Understanding Curly and Straight Quotes

https://macmost.com/e-2951 When you type quotation marks on your Mac you’ll usually get curly quotes that curl correctly depending on what you are typing. Learn what curly quotes are, how they work, and how to use straight quotes instead if you like.

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00:00 Intro
00:35 Curly Quotes and Straight Quotes
01:52 Smart Quotes
03:47 How Does It Know Which Quote To Use?
04:35 Why Use Straight Quotes?
05:34 Manually Force Curly Quotes
06:20 Manually Force Straight Quotes

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  1. J1ss3ncy

    You're a nuclear power-user, Gary. Thanks!

  2. sundaynightdrunk

    Pretty sure this was even a thing on the early Macs back in the '80s that we used in high school. I remember the instructor calling them "sixty-six and ninety-nine" quotes, because they resemble those numbers. I believe you had to type them manually back then, but it wouldn't surprise me if the same left-bracket key was used for them, although I can't recall.

  3. qwincy q

    Just yesterday I was typing a quotation and wanted curly quotes and didn’t know how to get them. So many things are different in the latest Pages version. Plus I had replaced my printer so my styles have to be redone as presets. It’s like reading a detective story and looking for clues lol.

  4. Mai Elizabeth

    Thank you so much Gary. I've been wanting to do this but couldn’t figure it our (mainly because I don't know what it's called – so I couldn’t Google it effectively').

  5. Douglas Isaacs

    As I learned it in the 1980s so called single and double straight quotes are really foot and inch marks as in he stood 6' 7" tall. Also, not all quotes are curly. Depending on who designed the typeface they are not always curly but certainly not straight.

  6. Dg Visual

    At least in Spanish, straight single and double quotes are used to express magnitudes ' = minutes and " = seconds. While curly quotes are used for citations in literary texts.

  7. Hi-Fi Insider

    great tip. I learn something new each time. Is it just me or Gmail on the web does not support curly quotes?

  8. Scott Boettcher

    I'll file this one under "Things I'd've NEVER figured out on my own"! Thanks!

  9. Mr. Joe

    Hi Gary. Another excellent and helpful topic! Coming from a typesetting background, it is also worth mentioning that the straight quotes are also used to type inch and foot marks, so this tip works great when typing a quote that contains measurements..LOL. Thanks.

  10. Caroline Barlow

    Thanks very much, Gary, for this extremely helpful video! Learned some new options today.

  11. George E

    Once again, you have shown me there’s usually more to learn about so-called “nothing more to learn” topics than I previously knew. Many thanks!

  12. Kitfox Yep

    All your video’s make me think and enjoy the your excellent videos

  13. Lois Skiathitis

    A very useful and informative video tutorial today! As always thanks for the visuals! Thank you, Gary! 👏🏻❤️

  14. Allan Tépper

    Thank you for your wonderful coverage about the macOS's methods of typing "standard" curly and straight quotes: I wish macOS and other systems would natively facilitate the use of «guillemets» aka «angle quotes». Although quite uncommon in English, they are frequently used in at least 11 other languages, including Castilian (aka "Spanish") in formal publications. Sadly, neither macOS nor Windows facilitates typing them without going through hoops, even when using a proper hardware Spanish ISO keyboard properly mapped in macOS for it (or mapped for Spanish keyboard in Windows). That's why I have created text replacements in System Preferences in macOS to make a double < become a « character and a double > become a » character since I publish many books in Castilian, my own and clients. This is the only key missing feature that Apple should make standard for its own Spanish ISO layout. In the meantime, creating the text replacements solves it.

    More info about «guillemets» are here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guillemet

    Keep up the great work.

  15. Bootsy BeRo

    I always find fascinating discoveries in this video. Thank you very much!❤

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