Visiting One Of Switzerland’s Most Interesting Independent Watch Brands

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In this video, we head to Hölstein, Switzerland to get a behind-the-scenes look at this charming independent brand hosted by CEO Rolf Studer. With a focus on quality, innovation, value, and fun, Oris continues to provide excellent watches for the enthusiast space. Have you had a chance to handle any Oris watches? Did you enjoy the peek behind the curtain? Where should we go next?

Watches Featured:
Oris Aquis:
Oris Propilot X Kermit:
Oris Big Crown Pointer Date 80th Anniversary:
Oris Diver Sixty Five Cotton Candy Steel:
Oris Big Crown Date Pointer Cal. 403:


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0:00 – Intro & Organization
0:30 – Oris Factory Store
1:34 – Design & Archive
4:05 – Assembly & Regulation
5:13 – Quality Control
8:23 – After Sales Service
9:23 – Hands-On With Oris Watches


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  1. @skibsteds

    I love Oris, and thank you for this great video, Teddy!

  2. Rolf's enthusiasn and passion makes me wanna buy all Oris' lineup!!! Unfortunately, my wallet doesn't agree… 😢😂😂

  3. @Mik01ist

    ORIS is a top brand in the entry luxury segment. Authentic, reliable, heritage… And some quirky pieces that really dofferentiate

  4. Thank you for this! I knew some of the watches, the company not at all, and it counts – explains why I am not overly interested in a Rolex, for instance.

  5. @Iexpedite1

    I’ve been looking at an Oris the last few days. I may have to buy it before another Teddy viewer gets it.

  6. Teddy thank you for what you do.. might it be possible for you to visit Certina and speak to an appropriate person there?

  7. I love oris watches. I have 2 now. Both are amazing. My favorite is the big crown bronze big date. Wears well and looks great. Thanks for the video

  8. @fmalik7736

    Oris are great watches but I believe they should ditch all the SW movements to be replaced by in-house calibers like caliber 400

  9. This video along with the Longines have made me appreciate these brands way more than ever before

  10. @serge_oehn

    What a beautiful, friendly and informative tour! Oris definitely doesn't have to hide from other brands! I've been keen on the Diver Sixty-Five for a long time. In my opinion one of the most beautiful diving watches ever. In general, Oris doesn't actually offer an ugly watch. According to several people close to me, the quality is outstanding for these prices.

  11. @kiatography22

    The CEO is such a humble, down to earth person. Yup, an Oris is definitely next on my list.

  12. @martinjones1294

    Oris man likes to stand very very close when talking and makes Teddy look slightly uncomfortable 😁 Great video and insight into a brilliant watch brand. Oris is great value for money.

  13. @gerrytemple5044

    Can't actually say why this brand despite its undeniable qualities just doesn't speak to me. Maybe it lacks some modern elegance to me.

  14. @EricZ726

    Great video Teddy. If I didn’t know any better I’d think you’re giving him a tour. 😂

  15. @stu632

    Oris are one of the most honest down to earth manufacture's there is. They care about their customers and all their staff I have ever encountered have been great. Every Oris I have owned has kept amazing time usually around +2 or +3. No I do not work for Oris, just a big fan. I hope they follow the recent Diver's 75 with the original 65 line and cal 400's in them.

  16. @coconutpolygon

    I have a couple of Oris watches (big crown pointer date and the cal. 400 divers 65 hodinkee version) and I plan on adding one more next year (aquis probably). They have such a good design language and quality.

  17. @intersparcolow

    Great video as always. Im curious how that date window at 18:49 passed the QC tho. Probably not really noticable on the wrist, but from a watch at that price you expect the consistency. I understand that the material is hard to work with but the other watch's cutout is so much more clean.

  18. Great video. I really like your in-depth looks at these amazing brands, especially the smaller, more individualistic ones.

  19. @ab-surd

    Like Teddy said @25:54, the brand Oris has a soul. That's why I love them more than any other watch brand out there. And the Oris CEO Rolf Studer is such a great approachable guy who is so much involved with the brand from a good (not a overly commercial) perspective.

