Top 3 Secret Dialer Codes You Must Know!

There are so many hidden tricks that you can do with the Phone app’s dialer on Android! Here are a few that you should know …


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  1. MrlegO

    Thank u for the useful codes 🙂

  2. HowToMen

    Keep in mind that these codes don't work on every Smartphone out there. Every phone is different

  3. Jerry Wu

    *#0*# is actually such a genius feature…too bad it isn't available on all Android phones…

  4. Mikey


    That's a hash lol

  5. Josh Farley

    *67 is another great one for hiding your Phone Number or Caller ID information.

  6. Ziyan

    i heard 999 is the code to boost your phone's ram

  7. mstiic

    I would like to check my battery life on OPPO, unfortunately these codes do not work. Does anyone know the code for this at OPPO?

  8. harleen quinzel

    #*#6485#*# for checking the battery performance on xiaomi, i know cuz i always check it on my renote 11 , thank me later

  9. Ultra

    Im the 1000th like and ty for the codes

  10. David Barker

    The Samsung Member app basically does this already, no need for that code really.

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