Top Tech Trends at CES 2024 featuring MSI Claw, XREAL, ASUS Tessen, Minisforum, and Lenovo

[Music] hey everyone Joey here I was just in Las Vegas for CES last week and I got to spend time with a lot of great content creators like Russ from retro gamecore Rob the Retro Tech dad stubs zoo and H from the Retro handhelds team and their writers in Raven and rocket and we had a great time just browsing CES seeing all of the cool things that are coming the MSI claw being one big one but it was fun and I want to share in this video what I saw and what I liked and just give you an idea of what’s coming now before all that if you’re curious what I brought my first handheld was the steam deck OLED and my second handheld was the retroid pocket flip of course now I was a little bit ambitious I had loaded up my steam Deck olded with a ton of different games I had balers gate Dave the diver triangle strategy octopath traveler 2 and so much more more and I got ambitious because as soon as I landed on the plane I fell asleep and I never actually got a chance to really play any of those games besides Celeste while I was at the Airbnb so this failed on me a little bit because I really wanted to play a lot of it while I was there and just never got the chance but I was able to play a lot of my retroid pocket flip and for the main reason that we were at a Barcade and Russ and a were playing Metal Slug on the Pandora box and they were able to beat two different games Metal Slug one and X I think and I just watched and I was like I really want to play and then the next day I spent beating meow slug one two and a and I’m working on three right now so those were the two systems or two handhelds that I brought those were the games I played I wish I had more time to play them but let’s get into why I didn’t so before all that one booth that I did visit was ug green and they’re actually today’s video video sponsor ug green had a booth with awesome products on display and they also sent me two cool ones that I think would be great for anyone looking for a dock this is the revo doc Pro 313 and it’s a 13 in1 dock with everything that you need two HDMI ports a display port a 10 GB pers second USBC 3.2 Gen 2 port and two 10 GB pers second usba 3.2 Gen 2 ports two 5 GB pers second usba a 3.0 ports 100 W PD charging port 3 1/2 mimet audio port gigaby ethernet and even an SD card reader you can even do triple displays the files transfer over at speeds of up to 10 GB per second which is just absurd this is like the Rolls-Royce of docks and I don’t know what else you would need for a second option they also sent me over this 10 in1 do called the revo do pro 210 which also has two HDMI ports a 5 GB pers second USBC port a usba 3.0 Port 100 wat PD charging gigabit Ethernet and an SD card reader again this will do dual monitors at 4K 60 or a single monitor at 8K 30 and it also has file transfer speeds of up to 5 GB per second this is an awesome budget dock alternative but if for some reason neither of these are for you then check out all of the other awesome products they have from charging to cables to anything really that you need in the tech Spas check out the link in my description if you want to order either of these two docks from ugreen oh and I guess there is a lot of other companies that I visited as well so let’s take a look at them and we’re going to start with my favorite one which was MSI with the MSI claw The Claw is msi’s new windows handheld and it’ll be releasing in a few months with three different SKS it’s using Intel chips and it starts at $699 Naturally being a device that looks like my favorite Windows device the rlg Ally I gravitated quickly to this you might be thinking it’s just a black covered Ally but it’s a lot different in my opinion for one despite it being 60 G heavier in weight the claw actually feels a bit lighter than the Ally they’ve done some magic with distrib in the weight and it shows the comfort and ergonomics were topnotch as well I found it to be extremely comfortable to hold and I could see myself using it for extended periods of time the sticks felt good but not as good as the Ally and it’s the exact same thing with the actual face buttons the shoulder buttons are mushy and don’t feel that great however I did find out after that the shoulders will not be mushy in the final product so we’ll keep an eye on that the triggers are are fine but also not as good as the Ally the display is 120 HZ vrr display and it’s fantastic to see and it follows allies lead for that it’s also using a large 53w hour battery which is bigger than the one that’s in the Ally which is a 40 watt the MSI rep that I spoke to said we should expect 2 hours of battery life at 35 Watts with this device and that’s a bit of an outrageous claim that I can’t verify until I get one in my hands the big news with this device is the Intel Core Ultra 7 processor 155h but the other skew uses the