We Bought a Budget Gaming PC From Walmart….

MTG is a popular budget office and entry level gaming brand that sells all over the place. Today we are looking at one of their more expensive offerings: a full gaming setup minus the monitor! This system contains an Intel i7 4770 4 Core 8 Thread and an RX 580 8GB, for $700 we are on the quest to find out if that’s worth it or a bad deal.

Walmart Listing

Windows 10 Keys
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  1. Beisepimp

    This error i had 99% of the time, when the RAM was faulty. πŸ™‚

  2. Rohaan Qureshi

    I feel like I’m the only person in the world who tries to game without a gpu

  3. J G

    People just need to watch a how to video because there's to many bad pre-builts

  4. FantomuL

    Nah, I got my custom sh pc for 230$
    Rx1050 TI
    16 gb ram
    Amd fx-6300
    The cpu si bad but I will upgrade it to a amd rizen 5 5500 for 120$

  5. MaximumRD

    I would love to tell people my Mobo is an ARROGANCE DRAGON 😝

  6. 700! I feel sad for those unknown parents/adults who think this is a good buy. It should not even cost 300usd if it worked.

  7. Furyon

    700$ is NOT a budget gaming PC at all… Budget means anything below like 500$

  8. Alexaa Diecast

    In the BIOS change the SATA Mode from AHCI Mode to RAID Mode. Save and exit. Try it πŸ‘

  9. ItzhaiL

    Theres a pc on amazon for 500$ with a ,intel core i7 3.4GHz 16gb ram 512gb ssd 5.0 radeon rx 580 8gb gddr5 its called STGAubron

  10. fourtwentynick

    I feel bad for any innocent person just wanting a Gaming Pc and purchasing this piece of trash.

  11. jjcoolaus

    Wow. $700 could buy you a gaming laptop in the USA. In Australia I can get a 11th gen, 512gb SSD, 16GB RAM laptop for that price, integrated graphics only though. Dedicated GPU laptops start about $1500 in Australia ($900 usd)

  12. Dan Edewaard

    With Walmart's return policy, you should be able to bring your Grandmother back for a full refund!!!

  13. That_dude768

    I like the case but 700 sorry they can take out the etc but keep the pc case that would of been 265$ but with the stuff inside the pc it would be 578$ that sad that they bent the cooler it look weird now 😒

  14. DecisionTime

    Was the SATA controller enabled in BIOS? Sometimes the port can be disabled causing it to not show up or be detected. Just wondering if that was the reason why!

  15. Triiio

    congrats on 500kπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  16. TechnoFuzzy

    4th gen intel boards did in fact support m.2 drives. Usually they were Z97 boards though. I have a few of them laying around. Dont see why they couldnt just add support on a H81 chipset though. They sell chinese X79 boards with m.2 support and they work flawlessly….

  17. Timothy

    Way overpriced, even if it worked LoL

  18. Smokey Yunick

    i bought an MSI GF63 thin RTX3050 for $729 then 32GB of ram for $70 it games quite nice for what it is

  19. elgigante2001

    The case looks very similar to the ones Walmart used for their short lived Over Powered PC line.

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