Traveling to Las Vegas for the BEST Budget Gaming Laptop?

Oh if you guys are interested in the budget tech I brought for this trip checkout the latest video

Also, massive shoutout to MSI for bringing us to CES2023, it was actually really fun! Make sure to checkout their latest laptops!

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Thank You for the support, Andres.

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#Laptops #Gaming #Tech
00:00 | Traveling
01:07 | Hello Vegas!
02:35 | Why Am I here?
03:10 | My Favourite BUDGET Gaming Laptop
05:20 | Crazy New Gaming Laptop?
05:41 | Their slimmest Laptops!
07:08 | What’s so good this year ?
09:26 | CES 2023 was fun + Tip to brands!
09:50 | Thank you for watching!

This video was sponsored by MSI


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  1. Andres Vidoza

    Yo this was just such a cool experience… I can't put it into words how awesome it felt to be there. Very grateful ! Thank you guys for watching!

  2. Renz Sadiwa

    It was a blast meeting you & Jan at CES bro!! So many good conversations and super inspired by you guys!! πŸ’―πŸ”₯

  3. GHOST

    Video is good bro but MSI had some kind of quality issue based on me their products won't last long more than 2 years i had experience.not only me famous youtoubers too that's why MSI vanished from premium quanlity

  4. NameLess

    Ahhh the katana! Kicking off college this year and recently came across this laptop(prior to watching this vlog)! Certainly gonna cop later this year!

  5. H

    Next level 🫑🀩

  6. Congratulations on the CES visit! Can't wait for my turn in some time into the future 🫣

  7. Super video Bro Intro Super cool for Traveling Las Vegas Best Budget gadgets For Traveling Video Super

  8. Mikey Cook

    Congrats my dude on going to CES I’ve always wanted to go! One day I know I will!

    Keep up the amazing videos brother! You’re a pro at this! (Ps really digging the use of your a roll, it feels like I’m sitting there talking to you irl)

  9. castnut

    Lets appreciate all of Andres' hard work

  10. Anwesh Nayak

    Hey andres i love your videos…. You should try vlogging with a new channel

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