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Top 5 Free Mac Apps You Should Be Using! (2017)

These are the best Apps for your MacBook, iMac or Mac Pro in 2017.
MacBook Pro –

Free Apps:
Onyx –
Appcleaner –
F.Lux –
Unarchiver –
Copy Clip –

Paid Apps:
Duplicate Finder –
dupeGuru (free) –
DaisyDisk –
Grand Perspective (free) –
Disk Inventory (free) –
AirMail3 –
Pixelmator –
Affinity Photo –
GIMP (free) –

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  1. Dave2D

    These are my favorite free apps for Macs right now. There are probably a bunch of apps you guys love that didn't make the list like Alfred 3 (I'm just not a fan of it).
    But if there are other cool apps you think should have made the list, let me know. I'm always looking for more!

  2. RVP Email

    Please do ANTI-VIRUS TOPIC for Mac. Do you use it? If not, why not? If you do, which one do you recommend… Thank you!

  3. ridgero

    Dave, you are so straight forward, thank you!

  4. strystyl

    Could you do an update to this video for 2019?

  5. Paul McAllister

    Nice video. Do you have a good Finder alternative that you like? Something that feels like Windows Explorer?

  6. Cole Osner

    Hello, fellow Mac users.
    I wanted to share a little utility I found that I thought is really useful. It creates a collapsible section in your menu bar and allows you to put icons inside of it. This hides the icons and creates a way neater look IMO. I can't stand it when there are too many icons in the menu bar. I don't know why Apple doesn't let you remove these natively. Anyway, check it out with this link:
    It's free which is nice as well.

  7. Regex

    1. Bootcamp
    2. Bootcamp
    3. Bootcamp
    4. Bootcamp
    5. Bootcamp

  8. Randall Huleva

    So this video is great Dave, but as of 2019/08/07 it is getting a little be “dated”. So…I am curious if your recommendation of AirMail still holds now that they have added a subscription pricing plan?

    ai have always liked this app because of the massive amount of built-in actions and its ability to integrate with other apps in seamless workflows, but since the subscription announcement it has been catching a lot of negative reaction online.

    I have been considering switching to AirMail but I’m just curious what your thoughts about it are at this point in time?

  9. Jordi Hoven

    Searched all over the interwebs for Appcleaner. I knew i've seen it in a youtube video. Thanks for existing Dave <3

  10. Ryan Longacre

    Even after 3 years some of the items on here are key apps to have. Thanks Dave

  11. UnderTheSun

    Bought a new MacBook m1. looking for your recommendation on the best free utilities!

  12. Brandon Albillar

    What about for video editing Dave I have the 2017 MacBook Air I don’t wanna spend a whole lot monthly is there any free apps I can use that are good

  13. SKY HIGH

    Dave can you update this list with the new m1 macs 🙃

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