Ultra 5 this is exciting to me as it’s a new chip that we just haven’t benchmarked before meaning we don’t really know the complete performance for emulation or otherwise I can tell you that I played a little bit of Assassin’s Creed Mirage on it at the booth and parts of it felt good but others did not Mirage is kind of a terrible showcase game though as it does have stutter issues on even a good PC when I play it on my actual PC so it’s hard to know if what I was seeing was the game or the device performance and that sort of goes into my final thoughts for this and that’s basically that I need to wait until I have it actually in my hands to make any sort of final decision or anything like that I will say that from everything that I did see I’m actually super excited and interested in this but as always going to temper expectations and just wait till it’s in my hands before anything else my second favorite thing was AR glasses and we’re going to start with the xreal Air 2 Ultras which if you watched my vit 1 review you know that I’m actually really interested in AR glasses so I’m excited to see if I like the X reels a little bit better and first off the bat I have to say they were really impressive albeit they’re really expensive at $699 they’re using a new spatial technology where you can actually use your hands and pinch things that you see in the glasses to select menu items among other things the glasses themselves were actually quite comfortable and I like them a lot in comparison to the V ones they showed these glasses working with everything steam decks Ally other devices and really the only hangup that I have right now is the actual price as well as the fact that basically everybody is just really in AR glasses for example Asus had the air Vision M1 glasses and I was able to try those out and they were actually super cool as well they let you zoom out the screen which was a complaint that I had with the vites that you couldn’t do that and also if you’re using a PC you could have as much as eight screens up and you can toggle between them or just look from one to the other no price yet for those but I’d imagine it’s probably going to be the same price or close to the X res the funny thing is I was able to play a little bit of the PlayStation VR 2 with the Ghostbusters game while I was there and it was my first time using VR since the psvr 1 and the Vive so it’s been a really long time I have to say the AR glasses are infinitely more exciting than the VR ones were to me but it’s awesome that we have options and we have all these companies coming out with different things that we can try and decide which ones for us speaking of Asus and moving on into my third favorite thing there’s the ASUS tessin mobile controller and it’s a telescopic controller for your phone now everybody knows that I love my game vice flax but since they don’t make it anymore I’ve been on the lookout for replacement and I think this might be it it can fold up which is awesome and it also makes inserting the phone so much easier but also it works with phone cases my s23 ultra fit nicely inside of it even with a case it has a nice ergonomic design with the bottoms flaring outwards USB pass through charging RGB lighting and the buttons d-pad and sticks all feel great they said this should retail at around $100 which is a great price for this and honestly I’m super excited to get one we could use a good option for telescopic controllers lastly Asus had the best swag out of everybody with this rlg Ally pillow I just absolutely love this thing it is fantastic and I know you’re jealous you can’t get one it’s just for me I am going to just cherish this thing forever because it is just so awesome and I wish that other companies would do fun things like this because it was just cool to see they even put little Nubs on here and they’re just little fuzzy Nubs this is this is awesome this was worth the whole trip just for this thing now next up is something that I can’t actually show you because we’re just not allowed but it’s the mini Forum 14in tablet and I’m just going to read the specs off my screen so if you see me looking down that’s what it is but it’s a 2560 x600 p screen and that’s a 16 by10 aspect ratio there’s the latest ryzen chip in it which they told us but I can’t exactly tell you what it is 28 watt TDP 50w hour battery and it also has a USB 4 port for external GPU support one really cool thing about it is it actually has HDMI in as well as HDMI out which is not something that I’ve seen before on a tablet that I can remember because of course this is running Windows and not Android or anything like that this is a fullblown PC with some awesome specs but something else that was really cool that I can show you is the Mini PC that they had and I know you’re already groaning but just hold on a second it’s the size of my palm and it has a 7840 U inside 32 GB of RAM and so many