Web application security: 10 things developers need to know

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Security is an important topic for developers however security is often an afterthought in a project. This presentation will focus on practices which developers need to be aware of, and make security fun again. This is an in depth talk about 10 topics, not an overview for security best practices.

Talk by Nanne Baars at the Voxxed Days Vienna 2018 conference.

Thanks to Devoxx for giving us permission to post this talk. freeCodeCamp is not associated with this talk. We’re just excited to bring more exposure to to it!

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This Post Has 9 Comments


    Very very informative & helpful video πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. angel jo

    your voice is shaking.please breathe and talk

  3. sam

    I'm gonna have to watch this again with a notepad. Unbelievable amount of info packed into a 1 hour talk!

  4. Ryan Gilmour

    Not being able to see where he is pointing makes it a lot harder to follow this presentation.

  5. Scott Knight

    Once I get my Ph.D. in software development, I'll watch this again.

    I'm sure there is great info, but it's clear you would already have to be an expert to understand.

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