TV vs Monitor For Gaming – Which Should I Choose? [Simple Guide]

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So which should you get – a monitor or a TV if you want to be gaming?

This is exactly what we’ll discuss in this video – the perks and cons of each, and which one you should ultimately choose.

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0:00 Intro
0:42 Screen Size
1:54 Resolution
3:31 Response Time
4:41 Connectors
5:29 Conclusion


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  1. J J

    I am still confused,
    I want better picture quality, better response time, 4k HDR or 1440p at 120hz
    my choices are Samsung Q60R 55 inch or Asus turf gaming monitor VG27AQ

  2. Omkar Shinde

    I usually play my games on 50" shitty 1080p tv 5 year old
    That's why I'll buy a 1440p QHD 27 inch monitor

  3. Hemiy

    BIG Screen : Bad Aim
    Small screen : Good Aim

  4. I have a 43' TV. I have always done gaming before on my 16' laptop. But after buying a console, it's tv. It greatly reduces my fun during gaming. The main problem is text is too small. Only after 30 min, my head starts getting heavy. Buying monitor soon.

  5. Mr Potato

    Thanks, I thought I would still continue to play on a samsung fridge

  6. jay

    monitor for shooters, big tvs for story and rpgs that aren’t about skill more on story

  7. Bon De Rueda

    monitors are much better than tv but we can't deny tv was much more flexible than monitors, it has a built in decent to good quality speakers than monitors that most of the time does not comes with speakers. and tv is a great option for people who has limited space

  8. J FRAME

    There use to be 23 inch Full HD TV.

  9. Mr. Archnemesis

    I’m mean if you’re 12 and don’t mind wearing glasses get a monitor. If you’re an adult and can afford a real Tv like I got that can perform right there with the monitors and also offer a giant screen I can enjoy all media from my couch? It’s a no brainer.

  10. E JAY beatz

    I’m just a music producer so Ion know if a monitor could help with everything some are small too

  11. Anthony Lewis

    Which one can hold more than one video game system on it for instance say you got PS3 PS2 redtron could one of these hold all three game systems on it at once that is my question and thank you for showing it I appreciate it one or the other hold multiple selection of video games systems on them at once

  12. Sp00ky 02

    I think I’ll stick to a 4K HDR tv, I like to be on my comfy sofa down in my Keller and sitting down with buds playing spit screen on older games is always fun. And the Mrs. And I love Netflix on the Xbox and the blu ray capabilities so my preference is the TV for now but maybe later on I’ll try Monitor gaming 🤷🏻

  13. Sergio Guzman

    Great video. Just what i need it.

    A constructive criticism. Audio is kinda messed up, high frequencies are kinda saturated. The letter "s", for example, sounds very loud. An EQ and a little research on YT would do the trick.

  14. Kenzis

    You forgot to talk about interlacing and bandwidth, In that case TV's are much better, where a simple and non expensive tv, can have higher refreshrates than that of a monitor which might be allot more expensive.

    If used properly, and on the TV we are able to do 60hz 1440p, if using the interlaced mode that means we could do 120hz 1440i. so at 1080i we could go to 144hz or 160hz depending on the max vertical refresh rate of the monitor.

    The difference between Progressive and Interlaced Scan, is that Progressive scan from top to bottom in an order, not skipping any tabs. Then the interlaced is Similar, where it scans the image from Top to bottom too, but it skips every 1 tab after scanning the first one, and after scanning all the tabs while skipped all the second ones, it then goes to scan once again from top, but this time scanning the leftover skipped tabs. This results in less bandwith and therefore you can use higher refreshrates at the same resolution, or the same HZ from the progressive scan to a higher resolution. The only downside is the artifacting but it isn't that much of a big deal, mainly if you have a good TV, you can have really good deinterlacing where it would work that good, where artifacts won't be even noticeable.

    Artifacts on the Interlaced TV's are only noticeable where the video is in motion, (Im talking about any image, not youtube video in general, anything in motion) You will see lines that are pretty ugly to look at, merely looking like tearing but much more in effect, where the images look one on top of another, this does become less annoying with more HZ, so lets say if you were playing at 1440i 100hz, it would be better if you would played at 1080i 144hz, That's because the native HZ is doubled, so for the 1440i 100HZ, the actual HZ that's being doubled is 50HZ, and we know that 60HZ is the minimum for nowadays for the monitors, Many of them get really glitchy if you were to go below that ammount of HZ, where you may see the Screen Flashing ALLOT. Now for the 1080i 144hz, the image is doubled from 72HZ, which is not below 60HZ and therefore the artifacts are much less of an annoyance.

    Anyway, if you don't have enough for a Gaming Monitor, that has higher response time and a Progressive type Scan, you can try buying a Mid Tier TV, just as said in the video, some tv by the manufactuers that are highly believeable like LG, SAMSUNG, BENQ… other than that i wouldn't trust many of them, for the same purpose said in the video, because of the response time, Look for the response time of 5ms, don't go for higher, as that is just really bad.

  15. Sho

    Shoulda mention that HDR is not as good on monitors as it is on TVs.

  16. Shark Gomp

    If this display T v's will never replace gaming monitors. Because I had a Sony XH 900 that somebody fried the motherboard and I'm at YouTube contact creator too and I stream on YouTube in twitch I will never go back to a gaming TV ever again have a good night that's my end that's my comment about tv's versus monitors have a great

  17. Joja

    Tv response rate is 10 to 20 ms which is FAT.

  18. Tes Tos

    Good stuff! Been using a and old 32" insignia and to be honest it has kicked arse for a while, just 1080p but looks fantastic. I don't like up close gaming, cuz I use a controller, that gives me space away from the HDTV, when I'm done gaming I can switch to TV and enjoy a few flix.

  19. Yu Maycry

    Problem is which tv u are talking about..
    Some tv are made focusing console..

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