Top 15 Single Player Games of 2024 You Must Try [Part 1]

[Music] we are now halfway through 2024 and though the year hasn’t been the Whirlwind that 2023 was it’s still seen a steady stream of excellent games in its first half with the second half of the Year looming ahead of us and promising plenty more to play and enjoy here we’re going to pause and look back on what we feel have been some of the best single player games that we’ve played all year up to this point number 15 Brothers a tale of two suns remake back when it first came out over a decade ago Brothers a tale of two suns made more than its fair share of fans with its simplistic yet unique gameplay mechanics controlling two characters simultaneously as well as its heartfelt captivating story more than a decade later 505 games released a remake of the game earlier this year that Faithfully creates every frame of the experience and with a gorgeous visual upgrade brings its Charming world to life better than even the original did number 14 senua Saga hellblade 2 you need to understand you need to understand answer it is my father Sig his father your father the goie monster he’s here look at senua Saga hellblade 2 was hyped to the Moon in back over the course of the 5 years following its announcement and though it may not have lived up to that hype or even touched the heights that its predecessors did in 2017 the sequel is still a solid game hellblade 2 is effectively more of the same and in more ways than one with Gorgeous visuals captivating performances and stunning audio design it has many of the same strengths as its predecessors while it also has similar weaknesses from disappointingly straightforward gameplay to an overly brief runtime even so the package on the whole is one that that stands out in memory number 13 Expeditions a mudrunner game saber interactive and focus entertainment’s mud Runner Series has become an unlikely fan favorite over the years and we got another installment in the franchise this year with Expeditions a mudrunner game and once again it delivers a wonderfully addictive experience the core Loop of using an ever expanding tool set to drive through impeccably handcrafted off-roading open world maps remains as engaging as ever while added bells and whistles on top like side quests and expanding your central base make the experience even meor number 12 laurelai and the laser eyes coming from the studio behind sayanora Wild hearts laurelai and the laser eyes launched earlier this year and took many by surprise with just how good it turned out to be there’s no shortage of things to love about the stunning puzzle game the gorgeous eye-catching visuals Aesthetics and the unique atmosphere it helps create the consistently ingenious puzzles and how they keep finding ways to surprise you do with their intricacy the wonderfully surreal story and the central mystery that drives everything that happens across its 18 to 20 hour runtime laurelai in the laser eyes is almost guaranteed to make you fall in love with it number 11 Pacific [Music] Drive Pacific Drive was a game that many had their eyes on in the months and years leading up to its release and thankfully it turned out to be as remarkably as many had hoped it would be rare is the survival game that plays with its genres trappings as cleverly as Pacific Drive does lending it all around driving a car and even more importantly maintaining and improving that car making your way through a terrifyingly bizarre setting while consistently making slow and steady progress with your car makes for a gripping Central Loop and Pacific Drive builds quite a compelling experience around it across the entirety of its runtime number 10 Stellar blade coming from an unknown studio with no experience in AAA development yet still bearing all the Flash and visual flare that you’d expect from a major console release Stellar blade was on more than a few Radars long before it even came out and when it finally did come out earlier this year it thankfully managed to live up to its expectations if not even surpass them slowly to go the train flashy and stylish combat that boasts an impressive amount of depth and challenge a calvacade of excellently designed enemies and setpiece bosses that are an absolute joy to fight and a refreshingly focused approach to game design with all of this and more Stellar blade aderes to more of an old school game design philosophy in the best way possible number nine bishers ghosts of new Eden vampire don’t nod’s first attempt at a choice-driven action RPG was more than a little rough around the edges but it would be fair to say that the studio sophomore outings in the genre turned out to be an enormous upgrade banisher ghosts of new Eden might just be one of the most underrated games that we’ve played in quite some time from an engrossing tale revolving around a wonderfully written and acted pair of primary protagonists to genuinely High scks choice and consequence mechanics bishers is an action RPG that’s well worth investing time in for fans of the genre even if it is a bit too straightforward with its combat and RPG mechanics number eight the legend of Heroes Trails through Daybreak the legend of Heroes has long been and will likely remain for the foreseeable future one of the most daunting franchises for a newcomer to try and get into based just on the sheer amount of required reading that any new entry demands for fans however a new release is an occasion to be celebrated as evidenced by the praise that Trails through day break has enjoyed from