Transform Your TV With The Lytmi Fantasy 3 Kit!

Transofrm your TV into an ambilight TV that also supports HDMI 2.1 using the incredible Fanatasy 3 sync box from Lytmi!


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  1. Phil Hurndall

    Ordered and paid for mine 3 weeks ago now, havent heard anything from this company and still waiting for my order. Not a single email or update whether im receiving my package or not.

  2. Jeff Philippe

    Just install my fantasy 3 and really desappintingthe cec function was really cheap, impossible to switch between source when i woke up à source. Lytmi told me the source must be off and not in stand by, but the Philips hue sync box (3 years old) do this without any problem. Moreother the led strips can't be use to light your room with scene. The lytmi app Just don't have this ability and if you want to try it, you must use smartlife app, but you can't control brightness or scene so really disapointing ability. Must be use with the app and so with your smartphone. The price is just flower than Philips hue sync box but the possibility was really lower than the Philips one.
    Really disapointing cause for ambilight Yes the strip is really good but can't be use without the app or to light your room…. For me it was really a miss…..

  3. OGLocsta09

    The lights don't always match the color on the screen. Is there a way to adjust for better matching?

  4. Tim Windsor

    Love that light. Thanks for sharing. Keep the content coming. Enjoy your day.

  5. J

    any prize for 1st comment? 😃 lol looks a decent bit of kit

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