Top 3 Cheap Laptops for Students!

Need a cheap laptop for school? These are the best laptops for highschool and college students around $600 !
Acer Aspire 5 –
Lenovo 320S –
Asus UX330 –
Dell 13″ Inspiron –

Backpack –

Cheap Skylake Laptops
$400 – HP Pavillion –
$400 – Lenovo 310S –
$550 – Lenovo 510S –

Acer Aspire 5 Review –

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  1. Dave2D

    Hope this video helps the people looking for some inexpensive laptops. If you need to get something even cheaper (like $300 or less) buy a chromebook, not a windows laptop. Thanks for watching my stuffs!


    Seriously awaiting your 2020 version of this video <3

  3. Hanni Mary

    Should I buy Acer Aspire 3? Is that a good laptop?

  4. Connolly Alon

    The selfish son firstly nest because panties coherently dislike within a heavenly heavy hellish blue. eminent, loving leather

  5. Hello brother I am currently studying in uk , I need a laptop under £350 , which laptop would you prefer me to buy.

  6. Imy Ëvã

    Do you know when you're like poor, and you're searching for a cheap laptop, and then you watch this video…….. You just… Feel OFFENDED

  7. Shubham Nath

    what about acer aspire 7 core i5 9th generation at 650$

  8. keren

    this dude looks super nice lol

  9. Unknown01

    There is no kid who does not game on it, so i5 11th gen 6 gb ram atleast

  10. Alim ZazaZ Music

    Lets all be real here. These are not laptops for students, these are laptops for girl students. Laptop for male students are definitely going to be a gaming laptop.

  11. Andrei Vlasa

    Would be interesting to see an updated version for 2021

  12. Amusa Olaide

    How can i get any of this laptops, I am in Nigeria. I am one of your fans and i always follow your channel.

  13. Coreece Edwards

    These are not budgeted laptops, your definition of budgeted are completely different from mines

  14. GG EZ

    It's crazy how 3 years after this video, an Apple product in the form of the M1 MacBook Air would be at the top of the list.

  15. Prayag Dhakal

    please!! ………. please!! …………. please!! Make this video for 2021……I m programmer by the way so no need for powerful graphics

  16. Bogdan Radu

    Got the Teclast F5 for 240 USD including shipping 🙂

  17. Hanas

    I have an acer aspire 17inches. It is dope however, if you intend to carry it, get a good backpack and and dont, at any cost, dont you dare to forget your charger.

  18. Beristic :(

    im pretty sure that you cn get a good laptop for 200

  19. Abhishek Kumar

    I'd like to add Mi Notebook Ultra. It's core i7, 16 GB RAM and 3k display with long lasting battery. Could you please make a honest review of this laptop for students.

  20. TB

    This has been 4 years? Ok time to consider these laptops

  21. Demetre

    bruh 600 usd??? more like 150 max for me

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