VR One Review – Virtual Reality in a Backpack?!

Dave2D review of the MSI VR One. A backpack VR system that delivers the best experience on the market right now. This thing is super fun!
Available Here – http://amzn.to/2gc5Fz7

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Intro: Matanoll – Clearness (Robotaki Remix)
Background: Fili – Pressing Forward

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  1. Silure

    looks like the nanosuit from crysis lol

  2. Zane Tursun

    i think if we can use VR technology efficiently with 3D architectural modelling tools and indesign interior, why not to the backpack laptops.

  3. Anbumani Perumal

    This Mini DisplayPort 1.4 does support 144Hz refresh rate output? I need to connect 144 Hz monitor to view 3D Quad Buffer stereo.

  4. PC

    I wonder what would it be like to strap the sensors of the VR headset to metal arms attached to you and walk around in public

  5. Spongesonic20

    Annd you can just get an oculus quest which is now a PORTABLE all in one VR 🤣

  6. tattoodrdoke

    Great bit of kit but redundant for rift until rift s comes out. Depending on how rift s does i can see myself picking this up.

  7. Rekamniar

    I can see myself playing No Man's Sky with this

  8. Garrison Walter

    How can you even use with Oculus if the cameras need to be wired to the pc?

  9. ScreenSlayr

    This video doesn't address the lighthouses # how do you connect to them with this setup

  10. Drafi07

    mmmmhh i know this is outdated but where are the trackers connected at ?

  11. Arvind

    0:01 Imagine if that’s what you would see when you enter a room full YouTubers.

  12. Aussie Raver

    Ive owned the MSI VR ONE for 8 months now.
    Honestly, untethered VR is sooo great!
    It doesnt feel heavy at all.
    The only downside is the battery life.
    I cant seem to find the battery packs or rechargers anywhere.

  13. OregonSplash

    So how do i see the things??? the screen i use are the glasses??? How to start windows, open google chrome? Start a game on steam? Im new to this sorry

  14. shzamm patapon

    Watching back this video and I don't know how this backpack has ages?

  15. Cellardoor

    Im gonna blast some postal 2 with this vr shit

  16. xavier Barrera

    Hey Dave can you do a video where you do the same thing with the new valve index and with a cool vr backpack?
    That would be great if you can love your vids

  17. Zacke Feller

    I have those Status Audio CB-1 headphones!!! They're an amazing value for closed back studio headphones.

  18. Green Kirby

    Looks like it's been discontinued. Too bad, I like the concept.

    I guess Oculus Quest's portable solution is more affordable though.

  19. Steven Dai

    After pre-ordering the Oculus Quest 2 and rewatching this video, I feel so old… VR has improved so much.

  20. theyojo

    or just buy a laptop and a backpack…

  21. Must

    Oculus Quest: hey grandpa!

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