Ultra Budget Gaming PC Challenge – Episode 3

HP Memorial Day Sale …


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  1. FAN THEORY: jack and Matt cannot stand each other and are vile in IRL real life. Please do an episode like this ❤❤❤

  2. Austin S

    Survivor was a deathtrap from the start. I have a i7 13700k and a 12 gb 3080. Averaging 40 to 50 fps on a good day

  3. i hope i have that kind of specs.

    im still using a8-7680 with 4gb ram 😥

    hi from ph 🔥 more views 💪

  4. silgo 79

    Great video, nice to see an ultra budget pc test that doesn’t use CS go for it’s gaming example!!

  5. I loved my FBM X2 case
    As a first computer case. I’ve definitely updated since then but this little guy served me well for years. Airflow was sketchy but take the front panel off, buy a cheap molecule fan controller and some cheap cooler master fans and it was a great little machine.

    Definitely enjoying these videos

  6. Giff74

    Good effort!

    For $500-600 these days you can once again build a pretty decent gaming PC.

  7. no one on ryzen should upgrade to am 5 for at least another 2 year its not stable yet…
    wait till 9000 series.

  8. Jayy95

    These are the best absolutely love this guys 😁😁

  9. Chaos TV

    HP laptops are awesome, i have a elitebook 840 G3 and i have a good expirience.

  10. John Paul Bacon

    I thought AMD made it so that so that All AM4 mb's could run any AM4 based cpu.

  11. Martin Linden

    Its not the cpu that bottelnecks fortnite its the 8 gb of ram..

  12. OurDailyMeat

    Man, Intel in our country is expensive. Ryzen 5 2600 is equivalent to a 4th gen Intel, I'm tending to build a Ryzen machine because if you look at the ram speed, the R5 reaches 3000s while Intel is in 1800s, like wtf?

  13. jay vogel

    Great Stuff Guys…. This need style of video needs to be a mainstay on the channel

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