combat and storytelling to its cast of characters and more Falcon’s latest RPG succeeds in a lot of the areas that many of its predecessors have as well and in the process offers yet another excellent RPG in a year that’s already seen a delus of them number seven the Rogue Prince of Persia the Rogue Prince of Persia developed by evil empire of dead cells Fame may have only launched in Early Access this year but it has already impressed us as one of the best games that we’ve played these last few months [Music] a stunning art style slick traversal mechanics challenging combat addictive progression a solid Rog likee structure the Rogue Prince of Persia has got off to a solid start and we can’t wait to see how it improves going forward number six Hades 2 back in 2020 super giant games delivered what’s gone down as one of the greatest Rogue likes of all time in the form of Hades and this year the studio started its Road to Glory with an early access release obviously this isn’t Yet the full experience but even in its current form Hades 2 is an absolute treasure slick and addictive combat gorgeous art Direction incredibly new biomes to explore meaningfully significant improvements to progression and what is already a shocking amount of content all of that is just scratching the surface with Hades 2’s biggest strengths and the game isn’t even anywhere close to being the final product yet number five like a dragon infinite wealth slowly yet surely the Le a dragon franchise has gained legitimate mainstream popularity over the years and this year the series cashed in on that builtup pipe with its biggest outing yet like a dragon infinite wealth is a staggeringly huge game which is saying a lot for a franchise that is teaming with games that very neatly fit that exact description from an endearing cast of characters to a rich and compelling if occasionally Rush story from excellent improvements to yaka s’s turnbas combat and RPG mechanics to an abundance of addictive and ridiculously fleshed out side activities and optional quests that you can lose yourself in for Endless hours like a dragon infinite wealth is an absolute epic and an easy recommendation for RPG fans number four Prince of Persia the Lost crown with excellent combat and Slick traversal mechanics Prince of Persia the Lost Crown focus on exploration evolves the genre in truly incredible ways boasting spectacular level design impressive Variety in everything from enemies to biomes shockingly rewarding progression mechanics a wealth of excellent side content to track down and much more the Lost Crown is easily one of the best modern games that we played number three Dragon’s Dogma 2 admittedly this is not a game for everyone it hates the idea of providing anything that even slightly resembles guidance or handholding and often takes that to such extremes that it can appear almost hostile to players but it is exactly because of these idiosyncrasies that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is able to deliver such a unique and singular experience finagling with its many eccentricities while engaging with its shockingly deep and layered RPG mechanics revolving around a robust class system makes for an immensely rewarding RPG experience number two Elden ring shadow of the UR tree yeah we’re including an expansion in a list that’s otherwise about full games because let’s face it the single DLC is bigger and better than the vast majority of actual full-blown AAA games that we’ve played in years Elden ring shadow of the UR tree expands upon the masterful base game in Unforgettable way delivering a huge dense and impeccably crafted world that never runs out of ways to surprise and Delight players tough as Nails bosses rewarding exploration gorgeous environments and so so much more shadow of the urry is overwhelming with ways to keep its hook sunk deep into your flesh number one Final Fantasy 7 rebirth I and now you’re going to pay I’m a director and you will show me [Music] if we’re being honest we never thought we would actually get a Final Fantasy 7 game like this a massive fully open world Final Fantasy game that leaves no stone unturned with its budgets while also capturing the sheer variety quality and mechanical depth of gameplay that the original was known for Final Fantasy 7 rebirth is the game that series fans have been dreaming of for decades brought to life with such Splendor that we can’t help but applaud its sheer ambition this is a game of excess in every way imaginable but it justifies that excess by equaling the quantity with impeccable quality without a doubt Final Fantasy 7 rebirth is the absolute best game that we’ve played in all of 2024 so far and it’ll take something truly special for it to be supplanted in the next 6 months fly like the KN you are let that righteous anger guide you hey did you know that we at gaming bolt upload new videos every day stick around drop a like subscribe and hit that Bell and let us know what kind of content you’d like to see in the future with a comment below

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  1. @semafreak

    Game should be renamed Senua's Short ass Saga: Hellblade II

  2. Erdtree is #1 hands down, and probably for the whole year. And stellar blade is runner up.

  3. @darkmagics4521

    Yet another video. Every video that is titled something along the lines of games to play when you are bored or games you need to play are always and i mean always the worst games to have ever existed or the most popular game at the time of the video being made.

