Useful Broken Images: CSS Tutorial (Day 5 of CSS3 in 30 Days)

Whether it’s a typo in the img tag source, or the image itself was misplaced or removed on the server – images break all the time on the web. The problem is, the browsers default way to display a broken image is really ugly. You can fix that and actually use it as an opportunity to enhance the user’s experience on your web pages with CSS! That’s what you will learn about in this lesson.

⭐️Files you need ⭐️
💻Useful Broken Images Code:
💻All tutorials in this series need this “_theme-styles” directory (only download once):

This video works as a stand-alone tutorial but is also day 5 of CSS3 in 30 Days. For the rest of the series, check out this playlist:

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  1. I love this series, really what i need. Takes the CSS to the next level 😀 Thank you so much man! <3

  2. BenRangel

    In my opinion, it can be dangerous to over-style your broken image placeholders. It's so unusual. Users are so accustomed to having the default broken images, that they might not even understand custom ones. They might think that a custom placeholder is the actual image, and that it's a fake image / joke image, rather than a broken link.

    You might actually miss out on some bug reports too, since people might not think of these images as "broken" any more.

  3. Alex Chi

    what if the noimage.png failed to download too?

  4. This only works in several optimal cases, like a particular image that you know you styled in a certain way. Adding an image width or height breaks the design and you can never be quite certain the 'not found part' will not overlap some element of the page. It's too bad there is no CSS general support for styling the not found image, I would have thought at least a CSS selector for ::notfound or ::loaderror would have been obvious for such a common scenario. (something like this: )

    Also, I though you should explain why this doesn't break images that load correctly, as many others notices.

    Thanks for the series, it's nice.

  5. Holy Sign

    When did brad define . image class in the html markup?

  6. it doesn't work in safari… the display of the broken image is different

  7. Cindy Mora

    Awesome tip for future projects! Loving this series!

  8. I am following your series and I must say its helping me a lot in learning.
    Thanks Brad.

  9. Mukesh Kumar

    I tried multiple times, but these styles are not working. 😔

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