different ports this was actually super cool to see and to see so much power in such a small little device and it’s retailing for $619 honestly I would love to get one of those in and I’m petitioning to get one of those in because at the very least having something that small all with that much power is just awesome imagine just bringing that around with you you could just pocket it you could put it in your sling bag and your computer’s just on the go with you compared to a big tablet or something like that it’s just awesome last on my list was the Lenovo thinkbook egpu enclosure I’ve been wanting to convert to an egpu solution with a handheld forever and I’m really hoping we start seeing more handheld with oculink ports because if I find one that I like this might be the egpu enclosure to buy it has a full oculink pcie 4×4 port and the usual HDMI display port and USBC it’s a beast with an aluminum shell and it fits even the largest cards from what I recall there’s actually a 1200 W power supply inside as well which is just crazy I don’t know what the price of this Beast is yet but I’m super excited to see it when it releases one other cool thing from Lenovo that’s just way out of my price range but awesome to see was their hybrid tablet this is called the thinkbook hybrid and let me blow your mind a bit it’s a twoin one tablet and keyboard except when you pull the tablet off it’s running Android and when you connect it to the keyboard it’s running Windows so it’s two different operating systems each of them are running their own specs but they also share storage the tablet is a Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 14in OLED 38w hour battery and 12 GB of RAM the windows keyboard part is an ultra 7 processor 32 GB of RAM and a 75w hour battery honestly I just keep looking at it and trying to justify buying one because while the price does make sense for the tech that’s included at $2,000 this is a really tough sell for normal people I think the best part about this is I can’t wait for an affordable option to show up in maybe a year or two from somebody else or even Lenovo and then we’ll have a good idea of what that looks like but honestly it’s a really cool thing to just have Android and then dock it get Windows because that’s a use case that I could use I could see myself using Windows when I wanted to just use it as a laptop pull out the tablet and now it’s just a screen for me to watch movies on TV shows bring with me on a trip that sort of thing so it’s an awesome use case and I’m really excited to see more of this as a wrap up I have to say that the best part about CEs was the friends made along the way we all shared an Airbnb we went to the Barcade other high Jinx and Su that I can’t even share and it was just awesome meeting everybody and for some a little bit behind the scenes information on some of those content creators Russ from retro gamecore still uses jokes from the ’90s Rob the Retro Tech dad has the absolute best laugh I’ve ever heard and then we get into the Retro handhelds team and we have stubs who’s apparently a hugger an awesome just an awesome guy all around I have a who’s going for the sexiest man alive look and then you have Zoo which if you’ve watched any of Zoo’s videos zoo is basically the exact same person that zoo is in those videos no difference then you have the writing team with Raven who could bring the the whole house down with his snoring and then you have rocket who’s the calm silent type who just flows with everything and then there was Bill but we don’t talk about Bill honestly I’m super excited that I was able to go and I’m excited for next year as well to spend time with the same group of guys it’s awesome that we live in a space with collaborating content creators so we’re all trying to get everybody to succeed and sharing tips and tricks and all of that sort of thing and it was just awesome spending time with everybody that’s going to be it for this one don’t forget to like and sub to help the channel grow and hope you all have a good [Music] one

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03:44 – MSI’s Claw Handheld
06:34 – AR Glasses (XREAL, ASUS)
08:28 – ASUS Tessen Mobile Controller
09:58 – Minisforum
11:42 – Lenovo eGPU + Hybrid
14:04 – Wrap Up

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    It looks like you had fun. I have a question about the UGreen docks (I watched the whole segment so if I missed the answer it's because I'm dumb, not lazy) and that is do they support Android phone video out? Samsung DEX, for example. Some docks that support PCs don't support Android, for whatever reason. I don't own a PC and short of winning a random giveaway I likely won't be getting one this year. Android รผber alles!

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    The MinisForum EM780, did they say what the max TPD was?

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