Transform AetherSX2/NetherSX2 PS2 Emulation Into an Incredible Experience! Unleash 60FPS, High Definition Textures, Wide and Ultrawide Screen Support, and Cheats!

[Music] hey everyone and welcome back to Joey’s retro handhelds so with devices like the Ayn Odin 2 and other new Android handhelds that have the power of the Sun in your hand we can now do some pretty cool things with PlayStation 2 emulation and with Aether sx2 or nether sx2 or whatever you’re using in this guide I’m going to go over how you can enable 60fps patches for some supported PS2 games upgrade some games with HD texture packs enable widescreen patches enable Ultra wide patches for some other games and also use cheats I wouldn’t call this a beginners tutorial by any stretch of the imagination and you’ll need to have some familiarity with Android ather sx2 and computers but I’ll do my best to make this easy for anybody keep in mind as well that any of these additions could break your game and your save I take no responsibility for your game or your saves breaking you’ve been warned first up is 60fps patches there’s an awesome posting on the pcsx2 forums with a bunch of 60fps codes that we’re going to use you’re also going to need a PC for this as we do need a program to convert those codes I’ll be using a Windows 11 PC here I don’t have any idea if it works on other operating systems I’m just not sure find the game that you want to apply a 60fps code to in the list and you want to match the serial code of the game you have to the game in the list if you open ather sx2 and then open the game then open the Aether sx2 menu by hitting the back button on your device or with the navigation bar you can click the I button top right and in the summary tab you’ll see the serial and CRC there as long as that serial matches the games on your list of codes you’re set next up you want to install pcsx2 C on your PC it’s just right down there at the bottom as a zip file unzip it and then open the dot jar file inside now clicking the link of the game you want to add the code for in the 60fps post it should take you to a post with some codes in it you want to copy all of those and then paste it into the left side of the pcsx 2ce program then just click convert at the bottom you should now see a new code on the right and that’s our DOT Panache code I think that’s how you say it but it’s pn a and we’ll be using that in ather sx2 start the game in ather sx2 and enter the ather sx2 menu again scroll down to patch codes and then add patch you can name it anything you want I’m just going to with 60fps then in the code body just write out the code from the pcsx2 CE [Music] [Music] program exit and restart the game head back to the patch codes menu and select enable patches and you can confirm that the patch is applied by checking the frame rate in the top right to show the frame rate it’s in app settings General tab scroll to show FPS next up is HD texture packs once again we’re going to be using an awesome website for this on a Google sites page find the game that you want using the navigation menu and then you want to click the link that’s in the thread column for the game that you want once again you want to confirm the serial number matches same way we did for the 60fps patch section each game is different some will have a download link right there in the first post and all you have to do is download that szip file but some will have it in a YouTube video and in that case you just have to go to the video and then check the description or the comments for the link but in all of the cases you should find a download link somewhere it’s like where’s Waldo for download links most of the time they’ll be in a7z file format which means that you do need szip from over to your device somehow there’s a few ways you can do this the easiest and obvious way is just connect your device via USB cable to your PC and make sure that your device’s screen stays on during the transfer or it’s going to cut out then just transfer the folder over to the internal storage downloads folder just makes it easy keep in mind that this transfer could take a long while it actually took me 30 minutes for the one that you’re seeing in this video if you don’t have your screen timeout set to 30 minutes before starting on your device you’ll want to do so or you could just sit there tapping the screen every few minutes to avoid it turning off then on your device we’re going to copy and paste that folder or move that folder whatever you prefer to the internal storage Android data XYZ athers x2. Android files textures [Music] folder I recommend using the app Solid Explorer file manager from the Google Play Store for this as you might have permission issues for other apps plus it helps with a dual screen layout to just transfer files easily once you’ve move the folder over open Aether sx2 head to settings graphics and turn on load texture Replacements and asynchronous texture replacement [Music] loading that’s it you’re done then we have widescreen patches and so we’re going to go into ather sx2 settings graphics and change the aspect ratio to 16 by9 [Music] then in the same area you can enable widescreen patches if there’s a community patch for widescreen it’ll work but not for every game also if you do it this way it’ll apply to every single game and so it’s not what we want you can test this out though if you open a game and then click the i in the top right which means per game settings and then for that specific game make those two setting changes that I talked about and see if it says that a community widescreen patch was applied it’ll tell you in the top left and if you’re happy with that you’re basically done but for those with phones and so ultrawide aspect ratios like 20x 9 21 by9 there’s another way head to the link in the description for a Google Drive download and there’s a repository of ultra wide screen patches here head to the region that your games are in so likely ntscu and then find the game folder for the game that you want inside of it you’ll see a panach file again that number that you see there is the CRC number of your game so remember how we checked the serial number earlier right below that is the CRC number so attach that to the game and the file that you have here download that Panache file to your device and then open the game in ather sx2 click the I icon top right for per game settings head to graphics and then set your aspect ratio to stretch and then you want to disable widescreen patches as well head back to the in-game menu and scroll down to patch codes then add patch and import the file you downloaded then head back into the menu and enable patches and you should be set last item on our fantastic make PS2 awesome menu is cheats the easiest of all of these to implement we’re going to be using the awesome website of and you’re going to search for the game that you want cheats for of course make sure the region of the game matches what you have and you can double check the serial once again if you like in the download section change format to pcsx2 panach and then click download you’re going to get a Panache file now open the game that you want to use cheats in in ather sx2 then open the in-game menu and head to patch codes then add patch and import that panach file head back in and enable patches you used to be able to just click a checkbox next to the patch codes that you want it enabled but that seems to be gone an alternative way to disable any cheats that you don’t want since enabling patches enables everything is to add two two forward slashes in front of any codes you don’t want you can do this by the edit patches menu in ather sx2 and then just add two forward slashes for any codes you don’t want and it’s easy to tell what the codes do because you can see the comment right above that’s going to be it for this the ultimate best most fantastic guide to making PS2 awesome on your Android device don’t forget to like and sub to help the channel grow and hope you all have a good one [Music]

