You are currently viewing Top 5 – Best 15″ Gaming Laptops (Mid 2016)

Top 5 – Best 15″ Gaming Laptops (Mid 2016)

The best 15″ gaming laptops of 2016. Including the Acer Predator 15, MSI GS60, Aorus X5S, Razer Blade, Alienware 15, Asus GL502, XPS 15

Acer Predator 15 –
MSI GS60 –
Aorus X5S –
Razer Blade –
Alienware 15 –
ASUS GL502 –
Dell XPS 15 –

Laptop Skins –

Individual Reviews:
Predator 15 –
MSI GS60 –
Razer Blade –
Asus GL502 –
XPS 15 –

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  1. Hugo .G

    Can you do a 2017 edition of this comparaison please Dave =) I search a new laptop since some weeks and I'm don't find the near perfect one.

  2. ADNL F1127

    ok i get it it's a best laptop no a cheap laptop

  3. 빅베어

    Dave could you plz do this video again with best Gaming laptops from 2017?


    Hey I just bought a dell inspiron 15 3000 series model 3567. Intel i3 CPU and 6gb of ram ………but it has a intel gpu ……… PLEASE what are ways that I can make this laptop faster and increase performance?

  5. Nik S

    I'm looking into the Razer Blade this year because of it's aesthetics. Gaming wise, I will only be playing light games like Pay Day 2, Unturned, Borderlands 1,2, etc. and maybe CoD. Would the Blade be able to run all these at decent graphics?

  6. LoL XD

    I wish dell make xps 17 with gtx 1070/1060 🙁 to beat 15 inch dongle book pro!!! Who agrees?

  7. Felix Wijnberg

    the best looking gaming laptops are the xps 15, razer stealth and the aorus

  8. sara

    if its about the money its easy sell one of your kidneys it's not like you need two x)

  9. Ok thanks for the video now I know what starter gaming laptop I should get I'm going with the acer predator so thanks for giving me a clear Decision on what laptop to buy

  10. lun1r

    he is likethe jesus of laptops

  11. Ry B

    I don't think this is top 5… This is top 7.

  12. prince g

    please help in africa there i can't buy anything like that can you send me one of those that u already used it please help

  13. edwinv

    Wtf!!!! The Alienware 15 it is now on Amazon at 500 dolars!!!!! Wtg

  14. ge3qz

    waiting for the 2017 list. 😀

  15. Dustin

    Why is it gtx with m not gtx 1050 ti or 60?

  16. Tectonicimp

    I got the same Alienware with a 4K touch screen for 1,250$

  17. There are just too many high end gaming laptops! ROG was my first my choice, then opted to Alienware, then DELL 7567..finally got confused! Ive been watching your reliable reviews for weeks now, this is the verdict video, and Im going for ACER Predator 15! buying it weeks from now. Thank you Dave! your REVIEWS are by far the BEST!!! Helps me finally decide which device to buy:)

  18. SupMyDawg81

    Can you do an update on this kind of video for 2018 . Mostly looking at the razor blade pro , Alienware and Acer Helios 300

  19. nomercy8989

    I'm glad I bought my Alienware 15 back in 2016. It's still alive and kicking in late 2020 and I can play most of new games with good graphics and performance.

  20. Sou_Desu

    I just realized how very 2000s these look like

  21. RazeRTX

    These laptops are great.Thank you!

  22. sasinmo

    In 2022 you can get a 700 dollar laptop and be 70% better at gaming.

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