Using Parcel Bundler with React

Parcel is a web application bundler that offers blazing fast performance with zero configuration compared to webpack. In this video, we will create a basic React project using Parcel Bundler.

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  1. Mobin92

    Seriously what is wrong with web development!? Could we please stop reinventing fricking basic tools and frameworks all the time!?

  2. This video is amazing! For some reason, I wasn't going for Parcel field, but now, I'm more than convinced to use it every day =)

  3. Ephrey Ilunga

    Please, is PARCEL equal to Webpack ? Or can I really use Parcel instead of Webpack ?

  4. Mateja Petrovic

    Parcel is an amazing tool especially for newcomers because they can get a react app up and running in seconds! It really makes the whole process faster, more approachable and enjoyable. With everything taken into account Parcel can have a great impact on developer happiness.

  5. Les

    What vscode extensions do you use or recommend?

  6. DrT1MA

    Hello, i have a problem (srcindex.html: URI malformed
    ) , you now how fix it? Sorry for my english)

  7. I got a dependency resolution error. The only difference I saw between my and your environment was the use of pnpm in place of npm, which (also following your suggestion to install parcel-bundler at both global and local scopes) I thought might be impacting it's behavior. Hence, your package.json contents at the time of calling "parcel src/index.html" would have been helpful.

    (As it turns out, I had to install and import 'prop-types', as these appear to have been transferred out of the original react package – and which subsequently worked. See:

  8. rct999

    I did this with typescript, and it was amazingly easy. Just point script src to an tsx file and create tsconfig.json with:


    "compilerOptions": {

    "jsx": "react",

    "allowSyntheticDefaultImports": true



  9. Eric Noguchi

    HMR does not work for me unless add

    if ( { => {});;


  10. Rick

    I'm going to create an emmet plugin that slaps you when you try to wrap a block element in a div for no $%#@$%ing good reason.

  11. codewithnacho

    This was awesome! Wish you kept doing more tutorials for parcel. 😀

  12. Avi Mehenwal

    it looks good. Does it work at ease with Typescript? I might use it in my next project

  13. Avi Mehenwal

    And how does parcel deal with image compression and svg optimizations?

  14. I got this error:parcel : The term 'parcel' is not recognized as the name of a

    cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the

    spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the

    path is correct and try again.

    At line:1 char:1

    + parcel src/index.html

    + ~~~~~~

    + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (parcel:String) [], C


    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException

  15. Yashin Hussain

    Thankyou your video relived me of my problem. Thanks and keep up the good work

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