Warzone 2.0 Benchmarks with Budget Graphics Cards

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In today’s video we are benchmarking the brand new Warzone 2.0 with some budget graphics cards. The GPUs that we are using are the RX 580, RX 6400, RX 6600XT, Arc A750, GTX 970, GTX 1060, GTX 1080, GTX 1630, GTX 1650, and the RTX 2060.

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Testing Rig:
CPU: https://geni.us/WU20
Mobo: https://geni.us/TyHr6
RAM: https://geni.us/qz22FYh
SSD: https://geni.us/6pEl
PSU: https://geni.us/GZJATXb
Case: https://geni.us/vo8BaG
Fans: https://geni.us/7qUY
AIO: https://geni.us/jOkuJ
Extensions: https://geni.us/ldTzI5m

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This Post Has 31 Comments

  1. Thank you! Will you ever do streaming and recording settings for graphic cards like Rx 580 and or Rx 6600 (non XT) with OBS?

  2. Xeno

    The rx 6400 performed way better than I thought it would. Great to see that budget sub $150 cards are finally making an appearance again.

  3. Jake Murphy

    Wow that 6400 performance surprised me a bit. Some solid numbers

  4. zLung Butterz

    Just had a guy contact me about a build I have for sale telling me that I was crazy for claiming a 2070 Super could run Warzone at 1440p. 🙄

  5. ابو صبيح

    Unfortunately, I don't have a Snare card, I only need 150 dollars, and I'm in Egypt

    Unfortunately, I don't have a Snare card, I only need 150 dollars, and I'm in Egypt

  6. Robert Anderson

    Screw the gpu for this game. U gonna need our own satellite and internet just to get good internet and stop the lag in this game.

  7. Myytti

    What is this nonsense. Took half a video to get to the point. Why am I subscribing to you? I have better things to do. Unsubscribed.

  8. Dávid Halász

    Can you make another video with the budget CPUs? Just to see how the game scales with 4-6 core CPUs.

  9. EchoSlayer

    I'm following ur vids to make a 200€ budget pc I found an optiplex for around 80 but can't seem to find a gtx 1050 low profile graphic card for under 100 ,(

  10. Daytimerocker

    cool to see the gtx 970 not be totally left in the dust. The rx 6400 and rx 580 impressed me the most

  11. mexx

    keep in mind the rx 580 8gb model exists, and its likely to fetch even higher fps than the 4gb model because warzone uses anywheres between 4-7gb of vram on 1080p low. and you can get an rx 580 8gb model used off ebay for around 80-100 usd

  12. Ediz Albayrak

    i think u should replace 1630 to 1050 ti. Its much popular

  13. br33Zyfn

    yo my pc is alr broken after a week😂 i made a 15 sec yt video where i show what happens if i try to turn it on, can you maybe help me?

  14. BeefBaconBiscut

    I said this in the ZTT server already, but I managed to get my hands on an RX 580 8gb for 45$. I’m not sure if you’d be able to find a deal like that anywhere else but the rx 570 4-8gb can easily be found for around that price as well

  15. KAZI

    i have a 8400k i5 and a 1660 super. what cpu should i get that would work with the 1660 and a 3070ti? planning on getting one in the future


    so close to that 200K sub count keep pushin love the vids

  17. uwu uwu

    is this good for 330 CAD/246.52 USD

    Intel Core i7-6700 @ 3.4GHz – Max Turbo to 4.0 GHZ
    16GB DDR4 RAM
    500 GB HDD 7200 RPM
    Discrete AMD Radeon R7 GDDR5 2GB GPU

  18. sQQu33 PC

    I have a Ryzen 5 5600ge + RX 6400 build that pulls only 70w for off grid gaming in the camper.

  19. 1SmOkEYj3

    I have the i7 12 gen 11700 f with the rx6600 and only get 90–120 in warzone

  20. At Me

    I’m so shocked they all performed good a live 60 FPS wow. I’m really impressed as this game hard to run very interested in the RTX 580, 6400 and 6600XT

  21. sayed taha

    was hoping to see the gtx 1050 ti, good video regardless c:

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