Vivo X Flip Review: Another Clamshell Foldable Contender

The Vivo X Flip is Vivo’s first clamshell foldable and it brings the usual strengths and weaknesses of clamshell foldables: it’s compact, sleek, stylish, but the outside cover screen doesn’t do enough.

However, the Vivo X Flip has a strong main camera that can capture some very fun portraits. I’m also a fan of OriginOS, Vivo’s China-only software.

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Hardware and design
3:28 – Camera samples
5:40 – Software


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  1. Ralph Upod

    Not sure about the software of vivo..that's why im using zflip 4

  2. andyH_England

    Latest foldable sales data suggests the market has stalled, in fact, sales year-on-year down. That is unusual for a new product that influencers suggest will take over the space sooner rather than later. I expect that the shock and awe of this when new is wearing thin, and most people realise you are paying a high price for less spec just to have a phone flip. There are only so many people that care for the "flex" mode, as it is not that useful due to the top screen being too small when used like that (see video). Where can this form factor go? I am not seeing where, maybe, better cameras, but that means higher pricing (otherwise Samsung risks damaging Ultra sales, there most profitable device). Going cheaper on a "lite" version may increase demand, but is their room for OEMs to make money?

    I have never been a fan as I have failed to understand the concept, other than for aesthetics and bragging rights, great for the Instagram crowd. But having to open the phone over a hundred times a day for my workflow is tedious rather than "fun"! Glad they exist and hopefully some clever person will add value and move flip phones forward with some mind-blowing innovation.

  3. Rolins

    I really can't understand why Chinese manufacturers can't take advantage of their hardware and implement good software to be able to beat Samsung in the foldable field 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. Hector

    I've debated about getting a clamshell since I always take my cell when I jog but it's disappointing it doesn't have stereo speakers, ip rating and no wireless charging.

  5. sol

    Absolutely a Great rev ben👌
    ..thank you ..respect to your hard work ✌

  6. Fahd Saleh

    I'm your big fan sir ❤❤ love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  7. Joel Conolly

    Counterpoint: unfolded thickness really isn't an issue for clamshell foldable. Remember how thick phones used to be? So I don't think it's too cumbersome for how pocketable it can be.

  8. Dariusz Tech

    I like it a lot 😀
    Flip phones are getting better and better 💪

  9. The Sound Lab

    Here are the key insights from the Vivo X Flip review:

    * The Vivo X Flip's outside screen is twice as big as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4's outside screen, making it a main selling point.

    * Despite not being as sturdy as the z-flip force hinge, the Vivo X Flip's hinge is well-built and can stay in place at any angle, making it a reliable option for users.

    * The Vivo X Flip is powered by a last Fall's flagship chip, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1, which is still more than powerful enough.

    * The main camera on the Vivo X Flip is quite good for a clamshell foldable phone, and vivo's smartphone cameras have been arguably the best in class for the past two years now.

    * The Vivo X flip has a long-lasting battery and fast charging, but lacks wireless charging and IP water resistance rating.

    * The Vivo X Flip's original OS is one of the reviewer's favorite Android skins, but it is quite aggressive at killing background apps, requiring users to jump through hoops to receive notifications.

    * Clamshell foldables have plateaued in terms of innovation and performance, with no clear winner among the recent releases.

    Overall, the Vivo X Flip is a solid choice for those looking for a clamshell foldable phone. It has a large outside screen, a well-built hinge, a powerful processor, and a good camera. However, it lacks wireless charging and IP water resistance, and its OS can be aggressive at killing background apps.

  10. Выглядит круто. Сейчас этот аппарат мой фаворит среди всех флип-смартфонов

  11. david adams

    A thousand dollars and no water rating. No thanks

  12. Barry Johnson

    I am digging this vivo. The filter modes are also underrated if you ask me. Thanks for the video Ben.

  13. Njoi Fontes

    I wonder why vivo does not sell their phones outside China. This would make a killing in Europe and the US. Great device.

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