Top 3 Performance Laptops

Dave2D comparison of the best laptops in 2018 for gaming and editing. Comparing build quality, performance, speakers, keyboard, trackpad, battery life and price.
Laptop Skins –
MSI GS65 –
Aero 15X –
Razer Blade 15 –
GM501 –
XPS 15 –
XPS 15 2 in 1 –
LG Gram 15 –

Individual Reviews:
XPS 15 2-in-1 –
Razer Blade 15 –
Asus GM501-
ZenBook Pro –
Aero 15X –
MSI GS65 –
LG Gram 15 –

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Fili – The Break

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  1. Dave2D

    Sorry for that radioactive clip. Publishing this video on the road. Couldn't fix it. Thanks for watching!

  2. Jasper

    Can you do a version for 2020

  3. Hey Dave, congrats on your videos, love the you you talk about the products, very down to earth and reliable. Anyway, my question is: what about now in 2020 with the new 16'' model? Would it have a place on a table like that? I'd love to see a video of the real performance comparative between the 16'' model and other windows laptops.

  4. mavvana

    why you always talking about gaming laptop.. not all people using laptop for playing useless games. some people are music producer. just talk about that.

  5. E- Entrepreneur

    Hey man. What’s the best laptop for running multiple vmware pro machines? I have an msi gf72 vr7 and it still has lags. Please tell me what options I have 🙏

  6. Hello Dave!!! Can you recommend me some laptops to choice with, im turning to be a college student who needs rendering, modelling and engineering systems, and im a little bit gamer. My budget is around $1000 and i want it to you use for long term, great battery life and less weight. Hope you can help me. Thank you

  7. JJ RDGZ

    Thank you Dave for being true and honest, leaving Apple out of this. When it comes to Video editing, there are much better laptops out there then MacBooks.

  8. Hamza Razzaq

    Please Giveaway anyone laptop to me,Its has been 2 years ko video

  9. Hamza Razzaq

    Please Giveaway anyone laptop to me,Its has been 2 years ko video

  10. Gin


  11. Mike Mike

    i love how you masked the laptops when you set them down
    cool editing!

  12. alfredo_5auce

    Please review the Lenovo X1 Extreme. Considering getting it

  13. Mike Mike

    I feel like comparing laptops is apples to apples if the specs are the same. Thermals are what’s seemingly most important and no one talks about it really. Kind of disappointed that this “thermals” chart is only talking about fan noise? Unless I am missing something?

  14. Eugene Thompson

    Please refrain from always focusing on gaming laptops. Not everyone is a kid

  15. Dr. Gaming

    How did u manage this type of tech do u buy it or companies send u for testing

  16. Mukesh Sahu

    Hi, i am looking for high end laptop for virtualization with high ram and multiple cores. Can you plz advise any laptop?

  17. Jimmy Singh

    Bro i have acer laptop with i7 7700hq 16gb ram gtx 1050ti. I want to know, Will it run all next gen games or not.

  18. Peppy

    do you like the hp spectre x360?

  19. Yav Ne

    Omg, I thought those pile of laptops was a desk at the first glance. lmao. Wouldn't even realize it was laptops if you didn't say. XD

  20. Ravi Peiris

    I'm unsure as to why you would choose a notebook without a SD card slot if you are into video/photo editing.

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