vivo X100 Pro: I’ve Used It. Here’s My Thoughts | Epic Cameras!

The vivo X100 Pro brings about a new camera setup and the world’s first Dimensity 9300 processor. Here’s my thoughts.

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  1. Lim Reviews

    Quick update: Battery size is 5400mah and charging is 100W, not 120W. Pricing has also been reduced across all models and variants.

  2. When Huawei introduced that circle camera bump on thier flagship, every other Android smartphone follows. Thats what you call INNOVATION.

  3. Kilian Smith

    I can see the hours of hard work you've invested in this channel… It's paying off beautifully! – Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out…

  4. Bos, wow kamera dia mantap! Susah saya mau dapat cuba Vivo X90 Pro+ pun tak dapat2 sebab fon ni tak masuk Malaysia.

  5. joon kit Choy

    What's the upcoming or current best camera phone in the market? 🤔

  6. olive

    I'm super exited about the mighty Dimensity 9300.
    I hope more OEC gives D9300 a chance

  7. Martin H

    Curved display again? Noooo 👎👎👎👎

  8. David

    Vivo x100 vs Iqoo 12 pls. Also, I know it's rather hard but I'd love see a practical comparison between last recent Snapdragon and Dimensity (say last 3 years) flagships and how much better they've got not in benchmarks but in UI speed and rendering and feature proofing specs. Anyway, GL

  9. Mubienk Vape

    Looking at all the phones that doesn't bring "big brand" like Leica or Hasselblad but produce the same quality or even better, beg the question that does it really necessary or it's just a gimmick to boost sales

  10. JDK.Channel

    why vivo take dimensity for higher flagship series😓
    its gonna be worst
    snapdragon 8 gen 3 is much better after all

  11. Blake Eats

    Does it have 4k30 cinematic video on the front and back cam and also does it record 4k60 on the front cam?

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