In this video, we’re going to make PS2 emulation on Android awesome with AetherSX2’s ability to do 60FPS, HD Textures, Widescreen, Ultrawide, Cheats and more!

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  1. @StopBaizuo

    Unfortunately it seems that 60FPS patches works only with US version of the games

  2. @StopBaizuo

    I can't find the NetherSX2 folder inside Android/data.
    How is it possible?

  3. @StopBaizuo

    Taking Black as an example, I have the EUR version of the game, which has a different serial code: SLES-53886. Can I apply. the 60FPS even if the game's version is different?

  4. Amazing tutorial mate, the only one on YouTube being simple, explicative and that actually leave you with no doubts

  5. @thevoid5117

    So you can just automatically apply community wide screen patches, why can you not just also do that with cheats and 60fps codes etc without jumpingthrough hoops? I've noticed you can with some ps1 games (bugs bunny lost in time) just click enable patch codes and they are already there

  6. @robmalcolm8042

    I like streched and widescreen but have come to get used to 4:3. Its how they were designed and looks good.

  7. @anikkuru

    ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰You just got a royal follower ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰thanks for the video โคโคโค

  8. Dude all those games I'm using with 60fps patch..they load up with 60fps but after entering in game it turns down into 30fps..not more than that

  9. @nickentros

    Just ordered an Odin 2 after Nintendo decided to go after yuzu. This video is perfectly timed for me haha

  10. @Gh0styGames

    Where do i reach out for tech support ๐Ÿค  ODiN caught on fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ after hd. instructions unclear ๐ŸŽ‰ is it supposed to do that

  11. @jconklin789

    Is there a reason you transferred the HD textures to the download folder then moved it to textures? And not just copied straight over to the textures folder from the computer.

  12. @mattdavis9601

    This was an excellent tutorial. The part I found most useful is the ultra-wide patches. I'm an Android enthusiast. I want an RG556 or Odin, or even an Odin 2 if the money works out. However, for cost and performance reasons it's Android phone + a GameSir telescopic controller for PS2 emulation at the moment. My current best phone from a performance standpoint is straight out of 2018, so it still has a reasonably normal 18:9 screen aspect ratio. Its replacement definitely won't though. This tutorial will help me make that a non-issue.

    I'm mildly triggered by "Burnout Revenge" having two 16:9 widescreen patches. It should not need any patches as it had a native widescreen option (well, anamorphic) from Day 1! Haha. On a serious note; I no longer have B.R. installed so I can't test it myself without a lengthy download, are the patches better than the native widescreen solution?

    It's 3:50AM and I'm up watching Youtube. What am I doing with my life? At least I'm watching high quality content, so I've got that going for me. I'm going to be completely useless at work tomorrow, moreso than usual. Maybe the weather man will actually get one right and those tornados he's been hyping to smack us this evening will actually hit. Then I won't have to worry about no sleep. It looks and sounds like a warzone outside from all the lightning and thunder. We used to never get thunderstorms in February. We've had multiple this year. It's weird and kind of unnerving. Something is definitely wrong with the atmosphere.

  13. @kwokttwai7264

    Hope can make SEGASATURN Game Daytona USA have HD & 60fps, Ori version only 20fps >_<

  14. @colorpunk7522

    How well do you think this would work on the lower end games for the rp3+

  15. @KiyoCabessa

    LIked and suscribed, thanks a lot for the tips and the hard work ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. @psykomatik

    Hello! Great guide man, thanks! How do you copy paste the codes from a PC to the Odin 2 though?

  17. @vinodford1448

    Ima do all this on another PS2 Emulator Called Darkluar – Cosmic-Station Not Aethersx2-Nethersx2 cause itโ€™s unfinished

  18. I am just waiting for the (im)moral people who find using cheats codes to be an abomination and blasting negatively at us mortals who โค using cheats.

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