Top 5 – $1000 Gaming Laptops (Mid 2016)

Dave2D review of the the best cheap 15″ gaming laptops of 2016.
Comparing build quality, gaming performance, speakers, keyboard, trackpad, battery life.
MSI GE62 –
Dell 7559 –
Acer V15 Nitro –
Lenovo Y700 –

Individual Reviews:
ASUS GL552 –
Acer V15 –
Dell Inspiron 7559 –

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Intro: Tyler Touché – Act Of God ft. Jason Gaffner (Robotaki Remix)
Background: FILI – H2O

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  1. Hi dave, I'm quite confused with the benchmark for graphic card. I have 2 questions for you if your don't mind.

    1. GTX 1050 has benchmark score of 5000 something while it has 1.5 Ghz of memory clock while GTX 960 has score of 5800 with memory clock of 1.1 Ghz. So which one is better?

    2. GTX 960 has 2 variation 2GB and 4GB. I see that 4GB is much better. But what if GTX 1050 2GB vs GTX 960 4GB. Which one is better?

    Your consult is very helpful

    Thank You

  2. Daniel Jutz

    I'd like to have this type of video for 2017. doesn't have to be now of course, but I would be looking forward to it! 😀

  3. saideep nagineni

    please help me to get out of this dilemma………….
    ——should i prefer # Dell inspiron i7559-2512blk or Dell 7559 for gaming……….
    hope i could get the answer in quick…….please…………..

  4. jk hk

    You need to make a updated video we want the video

  5. kronos

    Can the acer v15 nitro run Rainbow Six Siege at 60-75 fps at high?

  6. maczhaber

    can you make a review for samsung odessy 15 and 17 incges thank you

  7. Aryan Dubey

    Can you please do a 2017 REFRESH🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. techyrock

    its too bad you didnt add HP Omen 1st gen with gtx960 it would have been great addition to competition

  9. Laurenz

    A little too late for the comment but I have a Dell Inspiron 7447, Dual Core i5, 4GB VRAM GTX 850 and playing the less demanding game like Overwatch in High setting gives me plugged in game fps of 60-100. How is that so?
    Will these budget laptops give me more than what I have right now?

  10. el_Mutant

    Ur totally sweet the way you explain…✌

  11. Martin

    I love how you're just like "Alright I don't like any of these trackpads" I just lost it there. I've been to like everyr retailer in Adelaide and tried every single windows they got in store, and I now know what it feels like to have a GOOD trackpad. No one does it better than Mac, that's the truth, the Mac is so uniform and evenly pressurized, i.e. the top corners aren't harder than the bottom. I personally hate 90% of windows trackpads.

  12. TheHighPriestess

    Where are people getting Clevos with bad build quality? My 2014 Sager NP7358/Clevo W350ss is still holding up fine in 2017. Came with an i7-4710MQ, GTX 860M, 8gb RAM, and 1TB HDD and I've upgraded it to 2x1TB 7200rpm HDD's in RAID 0, a 120gb Samsung 850 EVO, and a 32gb mSATA SSD dedicated to ChromeOS (much snappier OS and the fan never spins up while running it, great for YouTube binging) over the years and it runs RS6 Siege and GTA V on high settings no problem.

  13. Tarantado

    If these laptops doesn't have a removable battery, its pretty much useless for me. Because i am not gonna play a game with laptop with the battery draining instantly and can't be remove and just plug the laptop without the battery on it.

  14. Andi De Jesus

    I would really like to know the best laptop for Autocad and Sketch Up 🙂 i hope you respond

  15. Hi Dave! You really do a great job with your channel. I need your opinion, please answer this question: Our company works with a high data and 3d graphics demand programs like Autodesk Recap, Civil 3D, Remake, which we use to generate Civil Engineering products from drone and laser scanner. We use desktop workstations, but we can´t transport easily this equipment to show the job to our clients. Do you think that gaming laptops can make a good job in 3D modeling? We like you to do a video about affordable laptops which can do a good job with 3D modeling and high datasets. Thanks!!

  16. TeaMoo

    Saw this video after I bought my asus. I'm happy it's in the top 5

  17. SereSkies

    my laptop is the Acer Aspire vn7-592g-7744.
    i7-6700hq @3.2 Ghz
    gtx 960m 4gb @1336 Mhz
    2TB HDD
    128 GB SSD
    16GB ddr4 @3200 Mhz

    I only got it 4 months ago, and just last night, I was playing rust with my friends when my laptop suddenly shut off. I tried turning it back on but it didn't do anything. I tried everything from using a different powrr source to going all the way into the laptop, unplugging the battery, oressing the power button for e0 seconds, then plugging the battery back in, but nothing worked. My laptop was fine before that and nothing really seemed like anything was wrong. I think it's just my specific product, and idk what to do about it ;(

  18. i need a laptop with about 1500 that games well but is slim qnd has a nice build quality ,any ideas??

  19. I bought the acer v15 today , because i need a powerful laptop for my studies
    I installed some games and the performance is awesome ! 😀 im so happy

  20. Abdullah Safdar

    All are grx 1050 but i wana gtx 1060 laptop without g sync and only 1080p monitor nothing else

  21. Useless Cause

    I wanted a laptop that was not the latest build but still pretty good and upgradeable. This helped a lot! I enjoy your videos and the way in which you voice both pros and cons.

  22. Natcha K

    can u review acer gaming laptop with cool design and under 1000 bucks ?

  23. Shivansh Kumar

    You call 100 dollar machines as budget laptops?? how much rich do you think I am? -_-


    please make a videi over dell gaming 5577 with i5 7th gen…..please make telling about it

  25. Liezel

    2 years ago, I watched your vids and bought a Dell i7559 laptop. Revisiting your channel now with the same laptop I bought 2 years ago and completely satisfied. Cheers!

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