Update No. 2

See you guys next time =)

– Japanese silicone charging ribbons. Lightning or micro-USB

Intro track: Robotaki – Raton Laveur

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  1. Justin TH

    Thank you Dave Lee, your vdo reviews are so much advantage for me from Thailand, where is beautiful small country. 😄 😄. Especially, your comments on Macbook pro retina 2015 vs 2014, your gave a good points. If we have 2014 model, no need change. 😄 😄

  2. 余斯微

    Thank you Dave!! I watched ur Videos for whole night and they looks great! I think you will be the next YOUTUBERS in a short future!! Keep going.

  3. Yin Yang

    i really hope youre gay :(( AHHAHAHAHHAHA just kidding

  4. mjmartinezz 13

    Really love your videos man ! By next yr you would have a million subscribers

  5. Mehdi Hafidi

    Man…i would really like some of these oneday to come back

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