Venom BlackBook Zero 14 Review

Dave2D review of the Venom Blackbook Zero 14. A great laptop for programmers.
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  1. Dave2D

    Possibly the best keyboard I've used on a laptop. If an awesome keyboard is clutch for your workflow, this thing delivers.

  2. iTzuyu

    please review asus k501uw-ab78

  3. Paul Hendrix

    The Xiaomi Notebook (13") is a lot cheaper, also well built, uses USB type C for charging and has a Synaptics glass trackpad. Pretty happy with it.

  4. William Allen

    What laptop should i get for programming and playing light games?

  5. Shamanin

    The name sounds like it's a hardcore gaming machine.

  6. Fermi Paradox

    Laptop for programmers without a numpad and dedicated insert key with a name of Venom. Hmmm..

  7. define102

    can you recommend this on heavy video editing? if not, what laptops do you recommend under 1000 dollars?

  8. Great video Dave, can i as you what software do you use to make your graphics or video graphs (example battery explanation)?

  9. Chao

    Nice review as always, can you also do a review on Gigabyte P57W-1060?

  10. Cody Barnett

    Hey Dave I own a lenovo thinkpad yoga 14 I would for you to review that laptop and hear your opinion

  11. Jacob Lopez

    Is this keyboard good for editing or decent? I use Adobe After Effects so is this Laptop good for it?

  12. I went to the website and it's pretty much SAGER, but from Australia.. and with an ultrabook

  13. Amit Dadhwal

    which driver they are using for touchpad. i want to use it for my laptop … anybody having any idea… ???

  14. E_M_E_T

    so, is anyone really going to pay several hundreds of dollars for a slightly better keyboard? I mean, if you want your perfect keyboard, you can literally just buy a keyboard.

    This laptop has ZERO appeal to anyone. Even the razer blade looks like a better option, and that's saying something.

  15. M Umair Mughal

    Dave lee can you tell that which PC or laptop is best for video editing in budget.

  16. Khadija

    I really don't understand the audience for this. You do not need a extremely powerful device for programming

  17. inue windwalker

    tbh i want a laptop so good i could live stream…. but i only wanna spend 2k

  18. Mohd A.

    Hey guys, Is anyone else getting weird malware link from Venom's official website? The whole website in general doesn't seem to work as well as it did for me months ago… :/

  19. Amy W

    Does anyone make traditional keyboards for laptops like Lenovo used to? I don't need all the gaming specs. Watching movies would be nice tho.

  20. Otex 11

    This seems more like a $600 dollar laptop to me. Not a $1000 laptop.

  21. Sitio Prueba

    hey, i think youre ignoring some aspects that most have a good kayboard, for example the identation in the f keys(f1,f2,f3,f4_f5f6f7f8_…f12) that separation is critical for some tasks. On this days i have only sow this in some thinkpads, talking abaut ultrabooks ofcourse…

  22. Cash

    Wow for 1K that’s a shitty laptop lmao

  23. Dave Lee,
    I'm now going to college and I need a laptop to work on stuff. We are very poor so we cannot buy a new one. It would be nice if you could give me one (that you don't use). Email me at:
    Thanks .

  24. James Li

    No one is going to buy a low volume notebook it’s just too risky

  25. Fat Hat

    hey man how you doing. I know that you love keyboards so why you don't try blackberry keyone out. I'm waiting for seeing the review from you love you take care

  26. SY

    you said you are a programmer would you recommend it for someone who uses Visual S mvc and Laravel php, what if I buy the 16gb ram and 500 ssd I mainly want it because it is silent no fan. do you thing it would over heat?

  27. Nils Margott

    It's just like the Acer Travelmate X349-G2 that I got for ~600$ with i5, 8gb Ram, 512gb ssd. The keyboard is also backlit and awesome to type on, with nearly the same layout. Much better deal!

  28. Shelby Moore

    I think you failed to emphasize that this is FANLESS. You only said the word “fanless” once. Thus most viewers probably missed that key point.

    For programmers, writers, and thinkers who don’t want to be annoyed by fan noise and also want a high quality keyboard with long battery life.

    It’s the only fanless 14” with a matte display. So for use outdoors with reduced reflections and for those who don’t want fan noise (indoors or outdoors). But the display isn’t that bright nor does it reproduce much of the color spectrum. I’d be even more interested if it had a higher quality 60Hz matte display.

  29. Orkhan Aliyev

    Hi, Dave! Thank you for great videos. Can you please make video about Lenovo L340 i7- 9750h 17" GTX 1650 Gaming Laptop? It's budget gaming laptop and lots of gamers interested in about this one. Thank you

  30. Ryan M

    Here because they finally released another one after four (!!!) years.

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