You are currently viewing Update No. 6 – 100K Giveaway!

Update No. 6 – 100K Giveaway!

A brief channel update. Thanks for all the support you 2Ds!
MKBHD’s review of the Gen2 Moto 360 –
Team Crispy Live Event (Feb 6th):

Contest closes at 11:59PM February 5th 2016.

Intro track: Robotaki – Raton Laveur
Music track: FILI – We made it

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  1. Wasa Bee

    Love your channel. I would like to win the mouse pad. Hope you look after your oversea followers. Cheers

  2. First thing i would like to say it congrats you in 100k Subscribers, Well, I'm not the first one who subscribed you but since ever then, i did literally watch all of yours videos which are very interesting even thought my English is just not good enough to listen to all of them. Anw, keep up good works, i'd love to win the Gen2 Moto as i just bought my laptop with yours suggestion. Thanks a lot Dave 😀

  3. Todor Andreev

    Hi Dave, I recently found your channel and I really like how detailed you describe everything and how it comes out really nicely. I really hope I could get the HP Envy. Thanks.

  4. Mario Cabana

    Congratulations Dave on hitting 100,000 subscribers!!! Keep up the great work!!

  5. Edward Marshall

    hello thewe, you're so lind. whirl dry what's your opinion about tkis

  6. M Farrugia

    Been following your laptop reviews from the beginning, your pc reviews include the most minuscule of details such as the depth of the SD card, hahaa! would love an envy 13!

  7. random guy

    Laptop please… I know this one is kinda late but id appreciate the laptop please 🙂 keep on keeping on.

  8. Aritra Jana

    you are a very creative person…your presentation is just awesome….

  9. Sean Aleta

    I want to win that HP envy laptop. HOPE TO WIN 🙂

  10. Jamie Cadenza

    Hay! Congrats with 100000 subs!) I would like to win Moto 360 2Gen! @Jamie_Cadenza

  11. Erfalgio Alfius

    Love your vids so much! I think i watch every single video you uploaded, cuz they're just so great 😀 Congratz btw… And i'd love to win the moto 360 2nd gen 😀

  12. Manav Patel

    that's so cool! your videos are neat, and they have so much useful content that has helped me in my decision to get a moto 360 (original)! I would really love the laptop!

  13. taimaishu99

    youtube doesnt seem to realize how much I LIKE your videos! they don't seem to be showing up in the subs; but had the time to double check and was glad to see this! Congrats Dave! Your production quality is great and really is consistent. Keep them coming 😀

  14. Cong Danh Nguyen

    Im currently studying in singapore and im 16 years old…. I really need a laptop for my university work…. I just recently discovered your channel and been watching your content for about 1 month now.. You do some really clean and detailed reviews about laptops and that is just what im looking for since im trying to find a good laptop to buy.. Would help me out alot if i can win this give away laptop.. Also congrats on the 100k subs. Im sure your channel will grow more and more over the year

  15. Anirudh Sharma

    I've been here since the beginning and it's really refreshing to see your videos. They're organised, get to the meat of the review fast, and your videos are clean and smooth. Of course, you still manage to put in just the right amount of random funny stuff.

  16. I would like the HP envy Congrats on 100000 subs your content is awesome and just very arcuate. hope you get up to a million subs by the end of the year because you deserve it 😊😊😊

  17. Ankush Sahgal

    CONGRATS ON 100K SUBS!!!!!!!
    *sneaks in entry for moto 360

  18. ren

    "But I don't, because Loue has them all" Unbox Therapy have everything, please do a giveaway too Loue :p

  19. congrats on your 100,000 subs great job. I love your video. I want is the white mouse pad. Keep making awesome video Dave. Congrats again to you success keep it up.

  20. Tekkerz Gaming

    +Dave Lee Hi Dave, I'm a bit late on this. I just saw it. I would love to win the moto G smart watch. It's a great product, and I love your vids. It is amazing to see the quality and edits being so great!

  21. David Ilie

    +Dave Lee honestly I would be happy winning any of the prices, but I preffer winning the HP Envy… So now you know… 🙂 Keep up the good work you always do… I love your content!

  22. Exalaxy X

    Dave…. PEASEEEEEEEEE…… Tell us where fid you download/ find that music track??????

  23. Yukue

    What are those monitors in the background?

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