Top 5 Free Windows Apps You Should Be Using! (2017)

These are the best free apps for Windows in 2017! Update: OBS apparently does support multi-stream. I’m just dumb =)
XPS 15 –

Free Apps:
Avast –
Ditto –
F.Lux –
IObit Uninstaller –
Notepad++ –

More Free Apps:
Discord –
HitFilm –
Resolve –
GIMP – –
HW Info –

Music Credits:
Intro: Matanoll – Clearness (Robotaki Remix)
Background: Fili – Flawless Victory

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  1. Dave2D

    OBS supports Multi stream =) My bad

  2. Alen Joy Joseph

    I loved this video. so much information for a new user like me. Even after 3 years, I find apps you suggested very easy.

  3. Inter guy

    rlly? Garbage stuff like AVG and Avast is listed here too wtf

  4. Thank you very much. Somehow I got 'search powered by yahoo' in my pc. I tried many ways to remove it, but nothing worked. IObit uninstaller did it. Thanks for posting this.

  5. Eric P

    Can you do an updated version for 2020

  6. J's Channel

    anti virus programs always annoying af not using that shit just stick with windows defender

  7. J's Channel

    luckily theres an integrated clipboard manager now. just press ⊞ Win + V

  8. J's Channel

    can i monitor and protocol my internet speeds with a hardware monitor? i dont know how it is in the us but in my country I can basically force my ISP to lower the cost of my internet service plan if I can proof that the actual internet speed is most of the time drastically lower than the speeds advertised

  9. Aakarsh12

    I was trying to Pirate Rush and Photoshop but they are too slow on my Celeron with 2GB RAM so I decided to go with HitFILM for my YouTube Channel although… Its a bit different. I was very used to the Rush and Photoshop interface even with the massive lags… But this is free so… Can't really complain. Updates on time without needing to pirate is good,
    Unfortunately I can't see myself using anything but Photoshop.

  10. vivekh

    Hey Dave, we need an updated 2020/21 version of this video!

  11. M S

    Please do a 2020 video

  12. Steven Kusuman

    Here's my top 5 windows app: 010 Editor, WinDBG, Vagrant, VScode, Blender

  13. !?

    Yeah if you are not stupid you won't need an antivirus and antiviruses also lower your performance, so yeah…

  14. Atish Aryadeo

    thanks @davelee learned new things defiantly starting working on the 4 app from the bottom , thanks for the video . peace

  15. Jason Jin

    Oh you can use Win + V either to see the copied history

  16. DO NOT download Iobit uninstaller, its a Chinese program and gathers data about you 24/7 + slowing down low end PCs, download Revo Uninstaller instead. the UI is not as good but its 100 times better and lighter than iobit

  17. Neutrino Tech

    I already know about all these apps except HW info so I installed it.

  18. Mahir Vuppula

    Dave in 2017 saying discord is a specialised app and now it's used more than all of the apps in this video combined

  19. Hi Dave,
    You should have listed BRAVE browser. Its really good and focuses on your privacy. One cool thing about it, is you dont have to watch add while watching YouTube videos. Try it

  20. Rodrigo Ambriz

    The OBS AND Discord recomendations have aged pretty darn good

  21. Ketan Jadhav

    Can you please make an update version (2021) of this !

  22. Rishabh Rawat

    You can use Windows key + V instead of Ditto. It is the inbuilt clipboard

  23. Sami

    Need a new video 2021 version!

  24. Abhishek Singh

    Its funny to watch this in 2021 because every feature is built in

  25. William Duncan

    you shouldn't be using Windows in the first place. if you want a pleasant, smooth, bug-free, and fast OS then just get a Linux distro. I recommend Ubuntu. ubuntu is faster, lighter and more advanced than windows. it also has a better UI and is more intuitive. as a matter of fact, the French gendarmerie (100k policemen) prefer ubuntu because of how easy it is to use and integrate. if policeman can figure it out, then you too can and I promise you using the scary terminal (what a false stereotype for Linux) is not required at all for everyday use. + you actually get security (let's not talk about how windows defender is a joke) out of the box. enjoy!

    oh and also it's open-source so it's free and is better maintained than crappy proprietary MS-DOS shit code you find in things like windows 11

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