Wake up Logitech.

when I saw Logitech announce this keyboard I got pretty excited because we’ve taken a look at a lot of compact gaming keyboards recently Razer steel series High ground and endgame gear as well none of them though could beat the wounding 60h which is this keyboard right here to say this keyboard has revolutionized the gaming keyboard space would be an understatement to say the least the rapid trigger feature specifically and also the really fast actuating switches just makes game movement feel so responsive I just can’t go back to a normal keyboard after using this but if anyone can beat the wounding it has to be Logitech right the king of gaming peripherals and out of all of these brands that we’ve looked at Logitech has the most amount of resources so let’s take a look at what we have here this is a 60% $180 keyboard with Optical switches but with no mention of Rapid Trigger or any adjustable actuation point they do mention though that you can take control of every switch through something called key control which sounds promising enough even if is a bit vague so I plugged it in and downloaded the ghub software to see what’s up and I was left in shock you’ve got some lighting control some button remapping and that’s literally it no rapid trigger no actuation point tuning I couldn’t even remap the bottom right keys to become arrow keys because you can’t change the function key I honestly don’t know what to say I stared at the software for more than a few minutes thinking I had missed something or downloaded the wrong program entirely but no this is it now I don’t want to be to dramatic here this is just a gaming keyboard it’s not going to ruin your entire life if you buy it it plays games fine uh you know it does what most gaming keyboards do but that’s kind of the problem you know I can find something on Amazon for like 30 bucks that will do pretty much the exact same thing that this thing does I mean it is Wireless which is kind of cool but we’ve had like Wireless 60% and Pros for like 7 years now and who really needs wireless keyboard I mean you have to plug the thing in anyway at your desk so yeah a cable is not really hindering your performance it’s not like a mouse where you actually have to move it but yeah 180 bucks man same price as a woing 60 but it’s releasing 2 years later and it’s made by the biggest peripheral company in the world I mean it just doesn’t make sense also this feature I keep mentioning called rapid trigger I’m aware that some of you might not even know what this is basically it was first made on the wooding 60 it allows your keys to instantly reset the moment you start lifting them up you don’t have to wait for the switch to kind of pass back through the actuation point to fully reset which is what you unfortunately have to do on the G Pro x60 now I’ve shown this test setup before but basically we’ve got a high-speed camera a solenoid and a 540 HZ monitor to analyze what sort of switch release latency we’re looking at now this testing is not perfect as I’ve mentioned before in fact once these keyboards all have their rapid trigger dialed in I’ll be completely abandoning it and that’s because we’re testing end to endend latency here so the moment the switch starts lifting up to the action being performed on the screen and the main latency component that we’re looking at is actually in the system and the game itself but even with this test the difference between the wooding 60 and the new Logitech is painfully obvious I did 10 runs for each keyboard This is filmed at 3,000 frames per second so each frame takes around 0.3 milliseconds and we keep counting the frames until we see the unscop animation on the screen behind it the woing takes 40 camera frames on average whereas the Logitech takes more than double the G Pro x60 is 17 milliseconds slower here on average so to put it simply counter strafing invalid air strafing in Apex and the zero acceleration movement in OverWatch it all just feels so much better with that reduced latency input on the woing now I do have to be fully transparent here I am actually in the process of collaborating with woing on a custom keyboard which I am super excited for this is a rough prototype of what we’re looking at not sure if we’re going to do like gradient key Caps or flat set because dialing this in has been actually kind of like the main roadblock if I’m being completely honest but yeah I’m not being paid anything at the moment to say good things about them you know I’ve been hyping up the woing 60 pretty much forever it’s actually the one product where I purposely don’t have an affiliate link for it because I recommend it so much I don’t want people to think like I’m overly Shilling the company because yeah it’s just such a great product super important that I disclose that stuff to you like I’ll never not take that stuff seriously but yeah if you think that I’m biased because I now have a collaboration with booting I completely understand you know that is fine by me this video though is way less about woing and it’s more about Logitech like what are the these guys even doing there was a time there where you know the G Pro Wireless came out even the super light came out Logitech was like just Untouchable like no one could touch them they were the gaming peripheral company whenever I saw a Logitech product on a shelf I just knew it was the best or at least it was extremely decent I just had like this inherent trust in the Logitech brand like they knew stuff that other companies didn’t and that they were just better than everyone else fast forward to today though I mean it’s almost like just depressing how bad Logitech is in 2024 they have completely lost it they are out of touch they are clueless with what makes a good gaming peripheral even the super light 2 I think the super light 2 was like the first clue of Logitech going downhill it was like barely an upgrade over the super light 1 and to be honest after I felt those clicks I was like hang on a second this thing actually might be worse but yeah this is the depressing reality of Logitech in 2024 just lack of innovation this is a $180 keyboard which should should be 5050 bucks it is not a pro keyboard by any standard it is complete trash that’s what I think of it but yeah maybe you can let them know what you think of it down in the comments below

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  1. @TheTmaguire

    could you split the space bar into 2?
    I've got crouch set to alt and jump as space bar. It would be super awesome to ping to the 2nd half of the space bar maybe?

  2. @ShoganGeorge

    We need more honest reviews like these. And not the BS you get on LTT

  3. @fasihzubair481

    Cool to see the comparison and the innovation wooting has done is great, but I'm just never gonna spend that kind of money on a keyboard tbh.

