Update No. 3 – Giveaway closed

Giveaway closed. Winner is Kevin Bannert.

Music: We Made it – FILI
Intro: Robotaki – Raton Laveur

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  1. Akul Kumar

    You make really nice reviews. And hope i win.

  2. Marko Stankovic

    @***** u make me cry. I mean its all thanks to u that we are nice. Its just all ur videos are great relaxed , and u like tech so much as we does and u share our emotions. Also your reviews are in depth. I am rly glad that u exist on yt. What u think about making video about urself. I would be glad to see that, and i think all others want to see that. And i am very interesed about how u get all this cool tech things 😀 i mean u buy it or what ? If u buy it that what job do u have 😀 Best regards!

  3. Albin Shajan

    Hey, I'm not trying to be negative, but you should find a personal style for your videos. To some people, ur videos resemble MKBHD's. You may not even intend this but finding a new personal style will certainly increase ur popularity even more. Pick me, pick me!

  4. Nikpick100

    Started to watch you just a few days ago… and you made a very positive impression on me in terms of simplicity and reality, because you point out the real pros and cons of a product… Thank you and good luck 😉

  5. Dave2D

    Contest closed. Doing draw in a bit. Comments below this are valid.

  6. LJCH4E

    Aw I missed! I hope there is next time free giveaway. 🙂

  7. craxnor

    Dude you're at 60K now congrats. Also thanks for the gaming laptop reviews helped me out a lot in choosing my stuff.

  8. 44StormBringer

    Good job dude. You're doing great videos and I can see you as a top tech channel on youtube if you keep it up.

  9. Thomas Yoon

    Congratulations Dave! You really remind me of MKBHD. (Not that you are copying him or anything) I can just tell that your work ethics/passion is of that level. Keep it going! Thank you for these videos 🙂

  10. Andrew

    Subbed. Nice channel. 😉 ps: i like your summary at the end.

  11. Ali Bhatti

    didn't win again but ur channel is better than it keep up the good work

  12. obfuscurity

    I've only been following you for the past year or so, just getting around to watching these really old videos. I just wanted to say that I think the reason why people in your community are nice is because it's a reflection of you, Dave. You come off as a very nice and passionate individual who cares about the user experience (viewers). I appreciate all of the entertainment and information you provide in your channel, keep up the great work.

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