  20. @basketmvp23

    As always, incredible quality and inspiring video. Thanks Teddy and team to share this video. 😊

  21. @RaidenF8

    One thing I had heard about Oris was the fact that once you push the crown in, the minute hand jumps. Is that with all the Oris watches or just some? For example, does their calibre 403 do this?

  22. @danyrame

    I have two Oris watches, a diver 65 with bronze basel and an Aquis green dial. I love them great watches for ‘affordable ‘ price.

  23. @Not_Mark_Twain

    Thanks for another video profile! Oris was my first Swiss watch 30 years ago and I have loved the brand ever since. But recently, they broke my heart.

    I bought the ProPilot Coulson, an expensive Oris that features their Caliber 400, a carbon fiber case, titanium bezel, nice strap, and a dial with applied numbers and markers (unlike most ProPilots, which use printed dials). I bought it in memory of my brother, a firefighter killed fighting a fire with Coulson trying to drop retardant overhead. I loved the watch. Then, at a watch show in San Francisco, the CEO of Oris North America noticed that the date wheel on my watch had stopped working…..v

    Fortunately, I had registered for the 10 year warranty and the watch was only a few weeks old, so my AD sent it to Oris for repair. But even though I was registered in the Oris warranty database, Oris refused to honor their warranty. Why? Because when my AD did not have one, I’d bought it from Watchmaxx, a grey market seller who had purchased it from an AD and sold it to me new. My normal AD, Topper in Burlingame, made several efforts to get Oris to fix it even though they had not sold it to me. (They rock.)

    Oris decided to punish me, a paying customer who loves the brand, not the offending dealer. And when I offered to pay cash for the repair, they refused. Their position was "why? Because we have the proprietary parts to the Cal 400, so f*ck you, that's why." I sent a detailed note to VJ Geronimo the Oris CEO who had spotted the stuck date wheel. He never replied.

    Fortunately, Watchmaxx honored their warranty and replaced the watch with a new one. I promptly sold it because every time I looked at it, I was reminded not of my brother, but of the shabby treatment that Oris had given me. I still like Oris and will keep my S/G pointer date. But this was a heartbreaker 😢 and seriously disappointing.

  24. @tushu24897

    Didn't know about the innovation that went into making Aquis dial. Truly interesting.

  25. @Drunknmunk22

    This makes me that much more happy that I decided to get an Oris as my first Swiss timepiece. 💯
    I recently got the Aquis Date Relief with the red strap back in August. Never thought I’d own a watch with a red strap but it called to me. The red lollipop second hand made it that much more appealing for some reason.
    The next two on the list are the Big Crown and the Diver 65.
    This was awesome Teddy! Thank you! 🤙🏼

  26. @Enygma89

    Great brand to learn about! thank you
    Dealing with the ghost net issue in their way is highly admirable
    Just want to say I was quite struck with describing a watch as timeless.. my twisted brain loved that

  27. @ryangochuico

    I'm a big fan of the pro pilot x case and bracelet. Dial also looks great but i wish they made the lume on it stronger. The gray dial has been on my list.

  28. @JamesMH

    Do they do a deal like the sketchers factory outlets? 😂

  29. @roderick9018

    I've been considering an oris 39.5mm diver and I think this video pushed me over the edge …. Thanks lol

  30. @KarthikS30712

    I'm going to remember the CEO Rolf. Simple, smart and nerdy guy.

  31. @astorbeijer9424

    Wow. I'm so glad I watched this video. My favorite watch in my collection is the Cherry Red, but over the past couple of years I had started doubting if Oris was actually worth the money. Their non-regulated SW 200 movements, mineral crystal casebacks and lack of on-the-fly adjustability just isn't up to snuff with today's watch market. This video emphasizes the things Oris doesn't tell you. First, they're a small company. Second, they do lote of quality control despite being so small. And the amount of human involvement in every step of the process is very impressive. I expected something like Tudor's new factory where every step is fully automated. Oris has some improvements to make, but they're not as far behind as I thiught. Thanks Teddy for a great video!

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