What a MESS – Ryzen 7000 Laptops Aren't What You Think

The AMD Ryzen 7000 series is coming to gaming laptops and thin and light laptops in 2023…but not in the way you might think. Let’s talk about the actual release dates, how these laptop CPUs can be anything from Zen 2 to Zen 4 and performance. 2023 probably won’t be a good year for AMD laptop availability either.

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0:00 – Ryzen 7000 Laptops Intro
0:30 – Sponsor Spot
1:01 – Availability Issues
1:46 – Zen 2 in a 2023 Laptop!?
3:30 – Ryzen 7000 Lineup Explained (Good Luck!)
4:08 – Ryzen 7940HS, 7840HS, 7640HS
5:35 – Intel Destroyers – 7945HX, 7845HX, 7745HX, 7645HX
7:48 – Amazing No Longer – Ryzen 7000U
8:54 – RX 7600 & 7700 Mobile GPUs
10:03 – A Golden Opportunity for Intel

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  1. I'm still confused… Like legit completely clueless even after explaining it perfectly slowly with graphics and everything

  2. tarfeef _

    6:20 yeah but they never sell laptops with i5/r5 CPUs and good GPUs. They always make users pay for cpu they don't need and it sucks

  3. tarfeef _

    Also re: naming yeah the whole "but the year" argument for having different generations per first digit is stupid.

    Nobody gives a crap about the year, they care about the performance. Which is about the architecture, not the year it was released in. If you want to make the flimsy claim "but this time we added new usb or slightly better graphics to our refreshed chips”, then I'd say "use that last moment you usually keep as a 0, and make it 1 or 5 or smth to indicate it is refreshed"

    You're absolutely right. They know what they're doing, they know it sucks and is anti consumer, and they're doing it anyways

  4. NRGamingTech

    In terms of naming, at least AMD will follow a pattern and they provide the codex for it.
    Meanwhile at intel, how tf is an i5 11300H a 4 core and the i5 11260H a much faster 6 core, and they all launch with 4 digit units like 1135G7 for example

  5. Katzi

    People who come up with these naming schemes, are psychotic.

  6. Rowie

    This system makes sense ONLY if there are heavy discounts on the older architectures. If a new Ryzen 7540U costs only slightly more than a 7520U, then it's total bullshit.

  7. Bungus Gaming

    the naming is deffinetely misleading, but I think its debatably better than calling a zen 2+ chip ryzen 5 5500u when it seems like it would be zen 3 like the 5600u, atleast you can easily tell for the most part what architecture each cpu uses now althought its a bit wierd that there is a 7045 series despite it not being zen 4+ somce that obviously not out yet maybe they shouldve had a different lettering and kept it as 7040 but idk

  8. chairman67

    The new 7000 series HX APU's 👍👍👍👍

  9. Baron Matrix

    The HS/HX series will make for crazy mini pcs… I still think there's some weird stuff going on with OEMs and AMD graphics.. We should all demand they sell Intel CPUs with AMD GPUs… That's why Intel has half off AMDs share with only midrange GPUs…

  10. ChinchillaBONK

    I don't get it… am i the only one who likes the new Nomenclature of AMD CPUs? at least better than adding more letters on their GPUs…
    To me at least the naming is now organised and you can tell what is what… i am just gonna skip the ENTIRE section of the part in your video.

  11. Gordz

    why are we still in 16:9? Go wider.

  12. cornpowder

    Your reporting is my favorite among the Canucks. Thanks for clearing up some of the mud and helping us understand the laptop market a bit more.

  13. Outcast 618

    3:50 I actually like the naming scheme, you can get a fairly accurate idea of what you are getting if you know what to look for in a single number, and the longer and more detailed the processor model number is the easier you can Google it and find out more specific specs… MOST laptop buyers are business people who just email all day or grade schoolers, they have no idea and don't really care what they buy, but now the option is there to know exactly what you are getting in a single model number string for those who actually truly care. Great job explaining it BTW.👍

  14. csl

    i dont understand what the issue is with the naming convention… seems straight foward easy to understand.

  15. StingyGeek

    This is pretty simple. if it's so complex that I don't know what I'm buying, then I'd just buy intel and call it a day. Well done AMD marketing.

  16. vma FarAH

    We are not evolving forward as Moores Law states in terms of transistor density and efficiency, since, Gaming laptop reviewing Youtubers promotes and favor's high wattage and higher single core which keep intel to stick on 10+++ as before then sticked on 14++++nm but that is negatively affecting for a windows laptop user who wants all M1 qualities as super thin, great battery life. OEMs are going intel as tech youtubers advice to audience is based on 5% of gain in performance crown.

