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Turn Your Low End PC Into A Gaming PC

Turn Your Low End PC Into A Gaming PC

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Upgrade old dell desktop computer? Got a old pc that you want to play the latest pc games on? on a tight budget? well don’t worry, I will show you a way to upgrade a small form factor computer in to a gaming computer from very little money.

We will be upgrading the Dell Optiplex 7010. We will are going to upgrade the system memory to 16GB at 1600mhz. Also we will be upgrading the 500GB mechanical Hard Drive to a SSD solid state drive. We will also be upgrading the Graphics Card to and GTX 1050ti. We will also put Windows 10 to upgrade the old operating system

(Optional) KKmoon Hard Drive HDD & SSD Tray Caddy


512GB SSD,OYUNKEY 3D NAND Solid State Drive 2.5 Inches


Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti OC Low Profile 4GB GDDR5 128 Bit PCI-E Graphic Card (GV-N105TOC-4GL)


8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR3 PC3-12800 DESKTOP Memory Modules (240-pin DIMM, 1600MHz) Genuine A-Tech Brand


16GB kit (4GBx4) DDR3 PC3-12800 DESKTOP Memory Modules (240-pin DIMM, 1600MHz) Genuine A-Tech Brand


(Optional) Dell Optiplex 390 790 990 3010 7010 9010 3020 7020 9020 Server T3610 T5610 T1700 T1650 T20 SFF MT HDD Hard Drive Caddy Bracket 1B31D2600 DN8MY px60023


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This Post Has 28 Comments

  1. Quarter Maine

    Hi i just bought a sff 3020 can i installed this gtx 1050ti do i need some cables to power it? TIA.

  2. Arvin Einstein

    Does this model come with a built in dvi port within the i/o ports?

  3. B0ards

    if i did this and used the same graphics card as you, would you need to install drivers to replace my integrated graphics or does the computer do all the work?

  4. Stukes

    Hey just wondering would paying $210 originally then upgrading it until $350 be worth it here are the specs I got it up to (16gb ram, 1080p, 500gb ssd) originally it was (16gb ram, 2tb hdd, 720p)

  5. xd harun

    i have a intel core i3 2100 is it a problem?

  6. tddnenc

    id put the ram into cganells a and b 8 gb in a and 4 in b

  7. tddnenc

    1050 on l,ow setting s might get u that on witcher 3


    What if i had rx 5500 xt and its not fitting?


    What if i dont have a low profile gpu cant it fit?

  10. it worked

    Is there any psu upgrade you can link for a 9010 sff please?

  11. Dat Spinach

    does this work on laptops? dell inspiron to be exact

  12. LVCID

    a bit off topic but cool voice


    is that graphics card fit to the dell optiplex 790 i3 sir ?

  14. Skizer

    I’m sorry but I cringe every time you say “1050 TY” it’s “T-I” sorry but I just had to say it

  15. Farmer Freakeasy

    Can anyone recommend a cheaper GPU for the Optiplex 7010 ? Say 2 Gig instead.
    Trying to get that GPU price to under £50 2nd hand. I always find GPU choice daunting from a laypersons perspective.

  16. can you post a video of daily usage of this pc? like office works, youtube, gaming, etc

  17. Rogie

    got a 7020 mt on ebay and a gtx 960 a bit better than the 1050 aswell as a new ssd for the pc

  18. AllRetro Gamer

    Hi mate what of CPU and but on my optiplex 7020 off is core 5 4690 what best CPU to put on it I want get a I core 7

  19. posceve

    Could it also support a 1650 video card? Thank you for the video

  20. Something of note is there is a way to get around that psu limitation on the SFF units. Rather than going with a regular or K model go with an S or T model CPU. Yes the base clocks are lower but they still have turbo and are still quite fast.

  21. turbo ninja

    This is the exact pc i have got 12 gigs of ram and a 1030 gpu

  22. PMThrudr

    You can double the max stated memory in a lot of old Dells, including these. Mine has 32 GB.

  23. AK The waffler

    can you put a 16 50 geforce gtx on this thing because i have this oc and i want to know if i can


    sir my dell optiplex 7010 is not working with 4 Rams

  25. Cantona

    please I have a Dell Vostro 3671 Mid-Tower Desktop Computer with i3 9th Gen and a GTX 980 ti GPU. because the case it too small it get heated up really quick because the it has only two fans. can you help me build a gaming case for it. I don't really know what to do.

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