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Want to create online courses fast? Get started with iSpring Suite: https://bit.ly/tryispringsuite

Are you ready to dive into the world of online course creation? In this video, Scott Friesen debunks the myth that building professional online courses requires extensive content, skills, or unfamiliar software. With basic PowerPoint skills, you’re already equipped to craft engaging courses. Elevate your existing presentations using iSpring Suite—an add-on empowering your slides with interactive quizzes, role plays, and even AI-generated voice narration.

0:00 Use your PowerPoint presentations
2:34 Add user interaction
3:01 Include quizzes and surveys
4:18 Record narration or use text-to-speech
5:38 Add characters and royalty-free backgrounds

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  1. Any tips on doing presentations through Canva? I do all of my creative work there.

    Should we not have our face on the screen? I've been told it helps our clients feel more comfortable with us if they see us as we present (even in a course).

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