  17. Hudson Hamman

    Video: Ryzen 7000 laptops aren't what you think

    Also video: demonstrates what marketing AMD has already released

    So where's the part where they're not that?

  18. andrew mutavi

    That's just baaaaad!!!considering that following the success of the ryzen5000 series desktop chips some people are finally confident enough to purchase AMD products,now picture this person trying to get a 7000series laptop only to end up with a Ryzen 2nd gen chip,that would be horrible n said individual may never buy AMD again,this was the poorest decision AMD has made so far in 2023

  19. Opus

    This isn't terrible as long as you know what the name means, aside from the architecture which is obviously terrible and completely dodgy.

  20. Opus

    Can I have mine without "magical experiences"? thank you

  21. Dominic

    It feels like they are also shoestringing the Athlon series into low end SKU

  22. Hiking Feral

    I have never owned an AMD laptop, but I would buy one if it were possible, I mostly use my laptop for productivity and watching films / series in bed on an evening so I would enjoy seeing how they handle it.

  23. Rodrigo Mendes

    People still buy anything other than Apple laptops? Really? It makes absolutely no sense for 99,999999% of people.

  24. Nobeen X

    Intel will dominate again seems the amd wants to screw themself up!

  25. Mr. CRed

    It's logical ,i don't know why people complain 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. ABaumstumpf

    There mobile naming already was bad, now they are making it even worse, while Intel is also going for a just as bonkers stupid naming sheme.

  27. Chris Van Horn

    Your sponsor spot for the Fractal Ridge mentions the case includes a PCIE Gen 4.0 riser cable, but that is no longer the case. They changed the published specifications to say 3.0.

  28. Slizzle.

    Ngl the naming scheme is a good brain training lmao

  29. Kevin Guise

    Good video. My first time watching you and I was really surprised by your voice. It's an amazing radio voice, which has ASMR qualities to it, and you are so well spoken. I wouldn't be surprised if you do voice over work. Really enjoyed the info about the AMD graphics chips. I didn't know they were rebranding old chips to basically deceive buyers. You would think consumer protection agencies would be on top of these types of shenanigan's.

  30. K

    Man, sounds like I should pick up that Legion 7 6800H/6850M XT I have been on the fence about for months for $2K instead of waiting for May to see what AMD offers for high end GPUs. Who knows how much that will even cost? And availability….

  31. Gavla Tennis

    I love what AMD have done in recent years but that model numbering is crazy. Great way to confuse/mislead consumers.

  32. n

    Lisa Su should fire their naming department.

    Easy fix: use letters at the end of the number for application. Now you got 24 letters to work with instead of that mess, you are welcome.

    7300B for budget/cheaper node.
    7700P for thin and light premium
    7800V for thin n light gaming
    7900X for high perf gaming and so on.

    See? Not that hard.

  33. TurboManTom

    You're acting like this is way more complicated than it actually is

  34. DJgregBrown

    It is solely aim at confusing those who don't get tech to buy over expensive OEM and believe they haven't been robbed, this is the issue on Laptop that and you only get Windows OS from OEM's or have to pay more for a open laptop that you can put over OS's onto. Pluton makes this worse as it look them to Windows only via Chip embedded hardware encrytion giving you even less control over the hardware you buy and increasing landfill down the line as people like to run alternative OS's on laptop after the Windows can no longer run of them. Just look at how the i7 4000 and older have flooded the second hand market as people move to W11 hardware spec's. this is about selling old tech as new Tech for greater profit.

  35. Ksouvenir

    They are all bunch of corporate liar using legal marketing tactic to harvest the most less over wealth of dumb poor citizen 😈, that is why channel like Hardware Canucks is here to save our ass.

  36. Melcar Z.

    AMD has always done this. Shoving in older gen chips into their newer laptop lines. One of the reasons I have always been ambivalent about getting an AMD powered laptop.

  37. GyroCannon

    I'm a bit shocked that these CPUs suck up so much power (using TDP as an imperfect proxy; also AMD CPUs like having higher package power draw than their TDP numbers,,,) in a world where the M1s exist with their amazing battery life

  38. candy andy

    How can you try to fool end-customers in such way….?

  39. krazyolie

    The 7040 looks promising but a bit moot until it’s actually available, which sounds not soon.
    Definitely targeting the premium thin and light/ MacBook Air competition market there.

  40. Daniel Kornar

    I am very divided about the change in the naming convention. On the one hand, it makes the whole thing confusing for the average consumer, but on the other hand, AMD has already sold old architectures under new names in past generations. Now it is clearly recognisable, at least for those involved the initiated.

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