposed to be a forever game that’s meant to you know monopolize your attention as a live service game this fails as a regular game I think it fails too it’s not a total disaster I think it found a little bit of an audience and you never know Ubisoft might support it long term and blow it up into something like a for Honor or a Rainbow Six Siege but for us it’s not a disaster like it’s like not like a bug ridden mess it’s just not a very fun game nowhere we must now down at number one say it with me you probably saw it coming it’s Suicide Squad kill the Justice League what else could be number one at this point I mean I don’t even know where to start Rock Steady went from making the Arkham games you know the most Innovative and exciting mainstream Batman games uh and then they pivoted to this an undercooked live service game the frustrating thing for me personally is how much potential is here some of the gaml the you know the feel of shooting the guns some of the traversal feels really good and some of the banter and the voice acting and stuff can be cool the world they built you know this Metropolis is interesting we kind of get to see Arkham verse DC heroes also the concept of like a story of kill the Justice League the potential was there to do something unique and different I mean they killed Batman people didn’t like it there was a way to kill Batman that actually would have been pretty cool and interesting but they squandered and wasted every opportunity you me one we not have to put this prick back together to scan him arus is actually posing a threat because coming from a developer who made such tightly designed incredible single player experiences it’s hard to describe just how disappointingly basic everything is the whole game is spent on repetitive time- wasting activities there only a couple of little Mission types the open world map is actually kind of small and the campaign is super short and then the end game I don’t even like it’s not really much and everything they’ve released since has not been enticing I don’t really know what more to say about this one it still kind of hurts to talk about because I don’t know I love Rocksteady I love Batman I was hoping something good would come out of this but unfortunately [Applause] nope give pull up on bits time to hit the cannon with him before we go I also got a bonus for you it’s super normal uh this was inspired by Allison rad a game that looked awesome that was inspired by PT uh there was some legitimate interest about this game around the time it came out in early 2024 but uh it’s not exactly what people expected it’s not very good and there’s a big reason why the developers behind this thing called themselves hitori day Productions and claim to be firsttime developers but they’re actually not they’re actually just a renamed jukai Studios which is really just one guy and what was the game they made before this one it was Stray Souls uh notoriously one of the worst games of 2023 strace Souls is one of those games that has to be seen to be believed like it was shockingly unbelievably bad with bizarre dialogue weird laughable horror it’s extremely short and it costs $30 it was rough so that explains so much about why supern normal unfortunately also is not good It suffers from a lot of the same problems but it’s just more boring bad rather than funny bad if everybody knew that this thing came out from the same people that made Stray Souls nobody on the planet would have even been interested about this so the developers just like changed their name I guess to fool people but hey an absolute bummer once again another spiritual successor game inspired by PT Falls flat on its face will we ever get anything like PT again I don’t know for sure that’s it though those are 10 games uh that were disappointing from the first half of 2024 now again not all these games are the worst games ever but they were disappointing for a variety of reasons and then of course we had some real stinkers like South Park snow day or Suicide Squad killed the Justice League so let us know in the comments your thoughts your picks for disappointing games if you like this video and you just like talking games with us every day clicking the like button helps us out that’s all you really got to do but as always thanks for watching and we’ll see you guys next time

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  1. @Kalahee

    I have a bit of a problem how this approached Suicide Squad by praising Batman Arkham… Batman Arkham series is 4 of the same game with a different scale and very few addition. Their other game, Urban Chaos : Riot Response was okay at best. So, it's not like they have a huge experience in designing gameplays unless they keep doing Batman Arkham clones, but that gameplay doesn't always fit anyone who's not Batman. Also add that business daddy may impose stuff that kills any originality.

  2. @Ax3lotol777

    None of these games even looked fun to begin with 😂😂

  3. @domwuz4851

    Also the album Justified was mostly intended for Michael Jackson, but he turned down the songs in fear of backlash due to the case at the time.

    If you know that. You can definitely hear Michael throughout the entire album. Especially when it comes to those little MJ sounded adlibs throughout the album. In fact I can’t even listen to Last Night without hearing Michael.

  4. @kriskross8908

    Guys, honestly, ENOUGH with Suicide Squad. We get it. It sucks. Move on.

  5. It's funny that skull and bones ship combat is described as simplified when it's just blackflags ship combat but improved. Boarding is the only thing that elevates BF over S&B in that regard. I enjoyed my time with it but cosmetics become your only progression in the endgame and that's bad when your trying to sell cosmetics that remove any care I might have about your free cosmetics if I choose to buy any.

  6. @furonable

    So many games have been disappointments in recent years. I haven't bought a game on release since No Man's Sky.
    And no, No Man's sky is not "way better" now, it's now mediocre instead of terrible.

  7. @LlamaDuck2211

    2024, the year when game studios finally decided a well-made product is not worth paying talented and motivated people and just started selling AI generated rubbish. And it could work out too – they are waiting for the current generation of gamers to die out, since kids wouldn't know better.

  8. @israeloplays

    What if the new South Park Game was intentionally made bad as a Joke Lol

  9. @BB-dr2zs

    In my opinion skull and bones is just like anthem. They have a gem and if they stick with and listen to the people paying for it (like many other games) it will get better.. ea just straight said fuck you to anthem and that game could have been beyond amazing

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    Tip: I am not talking about the timeline but in the video I think it would be very helpful for some viewers to have the game’s name on screen… sometimes I watch the video on mute 😂 and I don’t know the name of the game…

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    Who have fucked up the timestamp?

  12. @LucasSchimmel

    Suicide Squad couldn't possibly have disappointed you because everyone knew exactly what we were getting from day one. If anything, it exceeded expectations because it complete crap.

  13. @duncanvondoom

    I was pretty dissappointed in elden ring. Particularly the part where I CAN'T PLAY IT

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