Top 10 – The Best Thin and Light Laptops! (2017)

What’s the Best Ultrabook? Find out in my video on the best thin laptops on the market right now.

Available Here:
LG Gram 13 –
XPS 13 –
Razer Blade Stealth –
Asus UX330 –
Zenbook 3 –
Samsung 9 –
Lenovo X1 Carbon –
Hp x360 –

Laptops Skins from

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  1. Handyformat

    Und wieso spricht der nicht deutsch obwohl Titel und Beschreibung auf deutsch ist?

  2. Dkz!

    Hey Dave, please do this one for 2019! Thanks!

  3. Alex Joyce

    Bro this needs a 2019 update! Would love to hear your thoughts on the current market

  4. Tushar Choudhary

    3 pound or less and dedicated keyboard this is the video i want but for 2019🙏

  5. Steve Jhonson

    Make a 2019 version please! Now that microsoft has their nice laptops and the razer blade stealth has an incredible display!

  6. Tesfaye Kifle

    its a agood video can you do more video on acer aspire and hp

  7. Ray

    So…there was a time when razer laptops were costing 900$…what a dream…

  8. bijay gurung

    hey dave why dont you best budget laptop in 2020 under 1000 dollar

  9. Kartik

    i love razorblade….but i own a hp pavillion (T_T)

  10. Akezhan Rakishev

    Hey Dave and community! Could someone identify the Font Family that Dave is using when showing the benchmarks or comparisons?

  11. Psychotic Yzt

    Hey dave, im looking for a laptop for school that is aluminum cause i carry it in my bag. Would the asus vivobook s13 be a good choice

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