  4. @YerdaZabam

    Good/decent mice, mediocre/bad keyboards. Same as it ever was.

  5. @-kr1su

    Logitech just keeps getting worse every year.

  6. @HikazeYattis

    Videos like this are the reason why I watch your videos. Keep up the great content, and just reviews.

  7. @AnimByBmXu

    Dude I'll wait to buy your wooting collab and your zero mouse

  8. @wheezel666

    Great video, Logitech seems to have fallen off lately with their product. BTW are you going to review the Louqe Ghost R1?

  9. @FrankAndreasLia

    I own a Logitech Pro X TKL Keyboard and was pretty happy, but I recently bought at Akko Mod 007B keyboard and OMG the difference is insane! Best keyboard I ever owned. Wireless, rapid trigger and heavy as F…! Ozing quality all the way!

  10. @LeatherBacon

    Would love to have a wooting in a split format like an iris or something along those lines

  11. @tercelpj514

    surprised you haven't tried out the nothing phone 2a already

  12. @speeddemon4692

    its always the big corporations that feel the need to just lose out on a growing market. Why would they do that?

  13. @KontrolStyle

    that keyboard right now on amazon is $150 and that wooting is $175. 6/12/24 – My question is why the hell do we waste so much money on keyboards?

  14. @miloISdead

    Complacent is the perfect word to describe Logitech.

  15. @poke7188

    Optimum has a case collab with wooting now?!

  16. @aloper5

    I was just about to order the 60he but I think I'll wait…Digging that gradient grey keycap set…Make it be! 🙂

  17. @gddfhjiufcv

    When shroud said the ninjutso sora v2 can't be a good mouse and he's paid to use shit like this XD

  18. @blurryface9910

    Logitech consistently misses the mark. They're much like Razer in the sense they have loads of money to chuck at R&D for new products, but not project managers to ensure quality products… and they already have the brand recognition to make it worthwhile (for their pockets).

  19. @AkramBaghor

    You know the keyboard is bad, when another keyboard is mentioned more in its review

  20. @a1henstv

    Optimum can you try the ATK68, its a pretty cheap HE keyboard but is supposed to be very good.

  21. @Edwardx703

    It seems that the main issue is that the Logitech team may consist of older employees who may not be keeping up with the latest industry trends, likely due to their long tenure with the company. As long as sales remain high, it seems that the company does not see the need for any changes and views the team's performance positively. Prime example in the video you can see brown switches on this keyboard. These switches are ancient times. Switches you see in the 90s.

  22. @Norman_Peterson

    Logitech has already adopted a policy of maximizing profits for many years.
    The quality of construction and materials have dropped drastically, in favor of a rise in prices to raise profit margins.
    It has thus entered the new era, it has no longer been synonymous with quality for years.

  23. @HardwareFRA

    I reviewed the Akko 3061S HE, but i have no Wooting to compare. What do you think ? Do you plan to test it ?
    There is also the ATK68 HE

  24. @user-lm3fm4cq5i

    I do not like Logitech keyboards. I recently had to buy a new one and the prices were insane, and the affordable ones just didn't really feel right. Very sad actually.
    On the other hand except for my first actual gaming mouse which was a Razer Basilisk, I since stuck with Logitech in that department.
    I also recently tried out a Corsair Sabre RGB Wireless, but that thing broke after only 3 weeks of usage and Corsair Customer Support was absolutely terrible.
    While I also had technical issues with some Logitech mice ( double clicking mostly ), their customer support was spot on. 2.5 days after the initial contact, where I provided the needed documents, I had the new mouse in my hands. Didn't even need to send the broken one in or anything alike. Perfect.
    Now I am using a Logitech G Pro Wireless I found for very cheap and am super happy with it. I'd actually say it made me a better gamer haha.
    But yea, in terms of keyboards? Na.., I'll stick with Razer in that department. ( Not the best, I know, but just my favourite..and i love their wrist rests haha )

  25. @HardwareFRA

    Logitech is way too expensive. And "it's complete trash" as you said 😂
    Curious to see your collab with Wooting !

  26. @CodeOni

    Any chance of a keykron Q1 HE review?

  27. @warpathh

    Logitech is using that “off the shelf” mechanical keyboard base that became available and tons of 3rd party mfgs are making “gaming keyboards” with it, but it tests terribly and it’s a shame Logitech is using the same one….

  28. @goHaenchen

    Last Keyboard i bought from Logitech was the G710. After like the 3rd time the ctrl keycap broke off i was done with the Logitech keyboards. I am very careful with my peripherals so i guess they cheaped out on the keycaps or some wrong engineering idk.

  29. @parawizard

    I can't deal with less than a 75% and I really would miss low profile height of the nuphy. The better response time would be great though.

    Edit: The difference is the Nuphy Air 75 is ~16ms wired and 60HE is <2ms.

  30. @Buran01

    Honestly the only good keyboards from Logitech are the KT800 nad the MX Keys is you (as in my case) like moembrane keys due low noise.
    Their mouses are also utter crap: I like the G 604 as unique bending of good ergonomics and 6 lateral buttons for MMOs/MOBAs, but the software is SO INCREDIBLY BAD that I wouldn't buy a Logitech mouse again in my life (and my last 6 mouses have been all above 100 € mark, most of them from Razer).

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