Turn Your Phone Into a Laptop With The New NEXDOCK Wireless! Works With Steam Deck

In this video, we take a look at and test out the brand-new Nexdock Wireless! This device can transform your Phone into a laptop with no wires connected! It also works using USB C or HDMI and is compatible with the Steam Deck and any other device that supports HDMI or USB C video. like mini PCs, raspberry pi, and Single Board computers and devices.
With a built-in 44Wh battery, and a 13-inch 1080P touchscreen displays the NexDock is an awesome accessory for Samsung Dex, moto ready for, and any android phone that supports desktop mode.
Learn More Here:https://nexdock.com/samsung-dex-laptop/

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Equipment I Use:
Monitor: Pixio 277 Pro On Amazon: https://amzn.to/3PGUBwe
Elgato HD60 X Screen Capture Device: https://amzn.to/3GkP2AL
Tool Kit: https://amzn.to/3Wo8bpX
Camera: https://amzn.to/3XJfFoI

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00:00 Introduction
00:20 Nexdock wireless unboxing
01:43 Overview
02:58 nexdock wireless setup
04:42 Samsung dex Nexdock wireless
06:18 Red Magic 8 Pro console mode
07:24 Steam Deck Nexdock

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  1. MegaManNeo

    I want a NexDock for months especially since I own an AyaNeo and a SteamDeck and now my friend's old S20 too.
    This is a pretty neat upgrade, especially for casual tasks.

  2. Dan Diemer

    I already have a very powerful Mac at my finger tips everyday, but I still weirdly want this kind of thing for Dex and the Steam Deck.

  3. BluesmanUK

    At $349 it is overpriced. The concept is good though.

  4. Strider Wolf

    What I like to see is a cheap nexdock tablet about 8 to 12 inches 1080p60 which the phone can be stored inside so it can be a full pledge tablet with the phone as its CPU (samsung S series compatible). Phones hanging outside are a hassle! Better speakers and full size USB ports are a bonus.

  5. Maimai biri

    For that price, I would go for the nreal glasses.

  6. Malek Uvesh

    Waw an awsome device, can I use my Xiomi K20 Pro in this device ?.

  7. D Sharp

    I can't see any value in a device like this. I'd be more interested in handheld accessory for my laptops that looks like a phone and makes calls like a phone.

  8. Querijn Heijmans

    I would absolutely avoid these. I wanted to like these machines so bad but after having two revisions, they aren't for me. The trackpad rejection is absolutely abhorrent, the firmware is vague and unintuitive, and the first one doesn't start anymore. I still use the other one because it's convenient to have a monitor + keyboard setup I can just attach to a Pi running in my home at any moment, but for day to day use, or laptop replacement, this doesn't cut it.

  9. Neiko26

    for $300 you could get a nice Chromebook than this. I get it why do that when you basically have a pc in your pocket. But still the price is still kinda steep.

  10. Drak9

    it sounds like a waste of money to me, maybe it is useful for some people but I can't imagine where this would be better than a laptop unless they would sell for like 100$ or less

  11. This changes things for portable computers (smartphones, steam deck, etc).. The productivity I can now do when paired up to laptop-like docks will make my Windows PC/Laptop useless. I no longer need to transfer files here & there. This has a lot of potential! This is the future! WOW!

  12. O. Ruo Roch

    If you have a powerful enough phone it can be a usefull accessory. 🙂

  13. Beach 2023

    I'm not sure if Nexdock sell so much as to be profitable or if venture capital is propping them up in the hope of making the segment take off. But this product feels like the answer to a question very few are asking. I kind of like the idea of pairing a modern very powerful phone with an inexpensive braindead laptop, but in the end they all seem to be to costly as to be able to compete with a normal and much more versatile laptop/Chromebook.

  14. Hulahup Jingga

    we just need laptop with dedicated chip for these kind of thing, a dedicated operating system that manage it. maybe wifi 7 in the future. and ofc, the price, it need to be cheaper.

  15. bob lablaw

    Always love these sorts of videos. Honestly, I'd love to see these used in enterprise or government settings. Could cut down on so much e-waste. Employees get issued their work phone and laptop dock like this. Nothing more is necessary for probably >%90 of the workforce. Or places in Africa where many skipped over desktops/laptops and went straight to smart phones. Docks like this could be a cheap way make a phone 10x more productive.

  16. Bryan S

    Seems like a cool idea but also seems pretty expensive for what it is. Like for just a few hundred dollars more you could instead just buy an actual laptop.

  17. cunneyes

    can i get one lin the same size of the sony vaio P.

  18. SatoruNakata

    My question is: Why should I spend 300$ (and up) for basically a monitor and a keyboard? Where is the advantage over a 300$ budget laptop.
    If I only want to casually work, watch YT, casual game, I can just buy a regular laptop. It's not like the nextdock is smaller form factor or anything.

    Aditionally, if I want a decent connection with no lag, I still have to connect it with a cable. Still more annoying

  19. betruet

    This would actually be great for my field work. Using it as a tablet for Maps/GPS and stil be able to send emails. I like it

  20. MarTyNi

    I'm not seeing the upside of this device. Is it just really cheap?

  21. Ok


  22. Shuvam

    At 349 its a bit too costly. Might as well get a full fledged laptop. And correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the RedMagic already support display passthrough to PC via USB? I wonder if there’s an application to support that for all devices.

  23. Aidmee

    Was hoping a wireless connection with the sd

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