Unboxing my first Doxa!

Today I get to unbox my first ever Doxa for you on camera! This Doxa means alot to me, check out the video to see why!


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  1. Love the back story, reading isn’t seen as cool, but has always played an important role for me. It’s a good looking watch.

  2. regarding your last statement, I would love to have you review other people’s watches and not just being a (an amazing) store

  3. Razor Burn

    Big thanks to you Marc for supporting Jody & Mr X at JOMW as your donation is greatly appreciated ❤🎉

  4. loadofballx

    Please do review other watches that would be great.

  5. Sean Davie

    The first book I enjoyed reading as a teenager was "Raise the Titanic" Clive is gone, but long live Dirk Pitt! Looks like I also have some shopping to do!

  6. Warren Power

    Very cool story of why this watch means so much to you 😊

  7. Andrei Craciun

    Yes, you should review watches from other brands. You could do it at least once a month. You have the experience, the passion and the good sense. If you need encouragement, here it is 👍

  8. Brian Joseph

    Noice 😊 I just bought 2 Tropic straps from ya for my Doxas

  9. kewlger

    Not for me but I still think it looks cool! Its awesome you have an eclectic collection of watches. Yes please review other people's watches

  10. Jeep Gang!!!

    That thing’s awesome…!!! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  11. Karl Senula

    Also a HUGE Clive Cussler fan … same reason the Orange 300T is high on my list.

  12. seattlegrrlie

    I have read his books. I love that dial, it's so romantic

  13. alvin mick

    Marc, yes I’d love to see you bring in other watches from time to time to review. Your perspective and experience would really make for informative reviews of other watch brands. It would be most enjoyable! Well done 🥃

  14. Keith Meissner

    You could feature watches from your collection. Maybe some stories you would share. Or feature watches from your collaborators, like Lumeshot. Spread the watch enthusiast ethos.

  15. smokeybandit098

    I think it'd be cool to see you review other other watches or even watches from your collection.. Especially if you get that minute repeater you were talking about!

  16. Stephen Headley

    I watch this channel for you and not just the products you sell, so it's really cool to see something you bought to enjoy for yourself. Congrats! It's a looker for sure.

  17. Vince Brickner

    Great looking to watch Saw one on the internet the other night. Yes to reviews of other brands.

  18. Rod G

    Your knowledge about watches is genuine and I would enjoy hearing your opinion on other brands. Do it!!

  19. Jay Montgomery

    Like you Raise the Titanic was the first Cussler book I read and I read them all until the ghost writers took over. An orange Doxa is on my radar but I won’t pull the trigger until I have my open water certification. It wouldn’t be right otherwise. Please do more reviews. Joint reviews with TGV would be awesome.

  20. Alex

    Gorgeous watch, there's nothing like it. Absolutely great Story and it happens to be true! And yes absolutely you should review other people's watches from time to time. Go into detail, you know this business inside and out and out. And now I found a new author To Read.

  21. Ned Flanders

    Good video, Marc! Very interesting story and would love to see more stuff like this!

  22. Todd Fuller

    I like the watch. I wish I knew how much you paid for it because I’d like to get one for my wife she’s real big into that all shipwrecks and she’s read his books all at all of them.

  23. Ben Clayton

    8:22 Yes Yes Yes do more, the Brand owner as an enthusiast is an awesome perspective ❤ review it then sell it through the shop as a one off (Touched by Marc😂) what a great idea

  24. Ben Clayton

    I had a similar literary journey as Marc …between Clive Cussler and Ray Feist I feel in love with reading ❤

  25. David Rosenblum

    What a great story and what a beautiful watch! I’ve read his first few books many years ago and didn’t remember his referring to the Doxa. It’s a dive classic and I hope it brings you many years of enjoyment!

  26. shawn dolan

    Great face! I'm looking forward to the review; I've coveted the orange face for awhile. Yes, Mark! Would love to see more watch reviews!

  27. Barrett Benton

    Whew, Marc…just hit your site to finally buy the Seiko 5 GMT I'd been obsessing about (looks like my timing was pretty good), and then came upon this. Great story, and a very different Doxa from anything I've seen. Congrats, and truly enjoy that watch.

  28. 36balls


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