Update No. 4 – Q&A

My first Q&A. Apologies for the horrible audio – I had to talk over crashing waves. Enjoy!

Intro track: Robotaki – Raton Laveur

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  1. Nathan H

    OH MY GOD Dave! In my mind you are a rich college kids, maybe grad school who uses his spare time to make awesome tech videos. Now you telling me you are 35 and have a family!?!? It blowed my mind!! You should share more of your personal life with us tho, keep those Q&A up. Youtubing is more intimate than we think. Again, love your works. Will be here to witness your channel grow huge.

  2. Vishal

    I thought you were 18-20 ( a college guy)

  3. Roger Mok

    Already one of my top 5 tech reviewers! Keep up with these personal updates, once a month at least!

  4. Nandu Krishnan

    Plantronics sponsored this video. Is this why it's ur favourite?

  5. Haik0

    man even your beach chair is that soft blue color 😀

  6. Perry Sy

    Masturbating everyday. 😀 24 and still going.


    Hey u never did the video of asus vivobook s15 s510un bq139t

  8. Mario

    Not a tech video so go away, but then holds up a Motorola in Hopes? tech enough.

  9. I love your laptop content and i grew to like your opinion on things like os and phones too. I love your idea of being a youtube and how natural u are at it. Ive followed a lot of youtubers for a long time now and their content seems to be not exciting day by day. Even stopped watching many. Yours seems to be very enjoyable so that every notification of your video excites me. Huge respect that u have family and a regular job inspite of utilising youtube. Keep rocking. God bless.

  10. I used to watch your videos at this era…and lost the touch for a year or two and now…it all looks all different…miss 2016-17…please bring back old days…

  11. sam_e

    thank you Google for recommending your old vids

  12. Quanti

    2021 reporting in! Dave you haven't aged a day!! 😂

  13. Am

    damn that voice grew so much….
    only the voice.

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