Top Tech I Use – Spring 2018

Check out my favorite tech products I’m using in Spring 2018 – My everyday carry / backpack gear
Laptop and Phone Skins –
AWESOME Pencil –
8 Dollar Knife –
SUPER Cables –

Mouse –
Drive –
Blue Drive –
H7 Headphones –
Tiny USB Drive –
Chapter Knife –
Blue Books –
Pixel 2 XL –
XPS 15 –
MBP 13 –
Anker Battery –
Cote&Ciel Backpack –

Camera –

Fili – Pressing Forward

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  1. Dave2D

    Busy with work this week but made a quick video to show you the stuff I'm using these days. Thanks for your eyeballz =)

  2. Dylan Mouton

    Hi I have been trying to contact you in every way but can’t get through to you. I just wanted to hear if it’s possible you can donate a old 2015,2016,2017 MacBook Pro 15”. I have started to study my Business Management degree in Namibia, Africa and I don’t have a laptop. I would really appreciate it and be honored. I have a single mom and don’t want to put that financial stress in her to buy a MacBook for me as they are very expensive.


    You haven't told us which mice and camera do you use for you tube

  4. Viki Viknesh

    Can you donate me an iPhone Xs please, I’ve always wanted to use one 😓

  5. Habu Ya

    Love your videos! Made me spit out my coffee when I saw your RED Scarlet camera. That's a beautiful piece of equipment, but isn't that kinda like bringing a bazooka to a water gun fight? The resolution on that thing is overkill for a youtube video? Plus, it's RED, not blue. LOL. Keep up the great content. Thanks.

  6. Kenneth

    "I like small knives. I just have them around." You are lethal, Dave LOL.

    You should've used them when Tim Apple visited upon your MacBook Pro 2019 review.

    You could've been the hero who saved Apple.

  7. Aditya Thaker

    A fucking logical tech pack dude
    ……like i don't need fucking 4 phines and a switch three laptops all the cables cameras and all the flagship items from every company gosh

  8. Roopan

    I have an Samsung Galaxy S10 and a MacBook Pro 2018 and they work well for me no complaints.

  9. J da poet :3

    Thief : let‘s rob Dave
    Dave every videos: i have tons of knife in my backpack

  10. Smort Boi

    Everybody else: Gerber is meant for babies

    Me, an intellectual: GERBER 🔪 KNIFE 🔪

  11. Arizus

    top tech i use


  12. Allen M

    Are you doing one of these videos for 2019?

  13. I'm an android user. Was using windows, decided to try mac. Going 1 week and happy.

  14. alberto cabrera

    I have always used an android phone with my MacBook Pro. I have never owned a iPhone and I am a Mac user since 86.

  15. gamer device

    mac os with android is strange because whoever can afford macbook buys iphone :d

  16. Racka N

    What's weird to me is the number of iOS/Windows users is larger than iOS/MacOS users

  17. Miral

    it's March 2020 , almost how about another one

  18. Ry

    I just realized, this video was the first time i’ve seen the homepod with the cable removed 💀

  19. Apple is hardware company so they will focus more on hardware, siri is not just much important for apple, Google is service, software and search engine company so they focus more on searching stuff and services so they give huge importance to Google assistant.

  20. paul

    You should do an update

  21. Hamster_Explorer

    You're not a loser, you're a blue-ser !
    (JK, I like blue too. Blue is awesome!)

  22. AbhiEncoded

    Just in case if you don’t know
    I like blue too
    U don’t believe me?
    Just look at me channels logo

  23. i have Xiaomi mi 9 lite and, 2012 Macbook pro 13" non retine (upgraded). I found the way file transfering, and some wifi remote for VLC or whole computer. Before Xİaomi, i had Xperia X same setup Android /Macos. I had Hp pavillion 2011 to 2015 and Xperia Z3c. Perfect setup for me Android/MacOs. I can still use google SMS an Whatsapp or smt. I do not think iphone change my occasion a lot. And for computer i pay 1000 or 2000 dolars but i wont do that for a phone.

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