Turn your Samsung into a Second Screen! (Hidden Feature)

Samsung phones & tablets have this secret hidden feature that lets you turn the display into a second screen for your computer! Here’s how you can enable it!
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  1. Cheeky Baboon

    I dislike that these features are hidden deep inside the settings

  2. Meetkamal Singh

    Whaaat theeee fuckkkk! Its soo awesome! Thank you for sharing this ❤

  3. Dumindu Mendis

    Bro why did they hide features like this. Thanks man. this saved me a lot of time.

  4. Banana

    This is only on windows 11 and not on lower versions.

  5. Chris X

    Great trick! 👏 Anyone knows hwy Samsung removed 100x en s22 ultra, after they advertise it as one very important point to get it.

  6. Smite Playz

    Or.. u can just use spacedesk which is a million times easier

  7. MehZaN Shane

    Its not working i clicked the version number many times , no change

  8. 3SINS

    do I need win 10 for this?

  9. Yash Shah

    One ui 3.1 core version but says password is wrong, do you know for my one ui version please tell 🙏

  10. Neo

    I tried and not show 2nd screen for my S23U as you

  11. B.0.T

    This seems it is only on nvidia gpus tho

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