Top 8 New Features of Apple Watch Series 8!

Apple Watch Series 8 is now available. Here are the best new features of the latest Apple Watch. For more features, check out everything new in watchOS 9!

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Chapters ➡
0:00 Intro
0:04 No Nike version
0:35 Crash detection
1:20 S8 Chip
2:03 Dust resistance
2:30 Bluetooth 5.3
3:10 Temperature sensors
3:42 New colors

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This Post Has 18 Comments

  1. Jadey_babe

    I just purchased mine but here in Australia we don’t get it til Oct 5th. So had to watch a video on how it is. Thank you very helpful

  2. B

    It detects if I have ever been in an accident? 😀 Cool!

  3. David Jacobs

    They should have brought back the Space Black in the stainless steel version to match the Space Black iPhone 14 Pro.Surprised they went with Graphite again when they have ditched the colour in the Pro iPhones.

  4. Andres Rojas

    I received my Series 8 in Silver today. Loving the bigger screen and always on display. It also feels super snappy and responsive. Can’t wait to go to the gym to test the new features.

  5. Glad M. Perez

    I’m supposed to get my new series 8 this week and I can’t wait. Ordered the gold stainless 45mm with Milanese loop. Excellent video!

  6. Streamlined

    Didn’t Apple start advertising the dust resistance with the Series 7? I remember at the 2021 keynote the video of the mountain biker falling into the dust.

  7. g405t

    Watch movie with loud car crash…..will it trigger car crash….jk

  8. LogiicP

    Still didn’t comprehend how the first feature mentioned is having all Nike faces is any different on this watch than my series 6?

  9. twitchster77

    Apple Watch…now with period tracking!
    /HYPE /HYPE!!!

  10. Anthony Burke

    Apple Watch series 8 doesn't have bluetooth 5.3. It still have 5.0, as does the new SE. Only the Watch Ultra have bluetooth 5.3.

  11. Mickey Garcia

    Probably the only thing useful here is crash detection. But I find fall detection a lot more useful. 😊

  12. Anav Mahajan

    There is literally no difference between series 8 and 7 apart from crash detection (and temp sense). Most of the features you talked about are present in the series 7. I don’t get how’s it’s a new features list. Series 7 is IPX6 certified btw (for dust resistance).

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