Web Scraping with Node.js

Learn how to do basic web scraping using Node.js in this tutorial. The request-promise and cheerio libraries are used.

💻 Github: https://github.com/beaucarnes/fcc-project-tutorials/blob/master/node-web-scraping/index.js

🔗 Article on client-side web scraping : https://medium.freecodecamp.org/client-side-web-scraping-with-javascript-using-jquery-and-regex-5b57a271cb86

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    I am having this error when I am trying to do npm install
    Can anyone know why is this caused or how to solve this.
    Help required

    npm ERR! path /Users/FinalProject/node_modules/jquery
    npm ERR! code ELOOP
    npm ERR! errno -62
    npm ERR! syscall access
    npm ERR! ELOOP: too many symbolic links encountered, access '/Users/FinalProject/node_modules/jquery'

  2. sBastion

    Thanks a bunch for the tutorial! You explained it clearly & helped me in understanding this tutorial 👌

    When I tried to run this code, I got an error that says:
    "TypeError: data.directory_items is not iterable"

    How do I fix this?

  3. Jonathan Antoine

    Someone know why he uses a network request link to get all users but go directly on the profile link to get challenges data? Isn't the challenges data on the profile page also dynamic?

  4. Loudkill_

    I make this tuto on February 15, 2020 by chance. Funny, isn't it ?

  5. Payman Khayree

    can we call the function next() at the end of the function getChallenges…() instead of returning it?

  6. PyMoondra

    Really nice job. I like your teaching style. Hope to see more videos from you.

  7. PyMoondra

    Does the link within video used not work anymore?
    Do we need to use some sort of headers?

  8. viko roze

    I have a question. This method will work on the angular and react?

  9. Andre Allwood

    Is there any way for you to allow the "index.js" to run when you click a button?

  10. J L

    and then you could run some statistical test to find if there's a correlation between num_hearts and num_challenges_passed

  11. Loizos Vasileiou

    WEBSITE HAVE CHANGED STRUCTURE… Here is how I fixed it (without completed challanges)..

    First change table structure:

    let table = new Table({
    head: ['username', '❤️'],
    colWidths: [15, 15]


    Then change function to:

    function getChallengesCompletedAndPushToUserArray(userData) {

    var i = 0;

    function next() {

    if (i < userData.length) {


    table.push([userData[i].name, userData[i].likes_received]);


    return next();

    } else {




    return next();


  12. MaxOnMaxxer90

    If you use this in an app, you would get a CROSS-origin read blocking error. How can you resolve this error and use this nice tutorial in a real app? Thanks 👍

  13. Jack Bird

    awesome tutorial, thank you for your video. it is very clear and easy. Also as newby in Shopify eCommerce i am using https://e-scraper.com/shopify/ to scrape shopify stores, all product data from my supplier sites and other sources. It helps me a lot. maybe it helps somebody too.

    Thank you for your input!!!

  14. Alex Zajacek

    wow this is so awsome. thank you for the tutorial. have you done one that shows you how request data from login sessions?

  15. DANK FAM

    request is deprecated. make a new video

  16. Fazal Mehmood

    Scrap data from websites where you have to perform several clicks and then scrap data. This is child play what you are showing : )

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  18. Ayoub OMARI

    how we can get all network responses of the website?

  19. ֆօս թճv

    YouTube: I'll recommend this cool stuff after 3 years

  20. Adrian Walker

    I tried, but it got too advanced too quickly. I'm off to find a beginner tutorial on this subject.

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