Top 50 UPCOMING Games Announced Last Year [4K]

Turns out a LOT of new game releases and release dates were announced throughout 2022 for 2023 and beyond. Let’s talk about …


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  1. Brian Luckus

    I want to see a Greedfall series on Netflix or something.

  2. Bamf

    not a single game here im interested in 🙁

  3. Krisztian Toth

    I just has to stop the video after 40s. How can you say that this game looks really cool?!(Showa american story) Literally looks like a mobile game 😀

  4. QuarterPie

    I feel like you guys owe avp extinction a video after that no alien rts comment lol. jk

    avp extinction is a sick rts tho.

  5. git gud

    I would also like to add Judas to the list. A new game made by the creators of Bioshock is pretty hype to me.

  6. Jarrod Heffron

    Was definitely interested to see if they put NCAA football on here but, couldn't remember when it was exactly announced. Or if it even deserved to be on here given EAs recent reputation. 😂

  7. Joe Denby

    Sons of the Forest, Hogwarts Legacy, Frostpunk 2 and Starfield should have been on this list imo

  8. Andrea Annibal

    50 games in 24 minutes…a fantastic overview. Happy to hear your excitement for some games ahahah.

  9. Ant Collins

    Crash Rumble will most likely be a homage to Crash Bash, which was a great local multiplayer game on ps1, similar to Mario Party.

  10. Ben Smith

    "Physiologically unstable" isnt a phrase ….

  11. Ben Smith

    Only 10 percent of people own a pc more powerful than a ps5 .. the pc master race doesn't even exist hahaha 😆 😂

  12. T.B O.E

    Assassins creed is such a milked franchise. Lol 3 games in a row as if we haven't had enough already.

    They even take perfectly good premises and shoehorn the assassins creed shit into them like Vikings. It's tiring.

  13. fenixswords

    Excuse you, but how could you forget Hellblade 2: Senua's Saga? I really believe you should have mention it…

  14. MyFaceIsMyShield

    It wouldn't be called hex if it was Salem… I would assume it happens in Germany, not America…

  15. JSBQ

    Hopefully Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden could be a bit of a spiritual successor to Vampyr considering the developer and the premise

  16. Raiyan Asaral

    Still no love for suikoden? Wasn't announced for this year?

  17. Jianichie

    You had me worried you wouldn't mention a title until 2. So glad you're shining the light on that game.

  18. Randall Silver

    I hear a loooot of "both Playstations" here, despite Sony saying 2023 was the year they would finally focus on the PS5…

  19. ProductHuman

    Fire Emblem latest games are visually degenerated and its the reason why i simply dont care for them anymore.

  20. Hiro Protagonist

    Face Palm I remember when you used to get a release date for a game and more times than not, that date was accurate. Now all we get are “release date unknown” for 8 to 12 years before a game is finally released.

  21. Zazz Roy

    Gameranx not mentioning skull & bones ☠️

  22. SolSacrifice

    I'm so sick of almost everything being an exclusive. I get why they do it but fuck me, just let everyone, regardless of the platform, buy and enjoy the game.

  23. SolSacrifice

    Blight has no reason to be PC only, come one Christ…Also, wtf… Why is Greedfall 2 only PC? That makes zero sense.

  24. Excypher

    Surprise to see mentions of final fantasy here and there but wasn’t ffxvi supposed to be this year??

  25. Poefkool

    Where is final fantasy 7 remake part 2??

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