We BROKE the WORLD RECORD for DaVinci Resolve with THIS PC | Mind BLOWN 😱

Ever wondered if it’s worth having multiple GPUs for your PC, we’ve added 4x RTX 4090s!

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πŸŸ₯ PC Specs:
Motherboard: https://geni.us/HWAlB [ASUS WRX80 Sage]
RAM: https://geni.us/IBim [Teamgroup T-Create Classic 3200MHz]
Cooler: https://geni.us/W596 [Noctua NH-U14s TR4]
OS SSD: https://geni.us/j61S1 [Cardea Z440]
Project Drive: https://geni.us/FC5302TB [Seagate Firecuda 530]
PSU: https://geni.us/px1600 [Seasonic PX1600]
GPU: 1. https://geni.us/MSI4090Liquid [MSI RTX4090 Suprim Liquid x]
2. https://geni.us/TUFRTX4090 [Asus TUF RTX4090]
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Video produced by Lauri Pesur
Edited by Sam Ruddick
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0:00 What’s coming up!
0:28 What equipment we’re using?
1:19 Best Buy Sponsor Disclosure
1:32 Setting up the GPUs
2:56 Adding extra Airflow
3:32 Plugging in 600W GPU Cables
4:02 Plugging in the 1600w PSU
4:26 First boot…
4:49 ISSUE 1 & Fix
5:13 BEST BUY Top Deals & Tips
7:10 BB Deals on Laptops & PC Parts
10:20 Octanerender with 3x RTX4090s
10:50 1275W pulled!
11:26 Thermals Camera on smartphone
12:50 3x RTX 4090 OCTANEBENCH score
13:28 Looking for Previous RESOLVE High score
14:27 WORLD RECORD 1.0
15:34 Improvement plan….
16:50 WORLD RECORD 2.0
17:22 OC-ing the 4090s
18:47 WORLD RECORD 3.0
20:15 Adding 4th RTX 4090
22:00 It works!!!
22:17 133% of the POWER LIMIT!
23:39 Davinci with 4x RTX 4090
25:40 Why this makes sense!
26:57 Best Bang for buck PC to build!


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  1. CJ _F5

    That setup itself must make the room temperature to rise by 30 celsius

  2. Artem

    Now we can sell office heater.

  3. MH Photography


  4. Shadow79

    Bro hasbro has 3 rtx 4090s but cant afford some riser cables

  5. NG3D

    Please do some Blender benchmarks

  6. Dave

    Was I the only one who shouted β€œboom” when he switched it on?

  7. dip 4 you

    how did you generate this much of money with your such sub base. im amazed

  8. iamamish

    You should make a video, "Best 3×4090 budget builds"

    "The good news is that our GPUs cost about as much as our CPU"

  9. Nasser Nasab

    You had to bring the room temp down. The cooler the ambient temp effects everything.

  10. AL Rizo

    I'd like you to try and defend the 4060ti

  11. Mar Eck

    In order to see GPU Compute Utilization you have to set Taskmanager to Compute or CUDA to show. Othewise youll obviously see close or 100% of your display driving card under 3d load ( becasue its mostly busy doing compute ).

  12. Thank you for creating fun content aimed at professional workloads πŸ‘

    Would be very interested to see hardware optimisation such as overclocking, PBO, cooling etc for this level of workstation.

    We run 5975wx’s with 2x Gigabyte 4090’s and have covered all our slots. Next step is likely water cooling to get space back but I’m not looking forward to the headache or unnecessary cost when our temps are fine on air.

    Great to see the benchmark difference though πŸ‘

  13. you need Gigabyte MZ73-LM0 motherboard and 2 overclocked AMD EPYC 9654 CPUs at 4.0 GHz for all 192 cores using Dynatron liquid coolers for SP5 socket with 4x RTX 4090 liquid cooled ones, 5x 2050 watt 80+ platinum PSUs, 1536 GB (24 * 64 GB) of DDR5 ECC RDIMM RAM only to make it 24 channel so it is 12 times faster than dual channel and connect each PSU to each GPU and the remaining PSU for the CPU and motherboard then overclock all GPUs to max with undervolting so max clock can be reached then you need to make your room temperature 10C then install Windows Core edition to disable all unrelated services and processes then install only Pugetbench (don't install anything else) then run the test and you will see 6000+ scores.

  14. ilias kapatos

    I think you can easy beat it if you run it with win10. I had some of the high scores with the 7950x on a Asus x670e Hero with a 4090, and at the same settings with both OS will bring a significant higher score when I run it on Win10 over Win11. This is just a thing what should bring a higher score, but mainly it is in the fusion score and not in the 8k (so I run win11), at least on my PC where I have a dual boot. On my PC 64GB DDR5 RAM will run with 6000Mhz this brings on AM5 also a significant advantage over 128GB where it runs stable at 4000MHz and just sometimes it also works at 4800Mhz but until now never with 5000MHz or higher. Also a big difference is if you Set it on GPU mode = Decompression and Debayer, or only at debayer.

  15. Arthur Allen

    Looks Like Some Kind Of Cyborg Out Of The Old Star Treck Shows

  16. As far as cases, you could use my dream chassis the Thermaltake Tower 900 and put a pair of 560mm rads on the rear sides plus a pair of 280mm rads on the back panel and the top of the case.
    As for the power supplies, for less than $50US you can get an adapter to use dual power supplies (as in a server) to power the system

  17. Duy Phan

    You was saying Threadreaper wasn't ready for Windows 11 yet if not until 2025, what changes this time around when you do this benchmark? Just asking since I tempting to upgrade my OS πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  18. DJ ESKY

    Will the top AMD Graphics card work alongside a Nvidia graphics card in the same Motherboard?

  19. Robert Marsh

    Would be interesting to see Blender benchmarks and seeing if/how the VRAM can be pooled


    3X4090 is still good πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘

  21. Can I use those power cables with a EVGA 2000w PSU?

    I’ve got far too many 8 pin cables.

  22. Please make a benchmark comparison for resolve between A(1 X RTX 4090 24GB) Vs B(3 X RTX 3060 12GB). Please.

  23. Bro03

    But can it run stable 60 FPS on last of us and Jedi survivor??

  24. Yusif

    Yes dad, I need this pc for school)))

  25. Funso

    Any news for 4060 ti 16gb

  26. neel jani

    At first when I show only 3 GPUs I was like thumbnail is scam πŸ˜‚ but till the end of video there are 4 haha

    Really cool video to watch πŸ˜…

  27. windpeoples

    I will never have the need, or the money, for such a system. But your videos are both educational and entertaining, so I seldom miss them.

  28. Septian Fajar

    what if i build a pc with with i9-13900K with gpu 4090 is it worth it to go on the road in davinci resolve ?

  29. Cyfriniol

    I appreciate the Best Buy ad but aren't those prices with respect to the inflated price? (edit) What I mean is the prices shown are the same as they were two years ago prior to the inflation calamity. The "sale" prices are just normal prices. I tried to teach tis "sale" pricing to my ex-wife once but… well, she's my ex so that tells it all.

  30. blackhound rise

    good God, man! 64 cores and a RTX 4090! if i bought just those 2 and my wife found out… I'd be dead before i install them 🀣🀣🀣. she'd sell them to pay for my funeral no qualms! I'm a huge fan of Seasonic PSU. so far mine has been working with no issues.


    ASUS Pro WS W790E-SAGE SE PC to go

  32. Zero Fame

    You almost can fly this set up with amount of fans spinning πŸ˜‚ and that power draw…

  33. shep husted

    best buy just brings down the brand – they aren't competitive

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