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VLAN Explained

What are VLANs? This is an animated video explaining what a VLAN is and how it works. Virtual local area network.


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  1. Ali Butt

    Great brother your channel is Fantastic

  2. Ullas

    I recently installed Fiber Internet and VLAN was a fuss. Now I understand what it is. Thank you.

  3. Juliet Egbule

    i love your videos. nice way of explaining things for a lame man

  4. Naif Alfahmi

    Networks Topics that you could put some lights on.

    1. Host Network
    2. Per-Host-Subnet Networking
    2. Bridge Network.
    3. NAT (Already has a video in your channel)
    4. VLAN (Already has a video in your channel)
    5. VXLAN
    6. MACVLAN
    7. OVERLAY
    8. Layer2 Flat
    9. IPsec
    10. Network Policies

    If you asked me I would start with 2 or 7
    Thank you.

  5. Oussama Oussama

    Great demonstration. Could you please share with us the configuration of vlan? Regardless the brand used for that. I'd be helpful if you could make a video of what I've mentioned. Thanks.

  6. vilifood 1

    Thanks for this great vid!
    How do i make a specific computer "talk" with ALL departments?

  7. Mocking Moniker

    This is a video that says, "VLANs are cool, you should use them," but there's no concept provided. Alchemy is cool and you should use it but too bad the rote science is garbage.

  8. Shawn Tartaglia

    Subnet and vlan are used to isolate traffic. But if the computers on the network 100% communicate with a shared file server and the internet do the subnet and vlan really help with network traffic?

  9. Damuku Kandu

    Haha. As I EXPECTED!!! I was a little bit confused when my colloge prof discussed about this, but you freaking explain it for only 5 minutes and I freaking get it EASILY! THANKS AGAIN and I'LL COME BACK! Haha

  10. omer minzar

    What is the different between VLAN and subnetting?

  11. Jamey

    How come you wouldn’t just logically subnet them? Why would you use vlan over subnetting seems redundant to me adds a whole lot of complexity

  12. Marti1659

    So helpful & easy to understand. I learnt a lot. Thank you for taking time to create & share.

  13. Rixtronix LAB

    Nice video clip, keep it up, thank you for sharing it 🙂

  14. Leena Bora

    Can't we achieve same thing by creating different network using subnets?

  15. Rodski Dimitri

    this is what I'm looking for, very well presented and easy to understand. thank you.

  16. Ian

    Another great video 👍 We are using VLANs mostly for isolation, to protect back ups from other segments of the network.

  17. aoe2geek

    I get how this would be useful from an admin perspective but how exactly would this alleviate traffic? Isnt it essentially the same amount of traffic just split up differently? Seems like it could benefit users that were moved into a lower traffic split but negatively impact users that were moved into a higher traffic split

  18. Rahul Yadav

    I understand your videos better than my professors. I passed HW and networking classes. Thanks to your videos! I anticipate you continue doing it.

  19. Adriaan Schep

    only thing i msised, tagged + trunked + untagged ports.

    Tagged ports for 1 vlan, trunk for multiple vlans together (mostly uplink, sometimes to servers) and untagged to devices that don't understand vlan.

    For my homelab -> Trunk LACP to the main switch with 4 links so all my VMs have good enough connectivity.
    Tagged ports for the servers, so they have a link for every VLAN, and a management VLAN on top of one of the ports that dont see alot of action (a heartbeat vlan for monitoring, so actually its a trunk then with 2 vlans) and then untagged ports for things like IPMI, UPS network interface etc, stuff that doesn;t understand what a VLAN is by itself, so it needs some help from the switch to route the traffic to the correct vlan.

  20. JoneKone

    Maybe a followup on this explaining how to firewall VLANs and giving internet connectivity to only some?

  21. Nicole Slama

    So are those actual wires connecting them or are they representing nodes

  22. Erich B.

    Can someone explain what " seeing other people on the network's traffic" means? What does "seeing" other traffic on the network mean exactly?

  23. nYx

    Great explanation!

  24. Nugroho

    Thanks for sharing this mate, its simple and can be understand easily.

  25. NISHAT Vasker

    Can we say that using router wifi is a type of using vlan?

  26. Bautista Vicens

    if shipping department vlan has 3 ports (0; 1; 2) and production department vlan has 2 ports (3; 5), and also they shares a server with information for both of them, how would you allow access for both vlans to the server that is in port n° 6?

  27. Dude! I LOVE the way u explained that. Didn't know that that's where I was having my issue. Came across this a lot but just couldn't grasp it. Thx 4 looking out for us newbies 👍🏼

  28. IDGAF Gaming

    Hello Can you please make an explanation for hybrid port? Thank you!!!

  29. In this small example, as the cables are going through switches (not hubs), wouldn't it be enough to just do subnetting? Where I work, we do both, such as 10.0.79.x is VLAN 79 and 10.0.19.x is VLAN 19, but I can't see why adding the VLAN layer on top of the subnetting layer as switches already don't broadcast?


    I was thinking wouldn’t a subnet do the same thing as a Vlan in the sence it would separate network traffic??? And you could also separate the traffic how you saw fit ???

  31. Chandler

    Maybe I’m missing something but the reasons for having a VLAN seem to be pretty similar to the reasons for creating a subnet (alleviating network congestion from broadcasts, network manageability). Could anyone tell me the advantages of having a VLAN over just creating a subnet? Is it just that it’s being done at the switch instead of the router?

  32. sgomezroman

    Gracias por el aporte y los subtítulos para seguir con la capacitación 👍

  33. Josip Benko

    This was by far the best explanation video on VLANs thank you!!!

  34. War Hawk121

    I have doubt , for the VLANs a large amount of cabling required right?

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