  4. @MrBX5

    "Snua"… -_- It's pronounced "Séhnua"!

  5. @echos9396

    The disrespect of Unicorn Overlord not being on here needs to stop, for crying out loud have someone in this company play this amazing game already.

  6. @Mohgenstein

    Shadow of the Erdtee is so big it can fit a Stellar Blade and Hellblade in it 💀💀💀

  7. @cajunotaku3256

    Hellblade 2 is amazing and it’s much better than its predecessor.

  8. @SaviorInTheSun

    0:27 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
    1:08 Hellblade 2
    2:03 Expeditions Mudrunner
    2:36 Lorelei and the Laser Eyes
    3:13 Pacific Drive
    4:00 Stellar Blade
    4:58 Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden
    5:36 Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak
    6:16 The Rogue Prince of Persia
    6:49 Hades 2
    7:27 Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
    8:12 Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown
    8:39 – Dragon's Dogma 2
    9:22 Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree
    10:16 Final Fantasy: Rebirth

  9. @shreder75

    I hate rogue likes, and final fantasy is boring as hell.

  10. @archangel2015

    Yet another excuse to shoehorn a Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree even if it is trending toward the negative and large amount of gamer hate this DLC they still have to kiss Hidetaka Miyazaki and from softwares ass.

  11. @sophieedel6324

    I will block your channel. These videos are so useless without timestamps. I see people in the comments doing your job, by adding timestamps, that's not right, you should be adding the timestamps yourself.

  12. @ghostguy7

    The amount of different biases and simping that went into this is astounding. This channel has fallen off

  13. @ghostguy7

    Senua? Really? I polished turd is still a turd. Gamers should not be ok with the massive dump that was taken on the community. If studios see they can get away with crap like that they will keep doing it. I don't care how decent what little was there was. It still does not belong on any of these lists.

  14. @fabiolie

    1 – shadow of erdtree
    2 – stellar blade
    3 – ffvii rebirth
    4 – prince of persia lost crown

    50 – rise of the ronin

    99 – hellblade 2.

  15. @beesechurger1

    Not everyone has time to watch the entire video, please add chapters

  16. @tkf28

    Shadow of the erdee tree isn't game. You need to stop it. How many times you gonna list Stella blade . The vids are gettin boring 😴

  17. @tkf28

    Stop telling us that we need. You do know what games we like or how our finances are

  18. @dctrbrass

    I'm so thankful for variety nowadays. I used to enjoy hard games but not don't enjoy them at all now. I just want to use games for relaxation now 🙂 Give me some difficulty settings lol 🙂 A different me would've enjoyed those souls-like games. They're so well-done too. And I appreciate the effort that they make on the music. Bloodbourne is still my favorite soundtrack ever in a game.
    One of my favorites recently was A Plague Tale: Requiem. Great story; so entertaining. I would really enjoy a movie or TV series.

  19. @MarkWarrior1982

    Senua's Saga Hellblade 2 is done with BEST No Damage Record for Start to End and now Playing Banishers Ghosts Of New Eden with BEST No Damage Record Quest wise.What a Game Banishers has been,just Incredibly Amazing.Not played few Games in 2024 but for me till now Banishers is the BEST.

  20. @Hashama

    Are you telling me that 14/15 of these games are on PS5 and 12/15 are on xbox but PS5 doesn’t have enough good games this year??

  21. @vladche9092

    Hey yeah we're adding the elden Ring dlc because well gaming is dead and has been for years. There fixed it for you .

  22. @kaonyt

    Please just put chapters in the video. Every other channel does it and it respects the viewer's time if they're not interested in the game.

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