Top 3 Antivirus Picks in Just 3 Minutes! 💥

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if you’re looking for the best antivirus software here are the top three options in just three minutes the first provider I want to highlight is total AV this is one of the best antivirus if you need Value Plus it feels good to use on all platforms and packs enough features security-wise total AV tickes all the most important boxes for me from real-time protection to effective scans I’ve run some tests which I’ll show you later but trust me when I say that total AV blocks almost everything now extra features total ad block is my favorite it’s the best ad blocker I’ve used so far blocking Almost 100% of annoying ads including some red and white video websites Web Shield is another feature I always enabled to detect malicious websites and system tuneup will get that extra kick out of your rig those features are part of the antivirus pro package but if you invest a bit more you can get a VPN and a password manager on top of that this is one of the cons of total AV alongside missing firewall parental controls and cloud storage so if you need those things look no further than Norton Norton Antivirus software is the most featur app I’ve tested you can see the plans and that Norton not only matches total AV but also covers everything it’s missing out of all the plans I like the Norton 360 Deluxe the most it’s the plan with the best price to Value ratio lots of cloud storage and five device support great if you have lots of devices like me the platform is also extend expensive but I’m not the biggest fan of the desktop app layout this is one of the cons Norton is a bit hard to get used to it’s also not the best free antivirus either no free version at all and the pricing is steep but hey a 60-day money by guarantee that’s still pretty sweet still for me the sweetest part is when my device is squeaky clean after a scan and that’s where Bit Defender comes into play with extremely effective scans and real-time protection the best antivirus level performance in that regard besides just covering all the basics Bit Defender does have extras but they’re clearly not as good as Norton’s the VPN is limited cloud storage is completely out and there are fewer scan options if you need antivirus software for free Bid Defender has a 30-day free trial and if you’re a Linux user Bit Defender is rapidly upgrading its support for that so the only con I really worry about is the price Bit Defender is pricey that’s why I recommend you take a look at the description I gathered the best discounts for all providers in this video so click a link to use any of them immediately the deal is applied automatically so no need to overthink it okay I know that you care about system load so here are the stats in my tests I’ve run scans against various malware recording Effectiveness and system load you can see each provider’s performance on the screen alongside the results from the Independent AV test examination plus the resource consumption which clearly shows that total AV was the most lightweight option but while Bit Defender is is quite gluttonous it does show the best results so here are the best antivirus software options of today and what they can offer total a is the most affordable option with strong security Norton is the most feature Rich while Bit Defender boasts the best detection rates so take your pick all right if you enjoyed the video leave a like And subscribe and remember about the discounts in the description and stay tuned for more videos I’ll see you next time bye

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    Bitdefender and ESET.
    Also Kaspersky if you don't care about geopolitics.

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